Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10, Sep. 9, 2019

Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10, Sep. 9, 2019

[MUSIC] [MUSIC] Erik and Ivar, the Viking Raiders. Talk about backup in a big way. Erik and Ivar hitting the ring.>>Yeah they had a run in in that tag team
turmoil match with The OC a few weeks ago.>>And
now taking out their frustration and anger on Stiles and the rest of the OC.>>Ivar putting in work here. Here comes Erik, the powerhouse.>>Boom!>>The Viking Raiders taking apart The OC.>>You got a man like
Ivar to use as a weapon.>>My God. And now Alexander back in the mix. And Anderson with a viking experience. Aah.>>These little warriors have been through
the biggest fights of their young lives, and they’re still standing
here as strong as ever.>>[APPLAUSE]>>But our work’s not done. You see as we’re showing their victories, there’s still that
are beginning their fight. And it’s on us to help them, it’s on us
to support them and to have their backs. So please join me and believe in the fight
and support tomorrow’s superstars today. Thank you.>>Here comes Charlotte. [SOUND] And a Bayley to belly
sends Becky into the barricade. And a giant suplex by Bayley.>>Charlotte might be out.>>Unfortunately,
friends won’t help where you’re going. You see, friends forgive, but the Fiend never forgets. [SOUND] See you in hell!>>Natalya caught her with a boot. [SOUND] Now Natty looks to take advantage. Natalya gonna step through. Sharpshooter time!>>Right in the middle of the ring.>>Lacey nowhere to go. She’s gotta-
>>Ring the bell, ring the bell.>>Tap out. [SOUND]
>>Now what Graves? Now what? Aah!>>Look at this,
Natalya won’t release the hold. Referee should reverse the decision. [MUSIC]>>He didn’t, Natalya’s the winner.>>[NOISE]
>>619 connecting, Rey gonna head up top. Looks to drop a dime on Metalik. There’s the frog splash,
cover on Metalik, Mysterio with the win. [SOUND] [MUSIC]>>Here is your winner, Rey Mysterio.>>He’s not done yet, Rey Mysterio with a
big win over a game Gran Metalik tonight.>>[NOISE]
>>Rollins went for the stop and
Styles sent him over the top rope.>>No, no, turn around AJ.>>Stunner! Again in the Garden!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Sasha with a handful of hair and
pays for it with a right hand.>>Bayley from behind!>>Roll up of Charlotte here,
almost had her!>>And Charlotte with a natural selection! Cover.>>One, two, three.>>Charlotte picks up the win along
with Becky in the tag team match. Charlotte has pinned
the SmackDown women’s champion.>>Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair.>>Ricochet. From the top of the garden.>>Nailed it.>>A 630. Ricochet caught by Corbin. Corbin dragging Ricochet into
the barricade and into the crowd. And Corbin, Corbin with a cover,
Corbin with a cover. Corbin steals it. Corbin steals it. [SOUND]
>>AJ Styles caught Alexander. And now Styles looking for
the Phenomenal Forearm, but he caught him with a single forearm. And now Styles off the top rope now. Alexander caught him,
lumbar jack from Alexander.>>In the center of the ring.>>Here’s the cover, hook to the leg. Alexander has pinned
the United States Champion.>>Wow. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]

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  1. I got in a big fight with my classmate acting like Seth Rollins YEET I BROGUE KICKED Him his pants ripped whe He tried a super kick

  2. "The Fiend never forgets" made me think about Bray Wyatt's lost to The Undertaker at WrestleMania for some reason, clearly that's very unrelated now.

  3. why rikishi need to stand to pin joe he could have pinned him immediately. Even a child can guess its a drama total drama, Its doesn't look like a sports entertainment but a tv serial. Wwe used to be to good show.

  4. 2 Matches For WWE Crown Jewel 2019
    1:Triple H Vs Rey Mysterio Or Shane Mcmahon
    2:The Undertaker Vs Drew Mcintyre Or Daniel Bryan

  5. When Bray says see you in hell he is not kidding there is a such thing as the devil his name literally means adversary this is just one the ways he is throwing it right in your face, laughing at you, Sadly the majority of today's world are blind to the enemy. They say the best place to hide is right in front of you that is 100% true, Please repent people there is Good news Jesus is the Good news seek him while you are still alive after death it is to late I love you all that's why I am warning you.

  6. Are those warriors going to fake leukemia to go film a fast and furious movie? Oh wait that's just Roman..f you Reigns. Fake @$$

  7. I must say AJ sold that stunner pretty god damn good. But he's but the fact that he honestly think he's better than Stone Cold makes me sick.

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