Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10, Sep. 23, 2019

Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10, Sep. 23, 2019

[MUSIC] [SOUND] Aah!>>And a kick to the spine and
a devastating Accolade. Tap out by EC3. [SOUND]>>[FOREIGN] [SOUND]>>What I said last week was that I was glad that I didn’t have
to fight you anytime soon. But the way you’re coming
out here right now, getting up in my face,
makes me want to fight you tonight.>>[NOISE]
>>Is that a challenge?>>[NOISE]>>You can take that however you want to.>>Good,
then tonight you’re gonna get these hands. [SOUND]
>>We also don’t want The Fiend to hurt Seth Rollins.>>Well,
maybe he wants to protect Seth Rollins. [SOUND] He never forgets. He doesn’t like to share. But I think you two can. [LAUGH]
>>Watch. [SOUND]
>>Yay. [APPLAUSE]>>[LAUGH] [SOUND]>>Ivar the legal man, cartwheel.
>>The agility of the big man.
>>Clothesline.>>Anderson with a kick to the midsection.>>Double-team.>>Uh-oh.>>Welcome to The Viking Experience.>>Done, done. My God.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Cover.>>One, two, three.>>Viking Raiders with the win. [SOUND] Crossbody from Cross.>>Uh-oh, Banks rolls through.>>Sasha with the Bank Statement,
middle of the ring. Nikki with nowhere to go. Can Nikki Cross hang on? She’s gotta tap out. [SOUND] Banks is just getting
into Hell in a Cell mode and now the backstabber to Bliss,
into the Bank Statement on Alexa. Sasha Banks has been unleashed here.>>And this is how vicious
Sasha Banks is gonna need to be locked inside Hell in a Cell with The Man,
Becky Lynch. [SOUND]
>>And Corbin with his scepter in hand and
that’s gonna cause a disqualification. [SOUND] And again,
right to the face of Gable.>>This is disgusting. This is the man you call king? This is brutal.>>Corbin realized he was so
close to tapping out and he used the scepter to his advantage and
got himself disqualified. [SOUND]
>>Whoa, wait a minute, Carmella,
wins the 24/7 title. It was a double cross.>>Brilliant.>>Wow, Graves you can finally
consummate the 24/7 title.>>It’s too late for that. My God.>>Big celebration tonight in. [SOUND]>>[NOISE]>>The Fiend, Bray Wyatt’s got Strowman into the claw. [SOUND]
Now in position for the Glorious DDT, Rey able to counter. Mysterio with the 619. Is it enough for Rey? Is the magic still there? Splash by Mysterio. Cover, Rey Mysterio, he’s done it.>>Here is your winner, Rey Mysterio.>>Rey Mysterio dedicated this
match to his son, Dominic. And Rey Mysterio has once again
earned himself an opportunity this time at the Universal Championship. The amazing Rey Mysterio
has done it again. [MUSIC]

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  1. Mr.mchmoon
    U may try to put former nxt rookie son of wwf hall of famer mike rotunda husky harish or bray wyatt as a character like the ubdertaker or the boogeyman
    But the audience all over the continent takes it as a funny and comedy character .
    And its true its damn true if u want to put next undertaker or scary character u need to find taller as the deadman strong as the deadman.
    In past u had lots of views and coments but now a days so less due to unextreme where is attitude era ?
    As a result now a days no more talent in wwf .
    Undertaker ,cody,rhyno,goldust,etc has been used by you .
    aew is now in higher

  2. They should of Had a Fatal four Hell in the Cell for the Universal Championship with Rey Mysterio, Seth Rollins, Strowman and The Fiend

  3. I like seth Rollins a lot, but Rey really needs to win the universal championship. Last big league championship he had was the WWE championship he won in 2011 or 2012 (cant remember) and as much as I love John Cena, he totally stole the championship from Rey. Come on WWE give Rey the championship he deserves!

  4. seth the new john cena..and its very predictable seth is still gonna win against Rey and the fiend interfering again…ahhh

  5. The fiend would make a good oppenent for Mankind or Kane even the undertaker good have a ppv with him if we were in the 90s

  6. Honestly, the WWE missed an golden opportunity by not having The Fiend attack Stone Cold a few weeks ago.

    Talk about white hot heat.

  7. Ne ho visto di pagliacciate fino ad ora ma questa di THE FIEND vs Braun non ha paragoni . Poi nell'incontro con Seth nomi mancano le parole. Io lo guardo solo per il rispetto che porto in certi atleti.

  8. They say the fiend bray Wyatt for clout cus there’s some people that knew the name bray Wyatt like me. Then I stopped watching wrestling after 2015 and now I’m watching it again and I instantly remembered the name bray Wyatt

  9. The Fiend should be #1. The numbers don't like. The Fiend attacking Braun has More than double the amount of views as the fatal 5 way & Rey ?
    Plus The Fiend is easily the coolest thing in the world…

  10. Universal champion The fined bray Wyatt vs heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar at surviver series 2019 in my prediction if they both won the championships

  11. When did R-Truth developed his "I'm confused" gimmick? Did he take a bad chair shot like Perry Saturn before he became obsessed with Moppy?

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