Top 10 Sergio Aguero Premier League Goals

Top 10 Sergio Aguero Premier League Goals

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100 Replies to “Top 10 Sergio Aguero Premier League Goals”

  1. European football made Agüero just a goal scorer, losing all his creation´s talent. In Independiente he started from the middle of the field, dribbling all player who puted on his way and running like hell, also making goals. At the begining, no one knews who was going to be better, if Messi or Agüero, both appeared at the same time. Agüero was responsible to make grow Independiente in difficult times for the club and won 2 sub 20 championship through his performance.

  2. You missed aguero goal against Liverpool in season 2012/13 when he scored a goal from difficult angle and beat pepe reina

  3. Let’s be honest, if we’re talking best goals, the one against QPR shouldn’t be here, but on an emotional level it’s top by miles

  4. King Kun ? The man is a legend ! One of the cleanest soccer stars around. does not cheat, does not dive, does not foul….but his sheer intensity with the ball at his feet is incredible ! Man C r privilaged to have him on their side ! Great pkayer ??

  5. I respect all the teams but please DON'T tell me that there is a POWERFUL team in attacking in the PL like Man City! BTW, I'm not a City fan but I respect it a lot and really enjoy the team for the big joy they give to people.

  6. The person who created this video u have something against chelsea cause these are good goals against chelsea but some dont fall in agueros top 10 goals lets be realistic here

  7. Where’s his banger that he scored against Chelsea this past season? Surely it’s a top 5 goal of all time for him.

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