Top 10 PC Racing Games of the last 5 years

Top 10 PC Racing Games of the last 5 years

10. The Next Penelope A futuristic indie racing game developed by
Aurelien Regard. It’s a scifi reimagining of Homer’s Odyssey
mixed with fast-paced action racing game that covers your entire screen with pulsating colors
in beautiful indie aesthetic. It’s challenging, vibrant, and it offers
an original story. Follow Penelope, a young girl determined to
find Ulysses throughout the galaxy. Explore planets, and challenge its inhabitants
by racing. Use your legendary Spaceship to trek among
the stars, and dominate the racing field. Its top-down perspective opts for more angular
precision and gives players more strategic advantage to taking down their opponents. Not to mention its electronic soundtrack reverberates
around Penelope’s adventures with style. It has a PlayScore of 7.95 9. Crashday Redline Edition Moonbyte’s cult classic multiplayer racing
game gets an explosive new improvement. Redline Edition polishes the clunky engines
of its original and brings it back to the modern generation of powerful platforms. Retooled and remastered, experience the fun
and memories of its original creation. Now with limitless possibilities, enjoy this
arcade racing experience with seven game modes and battle with friends online and offline. For the creative racers, design your own tracks
and share it to the game’s community. With its mod support, enhance your destructive
mayhem with the most ridiculous designs possible. It has been 8 years since its first release,
and this redefined entry sticks true to its roots. It receives a PlayScore of 8.03 8. RedOut: Enhanced Edition A zero gravity racing game that pays tribute
to the classics such as F-Zero, Wipeout, Rollcage and POD. Put your futuristic pedal to the metal and
feel the kinetic blaze of its eye-popping colors and vertigo-inducing action. The game’s movements are heavily physics-based. Each slope, turn, crash and curve are powered
by the Unreal Engine 4. Feel the rush every light particle coming
at you every second. Step into its online multiplayer and race
against 12 people from around the world, or make your own adventure in its career mode. With over 25 tracks, step into a post-apocalyptic
Earth where neon lights are a thing. But it wouldn’t be a racing game with an
upbeat and adaptive soundtrack to please your ears while playing. It receives a PlayScore of 8.05 7. Sprint Vector An unlikely racing game that requires no cars
to reach the finish line. Take to their brightly colored universe and
race through imaginative courses in an intergalactic championship. With characters as vibrant as spunky as their
world, each Sprint Vector race is an energized and eye-popping experience. Zoom past up to 8 competitors and feel the
rush of being the first to the finish line. With its VR support, players can engage in
fun exercises that make them sweat and drown their arms with muscle pain after every round. Built to support virtual reality, Survios’
racer is an all around sensory delight. It has a PlayScore of 8.16 6. Motorsport Manager The first of the ultimate racing simulation
game that immerses you to the delights of motorsport management. Get back to the VIP stands as you lead your
team to victory, one race at a time. Start by creating your very own motorsport
team, filling the seats with the best driver and engineers out there. Unlike other racing games, you’re not in charge
of the driver’s seat. Instead, you watch from above, organizing
the racetrack to its most efficient form, as your drivers go toe to toe with their biggest
rivals. Respond swiftly against other racers, and
react to the challenges of their random weather system. It has a PlayScore
of 8.23 5. Assetto Corsa One of the most realistic racing games on
the videogame market. Kunos Simulazioni’s ultimate racer brings
you to extreme heights with its fluid gameplay, lush visuals and advanced physics. Powered by an advanced DirectX 11 Graphics
Engine, feel the quality in every little detail. It’s wide selection of assorted licensed
cars oozes of regal style. Select from its long list of manufacturers
such as Abarth, BMW, Ferrari, Lambo, and so much more. Take it to popular race tracks crafted by
the developer’s Laser Scan Tech. There’s no doubt that this is one fine racing
game that sets high standards to the genre. It has a PlayScore of 8.33 4. F1 2017 While 2018’s F1 is still hitting its stride,
Codemaster’s 2017 installment of their formula one racer is at its peak. Showing a culmination of all their racing
game experiences, Codemaster reveals a stunning amalgam of improvements to their career and
multiplayer modes. On top of all that, they’ve also crafted a
more comprehensive Championship mode. Dive into all weather championships, double-headed
tours, sprint, and more–including the Classic championship season packed full of the classic
beauties from F1 2013. Taking the veils off Ferraris, McLarens, and
ten more legendary cars, it has a PlayScore of 8.38 3. Horizon Chase Turbo Racing is at its most beautiful when it exudes
out run aura, especially when it’s set in the 90’s. Aquiris Game Studios’ thrilling arcade racer
offers no bullcrap when it comes to racing. You’re immediately thrown into its 16-bit
racetrack with your opponents. Inspired by the great video game hits of the
80’s and 90’s era such as Top Gear, Rush, Lotus Turbo Challenge and more. Call your friends and challenge them to a
multiplayer game that takes you back to the good ol’ 90’s with split-screen support. It’s a pure nostalgia trip to the classics,
and it receives a PlayScore of 8.40 2. DiRT Rally Codemasters puts the spotlight on its offroad
racer. Get ready to jump out of the circuits and
get down and dirty in the dusty tracks of rally racing. Buckle your seatbelts and white knuckle your
way past the game’s gorgeous locations. Ride along rain-dipped valleys, slide around
snow capped hills, and fling dust around their sandy deserts. Like a true dirt rally, each stage will require
skill, concentration, and patience. The road to victory is rife with overheating
engines, punctured tires, and other time-consuming repairs. A hair-pulling madness that’s sprinkled with
the rugged delights of the road less traveled. It has a PlayScore of 8.66 Here are the Runners-Up before we reveal the
number one: 11. Trials Evolution: Gold Edition. The definitive edition of the Trials franchise
that packs two Trials games into one! It receives a PlayScore of 7.90
12. Hover. A fast-paced parkour style racing game with
open-world and cyberpunk elements. It has a PlayScore of 7.90
13. Gas Guzzlers Extreme. The most extreme white knuckle ride ever. Unleash your trigger happy side and arm yourself
to death while you race and destroy your enemies. It has a PlayScore of 7.86
14. Grid 2. A sequel to the BAFTA Winning racer from Codemasters,
race to the finish line in this well-crafted motorsport game. It has a PlayScore of 7.83
15. Project CARS. Slightly Mad Studios’ very own take on the
realism of racing games. Enjoy the intense racing action with dynamic
weather, authentic handling and accurate physics. It has a PlayScore of 7.82 1. Forza Horizon 3 Filling in the gaps of their Motorsport counter,
Forza’s nascent open world racing game offers a haven of excitement for car enthusiasts
across the globe. A combination of two heavyweight genres of
the videogame industry, Horizon has no shortage of promise. Take in the sights of the land down under
as you race against friends across their deserts, dunes, concrete jungles. A world twice larger than their previous hubs,
it’s definitely the more liberating racing experience. Share the Austrialian landscapes with up to
four of your friends and bite into this venerable feast for the eyes. It has a PlayScore of 8.8

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  3. As someone who grew up in the 70s and 80s and loved arcades back in the day – Horizon Chase Turbo is a highly recommended gem. Fun as hell, lots of content and its only $20 US.

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