Top 10 Most Unfortunate Names in Sports History

Top 10 Most Unfortunate Names in Sports History

Not all athletes have great careers, but some leave a lasting impression all the same. Welcome to, and today, today we’re counting down our picks, for the top 10 unfortunate names in sports. For this list, we’re looking at names from the sports world
that are just downright troubling. Either for their inherent silliness, or the obvious mental images they inspire. Entering the ring at 29 years of age, left this bruiser with a fairly short career, in boxing record of 15 (wins), 6 (loses), and 1 (draw). But there’s a solid excuse for Floyd
Cummings late-blooming, namely the 12 years he
spent in the slammer for murder. While Jumbo is known as the final
opponent of the legendary Joe Frazier, he’s also best known for his giggle
inducing sexually provocative name. It’s a one-two punch that could either
make for the best or worst stay in prison ever, but it’s a handle to take seriously elsewhere. Given that the explosive athlete was
released from prison again in 2016, Jumbo Cummings likely isn’t a trending
jailhouse topic anymore. This footballer makes it his duty to cling on, duke it out, audit his assets, and build a log cabin with the best of them. Known to his family as, Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, this former AC Milan
sensation’s unfortunate nickname, emerged when his little brother had struggles pronouncing his name, settling on Kaká instead. Whether he’s feeding the fish,
filling the peanut butter jar, updating the captain’s log
or just doing some paperwork… This Orlando City attacking
midfielder never fails to get crowd, screaming for “Kaká!” During his spectacular
and sometimes messy career, Kaká always makes the delivery, and never flushes away a
good scoring opportunity on the pitch. One with the much less
valid moniker John Arthur Cox, this former basketball player
may have had a short career, but sporting history will
never forget the name, “Chubby Cox.” A one-time Washington Bullet, Cox’s both the uncle of NBA legend Kobe Bryant, and father to 2016 Venezuelan National
Olympic team member John Cox. Perhaps this explains why Marv Albert, was so keen on talking
about Chubby Cox over and over and over. Sure, Chubby maybe didn’t have the most prolific career, but he certainly more memorable
than other pro athletes from his era. Such as Jack Glasscock, Scott Tancock, or even Pete La Cock. Even if you’re vaguely familiar
with NFL legends, you know that everybody
loves them some Dick Butkus. After all, the six-foot-three hall-of-famer, famously laid down some
heavy hits over his nine years. And quarterbacks lived
in fear of Dick coming down on them. Even so, it’s hard to imagine the trash talk that
must have happened on the field, as opponents likely didn’t call “Butkus Richard.” But he was once declared the most
feared man in the game, you can well imagine who Butkus (butt kissed) who… Say what you will about the man’s name, but you can’t deny Dick’s
pure grace under pressure. No matter what this MLB first baseman
accomplishes in his career, people will always giggle
at the sound of his last name. It’s no secret that picthers avoid Pujols at all costs, as anybody knows that he’s
capable of blasting one out of the park. Fans never failed to seek out of Pujols offering either, just waiting to get their hands all over it. Enthusiastic baseball fans
come in groves to see Pujols, and sometimes the experience
can be disappointing. Then again, one simply cannot expect him to drop a
couple bombs each and every game. The first of a few names on this list, that are pronounced the way they’re spelled, or Harry Colon as you’d expect, is such a vivid and unfortunate name. It’s more than fair to question the
events surrounding this NFL player’s birth, the name “Frank” surely
would have suited him just fine. Or perhaps anything that doesn’t
remind one of fury arses. The name is so aggressive, that Harry Colon undoubtedly found a
way to deal with the jokes at a young age, or at least we hope you did. Perhaps it doesn’t come as a surprise
either to learn that Harry Colon played defensive back, bravely protecting his territory, and ready to mash it up with
anybody trying to pull a fast one. All across the world, baseball players aspire
to play in the majors. But in the case of Steve Sharts, a fresh opportunity never came his way. He actually had a clean pitching record, at Triple A’s Scranton/Wilkes-Barre in 1990, yet there were clearly some
issues for MLB teams, perhaps that his name was “Steve Sharts”. Given that he was drafted by the
Philadelphia Phillies in 1985, and has some solid stats. One has to wonder why, a major league manager never
decided to see Sharts up close and personal. Alas, baseball fans can only theorize, about the curious case of Steve Sharts. With one of the more x-rated
names in college football history, this man was probably never
destined to play in the NFL. For example, imagine all the dirty minded
NFL players that would have been lined up against, or alongside Lucius Pusey. Or as they probably pronounced it, “luscious pussy”. The man played as
linebacker for the Eastern Illinois Panthers, and judging by the official photo, it seems that someone hollered, “Smile, Lucius Pusey!,” right before it was taken. It’s not unreasonable to question the
exact naming process for this man, but at least we can all agree that Lucious Pusey who petitioned to change his name, to the much less unfortunate “Lucius Seymour”. is less offensive than
something like Misty Hyman, which is also quite evocative. Over the years, the sporting world has
seen athletes with names like Dick Pole, Dick Shiner and even Dick Paradise, but none of them compares to Mr. Dick Trickle. NASCAR’s 1989 “Rookie of The Year,” refused to go by his given name, Richard, as a result, his racing career
was entertaining on many levels. Trickle was actually one of the most
successful short-track drivers of all time, and if social media had been a thing in his heyday, #DickTrickle would have
been a trending hashtag every Sunday. There have been many more
successful NASCAR drivers, but there’s only been one “Dick Trickle”. Before we unveil our number one pick, here are some honorable mentions… We know what you’re thinking when
you look at that name on paper, and we hate to disappoint you, but it’s actually not pronounced
*BEEP* fortunately for him. Anyway for a guy with the first name Russell, it makes perfect sense that he
would have earned the nickname “Rusty”. And given that Rusty Kuntz was born in 1950’s America, maybe everybody just didn’t get the joke. That being said, one can’t blame him for
sticking with his sexually suggestive name. Hell, it’s not even pronounce the way you think it is, but one can’t blame others
for laughing at it either. In fact, Rusty Kuntz is the center of perhaps, the most provocative image in baseball history, and the classic Konerko get
Kuntz photograph would never have been taken, he’d been born with any other name. Do you agree with our list? Which name do you find
to be the most unfortunate? For more sporty Top 10’s published every day, be sure to subscribe to

100 Replies to “Top 10 Most Unfortunate Names in Sports History”

  1. Pete LaCock was a pretty good defensive first baseman for the Royals and Cubs, plus became a legit Gaijin star in Japan when he went over there to play. Plus his dad is former Hollywood Squares host Peter Marshall (his name is also Peter LaCock… tee hee hee).

  2. And if you want to do one about the music industry, how about musician Dick Hyman? Or country music novelty performer Red Peeters.

  3. Listening to the old regime of Sports Center saying; ''…and you can see Dick Trickle coming across the line…" Every time I heard that; I understood how my brothers felt when they were 13 years old! Dick Trickle…poor poor bastard!!!A few years back, I took my kids to a Rockies game and Albert Pujols came up to bat; the home team started heckling him by chanting his name and my son (12 at the time) turned to me and said; "Mom, are they calling him a poo hole?" I cracked up and explained that his name is "Pujols", but when a few thousand people are chanting/taunting him, it sounds like "poo holes". Not as funny as Dick Trickle, but still…..

  4. There is a basketball player named Manda Zahui who plays in Russia. Absolutely horrible. Absolutely deserves number one in this list.

  5. Caca and Kaká are pronounced differently. The former has the stress on the first syllable and the latter has the stress on the second syllable. Caca is a word for feces. Kaká sounds like a bird call.

  6. Wait Dick Pole – Dick Shiner – Dick Paradise – these are better than Dick Trickle. Especially Dick Shiner can't imagine

  7. You did forget Boobie Clark, and though they're not lewd or sexual, Miroslav Satan, and Hedo Turkoglu (Hey-do Turkey glue) are a couple of others that don't seem too fun to be born with either.

  8. In Norway we have names like Odd, Simen and Baard. And don't forget Even. All male names. On the other side, a man with the name Steve Pick can make an Norwegian laugh and smile. The meaning on the language means your have a hard one.

  9. How about Bimbo Coles he played for the Miami Heat in the early 1990s Marion Butts Rb for the San Diego chargers in the early 1990s. Reggie Tounge played safty for the Chiefs and Jets..Rollie Fingers Hof pitcher for A'S and Brewers Moroslav Satan NHL hockey player for sabres and Islanders.

  10. I was in the Army in the 60's with a guy named Richard Head! The drill sergeant call home Dick Head! That followed him through the Army !!! LOL ?

  11. Many of these made the list because of inaccurate pronounciation so Miroslav Satan, maybe?
    And by the way; the most fortunate, or at least best fitting, name in sports would have to be Usain Bolt.

  12. One name that keeps popping up in my head is a former NFL defensive lineman named tootie Robbins. Real first name is James btw

  13. Kaká? Really? Where is Verônica boquete, Ana buceta, Lukasz Merda, Franco Foda, Louis Picamoles, Milton Caraglio, Salvatore Bochetti and Ciprian Marica? Those are the real unfortunate names

  14. Depending on who's talking and how fast, Hunter Pence sometimes sounds like "underpants." No joke, it does.

  15. I would like to nominate Cleveland Browns wide receiver Fair Hooker, USC quarterback John David Booty, New York Jets coach Jim Bob Cooter and the bane of women everywhere, Pittsburgh Pirate outfielder Johnny Dickshot.

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