Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10, Sep. 2, 2019

Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10, Sep. 2, 2019

[MUSIC] My team,
they helped me cope with the pain. [SOUND] With the pain,
he helps me inflict it. [SOUND]
See you in hell. [LAUGH]>>[APPLAUSE]>>My god.>>We knew it wouldn’t be
long until tempers boil over.>>Only a matter of time and
now we’re just throwing fists.>>Roman Rollins laying waste to the OC.>>Karl Anderson’s got the odds
stacked against him now.>>Pretty impressive
teamwork if you ask me.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Skull Crushing finale by the Miz from out of nowhere,
here’s the cover on Cesaro.>>One, two, three! [SOUND]
>>And Miz with the win. [MUSIC]>>Here’s your winner, The Miz! [SOUND]
>>Aah!>>My god!
>>A Viking Experience!>>God almighty!>>My god.>>One, two, three.>>I can’t believe the height
that man just reached. [MUSIC]>>Super kick! [SOUND] Looks like we saw earlier tonight,
the glorious DDT.>>One, two, three.
>>Rude and Ziggler rolling toward Clash of Champions. [MUSIC]>>Hey.>>And
the woman’s right off the distraction.>>Good night.>>One, two, three. [SOUND]
>>No way.>>My god.
>>No way.>>Yes way. Magic killer. [NOISE]
>>AJ said just by being the United States Champion,
I should be next in line for a Universal title opportunity.>>AJ makes a strong case for
that opportunity. Styles gonna stake his claim
with a phenomenal forearm to the monster among men. [NOISE]>>And now Baron Corbin in the face. And Baron Corbin has
ended Alexander’s reign. Corbin’s in the semi finals.>>Here’s your winner, Baron Corbin.>>Ricochet is on the top rope and
Joe’s got the Coquina clutch locked in, he’s submissive maneuver,
Ricochet is fading. Ricochet with one last gasp, both men off
the top rope and the official gonna count.>>One, two, three. [SOUND]
>>What?>>Wait a minute.>>What’s the official decision?>>So-
>>I’ll tell you the official result. Samoa Joe and Ricochet. They eliminated each other. They’re out, no more. So guess what? I get a bye to the finals of
the King of the Ring tournament.>>Actually, Baron, WWE management
has decided that Ricochet and Samoa Joe were both not eliminated.>>How?>>Instead, they will both advance.>>That’s not possible.>>And next week, you’re gonna face
them in a triple threat match.>>[APPLAUSE] [NOISE]>>Why? Bayley, Bayley’s unloading on Becky. Bayley unloading on wedge
>>What the hell is happening? Bayley said she wouldn’t be overshadowed.>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]

100 Replies to “Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10, Sep. 2, 2019”

  1. The best moment was the Viking Riders match.
    It was so difficult to predict the winner. A different STORYLINE.
    Such a classic match.
    Give it a 5 star rating.

  2. wwe please can you saparate dolph ziggler and cody rode please i liked dolh ziggler good. like if you want dolph to become good

  3. Raw has gotten a lot better recently and my interest in it has been reignited
    Loving the Bray Wyatt angle and the heel turn for Bayley

  4. Thank you Bayley for turning heel now get rid of that stupid ponytail and have some heavy metal music to come out to for now on.

  5. I barely watch any women wrestling but Bayley's steel chair gave off Heel Seth Rollins Vibes to me, gave me goosebumps

  6. Both Ricochet and Joe win? They should've start over the match to see who actually deserves to win. Think, WWE, think!!!

  7. If there is one person I never thought would turn heel, that's Bayley. I don't mind tho. Bayley's new character is a mean and sad version

  8. Ma perché ne abbiamo già le scatole piene di Becky la brava ragazza. In coppia con Charlotte poi me le immagino combatteranno fra di loro

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