Top 10 Sexy Female Athletes

Top 10 Sexy Female Athletes

[Narrator]: Athletes have to craft their bodies to play on a professional level, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the resulting eye candy from time to time. [Ronda Rousey]: Yeah. I really do believe that there shouldn’t just be one cookie-cutter body type that everyone is aspiring to be. [Narrator]: Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Sexy Female Athletes. [Laila Ali]: I think you can be strong and sexy and [Laila Ali]: …beautiful.
[Samantha]: Nice. [Narrator]: For this list, we’ll be looking at women who first came to prominence as athletes, but have managed to garner attention for their looks as well. [Commentator]: …but still giving the audience the performance. #10: Kiira Korpi [Narrator]: The perfect example of the blonde-haired beauty that comes to mind when people think of Nordic countries, this Finnish athlete is an accomplished figure skater. [Commentator]: Great flying sit spin! [BACKGROUND MUSIC] [Commentator]: Now that was fabulous! [Narrator]: She’s a three-time European medalist and a five-time Finnish national champion, but it’s the fact that she’s got a face that seems sweat beyond measure, that has made the Internet home to many many photos of her. None of the attention seems to have made a lick of difference to the woman, and that’s part of what makes her even more endearing. [Commentator]: Ah, what a brilliant program! #9: Silje Norendal [Commentator]: Oh! And that’s the nicest trick I have seen all day. She’s done it twice so perfectly. [Narrator]: An accomplished snowboarder who won gold at the Winter X Games Europe in 2013, Silje Norendal has never taken part in any overtly sexual photo shoots, like many of the women on this list. But that has not hampered her eligibility for this list. With an innocent face and a nose straight out of Whoville, and we mean that in the cutest possible way, her aspirations seem to be entirely centered on the sport she spends her days and nights working on. And that’s just fine with us… as long as we get to admire her looks along the way. [Silje Norendal]: Uh, and then just like… I just kinda wanna be the girl that is always smiling and having a bunch of fun. #8: Anna Kournikova [Narrator]: Perhaps the first female tennis player to go a long way towards convincing the world that tennis may just be the sexiest sport, Anna Kournikova may never have won a WTA singles title, but she’s certainly won a lot of attention in her short career. [PLAYING TENNIS] [Kournikova]: Yes! [CROWD CHEERING AND APPLAUDING]
[Chair Umpire]: Game, set and match: Kournikova. [CROWD CHEERING AND APPLAUDING] [Narrator]: At one time ranked by as the 18th biggest sport flop in history, by contrast, Anna was also ranked highly on a lot of other lists based on her looks. Thanks to her longs legs, blonde hair and many scantily clad photos, she’s often been considered one of the hottest female athletes in the world. [Kournikova]: Look. At the end of the day, when there is 128 girls in one locker room, … there’s bound to be something going on, alright? #7: Allison Stokke [Narrator]: When photos of this young woman at a pole vaulting event as a teen hit the Internet, to say that jaws dropped and tongues wagged would be an understatement. Though she’d set the record for freshmen pole vaulting, there is no way that her athletic feats were why she became such a massive sensation. In fact, at the time, that information was not included. And rather, it was her physical attributes that caught on, and have since stolen the public’s attention as she continues her track and field career. #6: Laila Ali [Carrie Ann Inaba]: Every time you get on the dance floor, you bring such sophistication and elegance. [Narrator]: Though she’s now retired, this female boxer was one of the greatest in the ring, just like her dad Muhammad Ali. [Commentator]: It’ll be a TKO win for Laila Ali. [Narrator]: Undefeated in 24 fights, with 21 of those wins coming by Knock Out, Ali certainly has the brawn to make it as a boxer. [Laila Ali]: Now, I’m not fighting anymore. I was focused on being an athlete. Now, it’l like: OK, I still wanna be healthy, I still wanna be fit. So, I’m always trying to educate myself about what I can do. [Narrator]: But, she also has the looks to make her stand out. In fact, she’s complained about people saying she was too pretty to box. [Commentator]: … because there is an interest in her just because of the name. The fact that she’s beautiful makes it all the more exciting. [Narrator]: Those ‘some’ criticized her for avoiding the best female fighters to keep her record intact. That doesn’t take away from her standing on this list. Ali is not only an athletic idol, she’s also a strong, confident beauty. And that’s the best kind of Sexy. [Laila Ali]: But, you know, I had the ch… [Laila]: I… What do… What I got? Ok?
[Bethenny]: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, you gotta do it. [Laila Ali]: So, I’m going to make out with Jason. [APPLAUSE] [Laila Ali]: I’m going to, um,
[Applause] [Laila Ali]: hum, knock out, knock out, knock out Kanye.
[AUDIENCE SUGGESTING KANYE] [CHEERING] #5: Alexandra Saitova [Narrator]: There maybe is an obvious joke to be made about a beautiful woman that’s incredibly skilled with a broom, but we’re far too classy to go anywhere near it. What we will talk about are the obvious qualities that have ensured this curler lens here. Poised and outgoing, this Russian doesn’t only stand out in her sport, but also among the entire sports world as a whole. And thankfully, we can’t see her fading away anytime soon. #4: Ronda Rousey [Barney Ross]: Where’s your candidate? [Bonaparte]: Right there in the red dress, about to chop those guys in half. [Narrator]: If we believed the stereotypes, then our idea of a female fighter would be, well, butch. But, Randa Rousey proves that strength is sexy. [Ronda Rousey]: You couldn’t last 30 seconds with me if your life depended on it. I could really hurt you, Turtle. [Turtle]: So I last 30 seconds, you let me take you out on a proper date. [Ronda Rousey]: Last 60 seconds and I’ll let you… (fu** me) [BELL JINGLING] [Narrator]: A record-breaker in her sport, Rousey lived up to and even surpassed expectations by successfully and violently defending her UFC Women’s Bantamweight Championship. [Commentator 1]: Oh, she’s gonna break it! Oh! [Commentator 2]: Oh! Stop her. Rousey has done it. [Commentator 2]: Oh! Stop her. Rousey has done it.
[Commentator 1]: Oh! [Narrator]: The Arm Collector also became the first ever American woman to medal in Olympic judo in 2008, and has gone undefeated in all her MMA match-ups. [DISCO MUSIC] [KICK IN THE FACE]
[DISCO MUSIC] [Barney Ross]: I could do that. [Bonaparte]: You wanna slip on a dress and give it a shot? [LAUGHING] [Narrator]: The lady who pioneered trash talking in Women’s MMA, has also modeled, acted and appeared nude on the cover of ESPN The Magazine’s 2012 Body Issue. But perhaps even hotter, is the fact that sex is a part of her ideal pre-fight ritual. [Conan O’Brien]: No sexual activity before fight, and I’m just curious. Is that a superstition that women have in boxing? [Ronda Rousey]: No, It’s actually… It’s the opposite for women. If you have sex, it raises you testosterone. So, it kinda sucks I don’t have a boyfriend right now. but I’m sure my Twitter is blowing up.
[AUDIENCE LAUGHING] #3: Alex Morgan [Alex Morgan]: I wanna be them. I wanna be on that field. [Narrator]: Being able to say you’re an Olympic gold medalist and a sports illustrated model is probably quite rare. But, it is certainly a strong argument for this soccer player’s inclusion here. [MUSIC PLAYING]
[Alex Morgan]: I felt like it was art today that they drew on me. [MUSIC PLAYING]
[Alex Morgan]:I didn’t feel like I was naked at all. [Narrator]: Even going so far as to appear in the American Magazine wearing nothing but body paint, Alex Morgan appears to be both fearless and absolutely gorgeous. You know you’ve got the attention of the masses when a video of your golf swing catches the attention of media outlets. They were guessing the sexy little dance didn’t hurt either. [Morgan]: It’s gracious to have that sense of feeling at ease with yourself. #2: Eugenie Bouchard [Narrator]: This French-Canadian won Best Newcomer during the 2013 Women’s Tennis Association Tour. But, we’re guessing you aren’t watching this video to hear about Eugenie Bouchard’s tennis career. Winning sponsorship deals with companies like Pinty’s, Nike and Coca-Cola, Genie has a large, loyal fan base that gobbles up every photo and video she appears in. And that is what has made her a company man’s dream. [Commentator]: Ah! Beautiful. Even with a high heels. [Narrator]: One thing is for certain, whether at work or at play, we’ll always enjoy watching this rising star. [P. K. Subban]: I love Genie Bouchard. She’s hot right now. She’s hot on the court. She’s hot off the court. I’m following her on Twitter. I’m direct-messaging her. She won’t respond. Genie, get back to me. Good luck [in] this tournament. I’m out. [Narrator]: Before we reveal our Top pick, here are a few honorable mentions. ♫ Never Never Never Never Never Never ♫ [Alana Blanchard]: Everyday , we’d surf like, you know, like five hours a day, at least. Like that’s all we wanna do and surf. [ROCK MUSIC PLAYING] [PLAYING ‘MELLOW SUNDAY’ BY THE JAGUARS] [Drake]: Oh! [Skylar Diggins]: Oh, I did it! [Drake]: Oh! [Skylar]: Really? [Drake]: Oh! Did you guys feel that? What was that? #1: Maria Sharapova [Sharapova]: I think there are many moments in a professional’s career where you just have to do what you do. Just doing it and just winning the match. [Narrator]: Taking the title of tennis’s sex symbol from Anna Kournikova, Maria Sharapova’s beauty does not depend on excess of make-up, stylists or Photoshop. [Commentator]: That is very very impressive. That really is. [Narrator]: Though it is immensely clear that she takes her sport’s career very seriously, this Russian’s looks are improved by an image of inner beauty, as she seems to highly value having fun and laughter. Both of those elements combined, along with her multitude of titles make her the obvious choice to top our list. [Sharapova]: It’s a very great and powerful feeling as a woman especially, to feel that when you go to your job that you are good and powerful at what you do. [Narrator]: Do you agree with our list? Who’s your favorite sexy female athlete? For more sexy Top 10s published everyday, be sure to subscribe to [ROCK MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. I definitely agree with honorable mention for Michelle Jenneke, but still slightly disappointed they didn't show he sexy warm-up dance for the clip of her.

  2. 90% of the ladies featured (nice as they are) skinny white blonde chicks, im thinking there is some euro-centric bias here, ;sexyness' is subjective and to make it worse, what this video highlights is despite these ladies trying (some harder than others) no matter there acheivements they are still going to be looked on as objects…equality what is that again.

  3. Lolo Jones should be in the top 10 and she didn't even make honorable mention?! CRIMINAL!!!
    Anna Kournikova should NOT be on this list WHATSOEVER!!! If anyone's looks are overly hyped and overrated it's DEFINITELY her!!! Venus Williams could've made it as an honorable mention if not the top 10. Serena Williams ain't all that bad either. Ana Ivanović, I feel, is right up there too.

  4. Attending a singles match featuring Anna Kournikova was always a unique event. Each year it seems as if nearly every stockbroker in Carlsbad attended the tournament at La Costa when Anna was scheduled to take the court. The cold beer was flowing, all the guys had a crush on the blonde Ruski and a staid game of tennis it certainly was not.

  5. i dont think ronda rousey is that sexy…like i wouldnt have to be drunk to fuck her but lets just say if meisha tate was standing beside her id have to throw down with her first….and rose namajunas too….even with the buzz cut haha

  6. WELL even though a lot of the other ratings were somewhat controversial, at least you had No.1 CORRECT……………..

  7. I love how they left Serena Williams off the list, then had ONLY two black females on the list…yep we've come so far!!

  8. After that night when Ronda got her brains knocked out all over the ring,
    I just can't think of her as sexy anymore.
    Internal organs are gross.

  9. Did you see the girls from rhythmic gymnastics? They all look like top models: Margarita Mamun, Alina Kabaeva, Evgenia Kanaeva.

  10. RONDA? Are you kidding? The whole list is totally average, full of average women. Only Eugenie, Stokke and Kurnikova are totally OK. The rest didn't deserve to be in this list.

  11. Sharapova in the list and at number one! Guess I can work out the general type compiling the list. Jelena Dokic is prettier than her and has a better body better than Anna too but I'll give it to her that she's prettier than Dokic. Bouchard is hotter than I thought guess I wasn't paying enough attention or she wasn't around long enough in tournaments for me to see her properly. I can see the appeal of most of those on the list most are pretty but lack the curves to go with it. Anyway I'm starting to creep myself out just judging on looks alone what I will say for Maria is that she's the best tennis player on the list by miles but if Serena had some work done there would be trouble!

  12. Anna Kournikova made it to number 8 in singles and Number one in doubles. She also had beaten some players that had been ranked number 1. She made over 3 million dollars from playing tennis how is that a flop? Sure it's not over 300 million like Mike Tyson but he was the one that went bankrupt i heard.

  13. U shud hv counted Cherlotte Flair as well anyway Sharapova and Ronda r my all tym fav athletes. They r thick as hell as well as beautiful!

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