Top 10 PS4 Sports Games Series to Play

Top 10 PS4 Sports Games Series to Play

10. EA Sports UFC Delving into the world of Mixed Martial arts,
the series began with its debut on the console back in 2014. It broke into the market with a lineup of
97 MMA superstars, including Royce Gracie and Bruce Lee as bonus unlockables, and plenty
more in succeeding patches. Unlike today’s film franchises, EA hit it
big with their 2016 sequel. Amping up the realism for a more immersive
time in the octagon, UFC 2 delivered. Rendering the action in life-like visuals
and beautifully simulated physics–it far exceeded the standards set by any title at
the time. A competent MMA fighter, EA UFC Sports 2 got
the highest PlayScore of 7.96 9. NBA Live EA’s annual basketball series has been in
circulation as far back as 1994. Starting out on classic consoles, NBA Live
has inevitably crafted their legacy in the basketball halls of fame. The series is credited for many innovations
in the genre, from the early isometric perspectives to their growing dedication to detail. For once the underdog in the competition,
EA’s flagship basketball game is struggling to compete with the 2K franchise in terms
of graphical quality. Fortunately, the series seems to have an upper
hand when it comes to the depth of their career modes. Setting the stage for their comeback with
the 2018 installment, they’ve continued on that path with the latest NBA Live 19, which
has a PlayScore of 7.98 8. NHL Hockey might not be the most popular sport
internationally, but with revenues going up to billions every year, it’s no wonder EA
wanted to cash in. Giving an avenue for hockey lovers around
the globe, NHL has almost monopolized the market for 25 years. Building it up year after year with enhanced
presentation, all-new game modes, and everything that comes between. Reigning supreme in the PS4 PlayScore rankings
is NHL 16. Beating the 17 edition by a margin, it marked
the return of Hockey Ultimate Team, which gave solo players a chance to run through
the season with the pros. Occasional online play glitches aside, NHL
16 received a PlayScore of 8.13. 7. Super Mega Baseball Visual realism might not be this series’ main
goals, but Super Mega Baseball definitely takes the sport seriously. Exploding into the scene with the cartoony
look of their first title, they hit it off just at the right mark of videogame baseball’s
conception. Scoring massive homeruns with the critics,
the game was praised for its easy to pick up gameplay. Offering local co-op play for up to four players
and groundbreaking difficulty systems, it’s overall fun for both newbies and veterans. Losing some points on presentation in their
first outing, the sequel introduced overhauls particularly in style and online play. Overall though, the first title seemed to
leave a more lasting impression among reviewers, with a PlayScore of 8.2 6. F1 And now for a dive into the high octane world
of Formula One racing. Teaming up with one of the premier racing
game developers in the industry, the annual simulation of the Grand Prix extravaganza
falls on the competent hands of Codemasters. Adding yet another feather in their cap, they’ve
ushered the series into the mainstream since their Sumo Digital collaboration for the 2009
season. 10 games after, they’re still wowing us with
classic cars and immersive career modes that’s inching closer to virtual realism. While F1 2018 hasn’t received its PlayScore
yet, what currently reigns supreme is their 2016 installment which brought F1 back to
its glory days after the much criticized 2015 outing. F1 2016 has a PlayScore of 8.37 Closer to the finish line, we reach number
5 with Madden NFL For all its heavy armoury, American Football
remains one of the more dangerous sports out there…and, for most, that’s exactly what
makes it exciting. Ported into the digital sphere care of Electronic
Arts, those worries are far behind, leaving you with the purest joys of nonstop passes,
tackles, and interceptions. Building on its long legacy year after year,
put on the heavyweight gear and take on the stage as a roster of Superbowl superstars. For the Madden NFL series, the highest ranking
title is its 2015 season which comes in the wake of Madden 25 and commemorates the Seattle
Seahawk’s historic win. It receives a PlayScore of 8.41 Next up, Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Konami’s answer to FIFA’s tyrannical rule
over videogame football, Pro Evolution Soccer clearly has its own merits. While it gets criticism for its off-pitch
mechanics and almost consistent lack of licenses, PES more than makes up for it with their focus
on ball physics, and of course its Champion’s league. An alternative to FIFA’s addictive arcade
gameplay, it places simulation at its core. Enter into the pitch as any one of their teams
and bask in the smoothness of passes and the diversity of possible plays. Hitting its stride against FIFA in its 2019
installment, PES 2017 ultimately snatched the series win. An exhibition of refinements that pleased
critics and gamers alike, it has a PlayScore of 8.54 Taking third place, MLB: The Show Almost to the top, we’re coming back America’s
second favorite pastime. Super Mega Baseball might scratch our itch
for baseball, nothing compares to feeling like you’re in the pitch itself. A series that began in 2006, it looks like
Sony has boiled baseball down to a science, putting out home run after home run every
year since. Undoubtedly spectacular in graphical finish,
MLB: The Show also pays attention to the finer points of gameplay. It adds and refines according your needs. Another win for the 2017 lot, MLB: The Show
17 has a PlayScore of 8.56. Almost taking top spot is 2K Sports THE gold standard of the annual basketball
releases, 2K Sports’ NBA simulation forms the overall best experience for in-court gameplay
and out. Stealing the crown from EA, 2K has been consistent
in its service. Dishing out more and more refined textures,
enhancing modes with surgical precision, and even widening the horizons. The Neighborhood, its most recent innovation,
even lets you roam around an open world entirely dedicated to basketball. In spite of the much debated Spike Lee career
mode, what shows off the most polished look at NBA’s inner workings is 2K16, with a PlayScore
of 8.59 And the best Sports series on the PS4 is…FIFA Dominating the football playing field, FIFA
might have had a few snags but it’s almost universally considered as the essential football
simulator. It has everything you need and more–from
licenses for your favorite football team to an online community that’s teeming with life. Making up for their singleplayer shortcomings,
there’s plenty of game modes to choose from, and always with a promise of somebody to play
with. Going back a few years, the highest scoring
title FIFA 15, with a PlayScore of 8.61

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