Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10, Aug. 26, 2019

Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10, Aug. 26, 2019

[MUSIC] Now here comes the tandem offense. Now here is The Viking Experience. Here’s the cover. One, two, three. Viking Raiders will
advance to the next match. The B-Team has been eliminated. And here comes Natalya. Beeline for the rope! And right after Sasha. Taking Banks down and
now Natalya unloading on Sasha Banks. And Sasha turning the tables. A little payback from Natty. This thing has heated up in a hurry. This has become so
emotional between these once friends. Deeply personal issue in short order and
Natalya on the boss. These two supposed to have
a match later on tonight. Finally, officials coming down
to separate Sasha and Natalya. If this is any indication, later
tonight is gonna be extremely intense. And a kick right to the back of the neck. Cover by Ziggler. Dolph and Roode advance. [NOISE] Lucha house party
has been eliminated. Lumbar attack from out of nowhere for
Alexander. Here’s the cover. What a win. [MUSIC] There’s the elbow from Bayley. Here’s the cover by the champ. Bayley with the win. [MUSIC] Here is your winner
the SmackDown Women’s Champion, Bayley! And Ziggler with a super kick! That time they were looking for
the compactor! Zig zag! God, Owen is on top of Tucker! That is a ton of humanity. Robert Roode now. There it is, the glorious DDT. Roode into the cover,
on Tucker, is it enough? It is. [MUSIC] Here are your winners,
the team of Dolph Ziggler and the glorious Robert Roode. Miz off the top rope, lands on his feet. Corbin caught him, End of Days. Good night, Miz. Baron Corbin with the End of Days,
he advances to the quarterfinals. [MUSIC] Prying at the fingers of Sasha Banks. Yeah, but
she’s prying with her bad arm and does she have any strength
left in the injured arm? Bank’s got it locked up. Yeah, Bank’s wrapped one arm and now the injured arm using it to her
advantage, using it to against Natalya. You want me to call it? No!
Natalya’s bad arm, what’s Natalya gonna do? She’s trying to hang on. She’s got no choice but to tap out! [APPLAUSE] Here is your winner
by submission Sasha Banks. [MUSIC] Another display of the technical
abilities that the Boss possesses. And Sasha’s not done yet. What is the reason for this? What is the purpose or the point? She’s done this for two weeks now. She’s already won the match and now she
continues to torture and punish Natalya. Sasha Banks is an egomaniac
concerned with only one person. Look at the smile on her face. The sick smile on the face of Sasha Banks,
what the hell has happened to her? Ricochet, what athleticism and balance. The Recoil! Recoil by Ricochet! He’s got McIntyre where he wants him! Ricochet gonna try to
climb to the top rope! Ricochet wants to make absolutely
sure that McIntyre stays down, but there’s not much time to waste! Ricochet to the top! Can Ricochet do it? Six thirty.
Cover by Ricochet! One, two, three. Ricochet advances. Wow! Here is your winner, Ricochet. [MUSIC]. No, no, no, no. Styles is playing possum. I heard them! Ring the bell! No, the official says he heard the chair shots, but that’s garbage. The chair shots took out Anderson and
Gallows who are not legal competitors. Strowman is disqualified and
now he’s going to make people pay. Braun’s gonna get his
pound of flesh right now. The monster is now unleashed. Golly, O.C.’s gonna rue the day
they poked the monster. Look at this!
That’s Gallow’s slam! And The O.C.
is feeling the wrath of Bruan Strowman but AJ Styles is still
the United States Champion. Braun’s not afraid of that numbers game
now, the entire O.C. on the ground. [APPLAUSE]
Strowman has taken out Anderson and Gallows and now turns his attention to
the United States Champion AJ Styles. Strowman with a running power slam. [MUSIC]

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  1. The commentators are saying "oooo" on every single move. Mostly Renee. It's like someone has scored a goal! "ooooooooo"

  2. If braun was as athletic as Ricochet he'd be universal champion sigh braun moves like a powerlifter he'd train with Athleanx like Cesaro and Sheamus

  3. i feel bad for Nattie…a legend buried like Alicia and Mickie…a damn shame how they treat the older talent…damn right disgusting

  4. Heel Sasha is The Man all over again. They'll probably try to push Nat instead. If they're smart, WWE will try to capitalise on Sasha instead. With Paul Heyman's creative writing backing her, I'm thinking the latter might actually be the case this time.

  5. Literally eating too much, furthermore, has nothing else can do. Wasting time for violence to consume energy and spreading act of vilance all over the world , that's USA !!

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