Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10, May 21, 2018

[MUSIC] Double team. Cover, by Axel, on Fandango. And they won again.>>[SOUND] Undefeated.>>Here are your winners the B team
>>Hey Coach you got to give them credit>>No, you got to give them credit>>No get off the band wagon>>You got to give them credit no, I’m all over the bandwagon
>>look at this, that’s how you celebrate, look at this
>>[INAUDIBLE] Ever.>>Aah!
>>[INAUDIBLE] I think the tweak of the knees slowed Bobby down getting
to the top rope, but Elias took over. And this could be Elias’ opportunity. Drags him to the center of the ring. Before it’s ripped away. Cover it and hooks the inside leg. [SOUND] Elias with the win. [SOUND]
>>The veteran experience of Ziggler
could come into play. And there’s the veteran
experience right there.>>The headbutt.
Ziggler, and then a superkick.>>[NOISE]. And he falls into the cover. Shoulders down on Gable, and he got him. [SOUND] Ember Moon gonna fly. The Eclipse to Alexa Bliss, lights out! Ember impressive again! [SOUND]
[MUSIC]>>Here’s your winner, Amber Moon. [SOUND]
>>I’m really happy the truth came out. But that’s ok. Because I am going to take your title. [APPLAUSE]
[SOUND] And your arm.>>[SOUND] It’s over but for the stop. And [CROSSTALK], stomp.>>One, two, three.>>Red Hot Rollins. [MUSIC]>>Here are your winners, Roman Reigns, and the Intercontinental
champion, Seth Rollins. [SOUND]
>>Natalya steps through, looking for the sharp shooter. Nobody around, Logan’s gotta tap,
Natalia’s going to Money in the Bank.>>Here’s your winner by submission,
Natalia. [SOUND]>>No, not the helmet.>>Ow!>>[SOUND]
>>And look at Lashley go! My God!>>Imagine what family reunions
are like in the Lashley household?>>I don’t think Bobby’s done yet
>>[APPLAUSE]>>[APPLAUSE]>>Sami Zayn told me before that Bobby Lashley’s parents
ran away from home. [APPLAUSE] Trying to figure out exactly which word it was that Sami Zayn said.>>I think it was garbage, Coach. I think it’s when he
called Bobby Lashley that.>>Yes, that’s gonna be my one word for
the new hour, garbage.>>And Bobby Lashley is not done yet. And gonna sweep out the garbage.>>No, no, with the broomstick,
not the broomstick, Lashley.>>Aah!>>That is not-
>>An easy way to go over the top rope.>>From behind with a chair! Jinder Mahal assaulting Rage,
assaulting Rollins.>>Did he come from?>>And again to the spine,
driving Rollins off the stage. And now Mahal turns his
attention to Reigns.>>And I guess Seth and
Roman did the same thing that we did. We forgot about Jinder Mahal.>>[SOUND] Balor lands on his feet. Strowman, caught him with a power slam!>>Goodnight.>>Aah!
>>[NOISE]>>I think the monster’s done fooling around.
>>Now Balor fought valiantly, but I think he called down the thunder.
>>Yeah, there’s no more playing, as Rob said.>>Strowman with a running
>>Power slam cover on Balor, Strowman with the win.>>385 pounds.>>Here’s your winner, Braun Strowman. [MUSIC]

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