Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10, Aug. 5, 2019

Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10, Aug. 5, 2019

[MUSIC] Ivar now the legal man and
imagine what he’s going to do. The 300 plus pounder, from the top rope.>>He’s comfortable up top!>>And
he’s going to fly with a big splash!>>Splat.>>Just end it.>>You’re gonna get your wish because
there is the Viking experience.>>One, two, three.>>[NOISE]>>[MUSIC]>>Let’s focus on our baby,
give me a kiss.>>[SOUND] [CROSSTALK]>>[SOUND]>>That felt so good, my gosh. You followed us to our
doctor’s appointment?>>OBG, why not? You got something that belongs to me. My water broke!>>One, two, three.>>Yeah, yeah come on. You got your baby, and I got mine.>>Hey, hey, hey, get down! Get down.>>Styles got involved here. Anderson plants him off a DDT. It’s the beginning of the end for
Xavier Woods, and the official never saw Styles
involvement and now the OC Anderson and Gallows have Woods up with a magic killer. Cover by Gallows.>>Two, three.>>The OC with the win. [SOUND] [MUSIC]>>Here are your winners, the OC.>>Again,
trying to rip the mask off the face of Rey Mysterio just like he did last week. And now Zelina made him with a cheap shot! Rey Mysterio across the middle rope.>>Official never saw it. Andrade planting Rey. Here’s the cover.>>One, two-
>>Andrade with the win, giving the assist to Zelina Vega. [MUSIC]>>Both men are down. This matchup hasn’t even- [SOUND]
>>My God, the Fiend! The Fiend, Bray Wyatt, and
he’s attacking Kurt Angle, the mandible claw,
much like he did to Mick Foley. The Fiend has been locked in on Angle. [SOUND]. The Queen doesn’t need
this sort of headache.>>And Becky Lynch, Natalya,
take down gonna step through. Looking for the Sharpshooter now on Becky. Remember, Sunday at SummerSlam
it’s a submission match.>>Can Becky hang on? An agonizing submission applied. Makes it to the ropes and
it’s gonna force a break.>>Ah-ha.>>Natalya refusing to break, the official’s gonna have to call for
the bell. Natalya dragging Becky back
to the center of the ring.>>This is a statement. Natalya right now realizes she’s
inflicting punishment that maybe Lynch can’t recover
from it by this Sunday. [NOISE]
>>Natalya irate, laser focused on Sunday in Toronto.>>And now Rollins trying
somehow to take Lesnar down but Lesnar’s got a steel chair at hand. Seth Rollins has got to get out of there.>>Rollins should have never got
in there in the first place.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Rollins dragged himself to the ring. He’s defenseless. And Lesnar again,
with the chair as a weapon.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>You can really see the damage
from last week’s assault.>>[APPLAUSE]
[NOISE]>>God, no, F-5.>>This is all I’ve got. I’ll be at SummerSlam.>>[NOISE]
>>And I’ll beat Brock Lesnar.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>It could be moments away,
Twisted Bliss connecting!>>One, two, three!>>We have new Tag Team Champions! [SOUND] All the naysayers.>>Your winners, and
the new WWE Women’s Tag Team champions, Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss!>>Yeah yeah, hey you got my name-
>>What you want you already know.>>I ain’t gonna do nothing? I’m standing right here,
I’m about to see something.>>[SOUND].>>Dolph Ziggler, you’re next!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>It’s official, it’ll happen Sunday.>>At Summerslam, the return of
Goldberg versus Dolph Ziggler. Sweet chin music!>>[SOUND]

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  1. So WWE is re-doing a "Who did it?" storyline… There's no need of creating something new and appealing when you can go back and use some of the old material. AGAIN AND AGAIN. BRA-VO WWE!!!

  2. Goldberg’s career is ruined ….the dude literally made a fool of himself at showdown and now he wants to redeem himself so of course he’s going to do that by burying a talent…

  3. I used to love watching Goldberg but now?, come on, he’s old and weak, just a shell of his former self. He should just retire for good. It’s sad to see him like this

  4. Seth Don't Give up You Can Do This Seth You Are Defeat Brock Lesnar Wrestlemania 35 Last April
    And You Can Win Of Summerslam This Sunday

  5. Idiot bloke puts fingers in kurt angels mouth…
    Kurt angel bites fingers would be the only logical thing to do really ffs,utter nonsense.

  6. What's the point hyping up championship matches at a ppv when you make the champions lose the title right before it

  7. The match between Goldberg and Dolph Ziggler will be, mmm… i don't know, awful, maybe? Because the match will be short

  8. If the 24/7 Championship Programme is leading to a Mike vs Drake vs Truth match at Next year's Mania I'm up for it. Just like Show vs Kane vs Raven at WM 17.

  9. Really should fire that ref that did the women’s championship match he really didn’t keep an eye on the match only kyrie sane like how tf you watch her instead of the interference outside

  10. What's the point hyping up championship matches at a ppv when you make the champions lose the title right before it

  11. shawn Michael >dolph ziggler
    mankind >bray wyatt
    shawn Michael and disel>daniel brayan and eric rowen
    yokozuna>samoa joe
    undertaker >error not found because there is only one phenom


  13. Roman Reigns…numerous attempts on his life.
    The Viking Raiders…numerous wins on tag teams smaller than them.
    Asuka and Kairi…numerous attempts to win the tag titles
    Dolph Ziggler…He's next!!!

  14. I have a feeling that Becky will still remain as the Woman's champion, and if Natalia won, she'll be like Summer Slam 2017 version, a heel one when she won against Naomi.

  15. I gave that idea in a past comment for the pin between a guy and girl couple for the 24/7 belt.
    I see y'all were listening?
    I'm honored?

  16. ?It cant be a human funeral?
    It could be a pet funeral.
    The owner of the dead animal sees his former companion in the coffin for the last time and faints.
    Then suddenly, one of the mourners, (R Truth)? wearing a vail, jumps up out of his seat and pins the unconscious owner and flees the area. ???
    The owner awakes to find he's no longer the 24/7 champion??? ????? I need a job in the storyline department?

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