Top 10 Most Patriotic Moments in Sports History

Top 10 Most Patriotic Moments in Sports History

sporting events are always going to be a
central part of the American experience in the fall Americans tuned in to watch
their favorite sports be at the NFL MLB NHL and even the NBA every two years we
come together as a nation to support Team USA in the winter or summer
olympics we even sometimes come together to watch the United States compete in
World Cup play it’s happened from the yellow ribbon tied around the Superdome
during Super Bowl 15 to remember hostages taken in Iran to chants of USA
USA when a crowd in Philadelphia learned about the death of Osama bin Laden
American sports fans and players wear their American hearts on their sleeves
so let’s check out the top 10 most patriotic moments in sports history
number 10 Team USA carries the World Trade Center flag to the Olympics rarely
does a flag presentation at the Olympic Games happen to a quiet crowd but as
eight members of Team USA flanked by members of the New York Police
Department and New York Fire Department marched the flag of the host country
into the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City you could hear a pin drop the
flag they carried was found in the rubble of Ground Zero and had flown atop
the World Trade Center in New York when the buildings were attacked on September
11th 2001 that flag was under the debris for three days before being found and
given to the National Guard it took some time to convince the International
Olympic Committee who is responsible for keeping politics out of the games to
approve the display of the torn and tattered banner but on opening night the
World Trade Centers Old Glory flew proudly once more number nine
ruling Gardner defeats the undefeated for a decade Aleksandr Karelin was the
world’s dominant super heavyweight wrestler by the time the 2000 Olympics
world around Karelin aka the Russian bear aka
Alexander the Great hadn’t been defeated in a match since Russia was still called
the Soviet Union Lehmann then that was his only loss until he faced off with a
dairy farmer from in six years Karelin hadn’t even given
up a single point to an opponent his American opponent ruling Gardner hadn’t
placed higher than fifth in the world up into this point and even lost a Karelin
five to nothing before but Karelin lost his grip and a point to Gardner in the
second period number eight Mary Lou Retton wins a gymnastic first a little
girl from West Virginia dealt a stunning blow to the Eastern Bloc during the Cold
War when Mary Lou Retton brought home Olympic gold in 1984 before Retton Team
USA was never able to wrest Olympic gold from the Eastern Europe in the
individual all-around gymnastics event she came into the event trailing
Romania’s Ekaterina Sabo and she even had undergone a knee operation just five
weeks before competing in retton’s own words she believes her performance
showed that American born and trained athletes can do anything no matter what
the odds are 1999 Women’s World Cup final the 1999 Women’s World Cup came
down to a shootout tiebreaker against the Chinese with the score tied 0 to 0
in extra time the US team would end up winning base on penalties it wasn’t so
much the gameplay that mattered it was the drop with 90 thousand
spectators it was the largest turnout for a women’s sporting event ever the
lasting image of the US win would be brandi chastain x’ post penalty kicks
celebration of the victory or she fell to her knees and took off her Jersey
revealing the sports bra seen around the world that image became one of Sports
Illustrated’s most iconic covers ever number six Joe Lewis knocks out a Nazi
in 1938 Hitler was still touting the Germans as a master race while German
athletes competed the world over for top honours on June 22nd Max Schmeling met
American champion the brown bomber Joe Lewis the first time the two met in 1936
Schmeling took advantage of a moment when Lewis dropped his left hand after
jab allowing Schmeling to give Lewis his first loss in the 12th round of that
that would not happen again with the world listening via radio and more than
70-thousand watching in Yankee Stadium Lewis unloaded on Schmeling knocking him
down three times in just two minutes smelling was only able to throw two
punches in the hole one round match number five the champ lights the Olympic
torch lighting the Olympic flame at the end of the torch relay is an honor
reserved for a legendary olympic athlete from the host country does it get more
legendary than the greatest Muhammad Ali except in 1996 the identity of the one
who would light the flame was a close kept secret even swimmer Janet Evans who
was handing the torch off didn’t know to whom she was handing it Holly was
stricken with Parkinson’s disease and had long since retired by this point
when Ali emerged to take the Olympic torch and light the flame the sound in
Atlanta was less a roar of applause and more of the collective gasp of elated
surprise as the once great boxer shaking lit the torch number four Rick Monday
saves the flag remember the MLB outfielder Rick Monday he might be
before most of our audience’s time but Monday was with the Los Angeles Dodgers
1981 World Series winning team before that he was the top prospect in the 1965
Major League Baseball Draft somewhere in between
he saved Old Glory from public degradation in 1976 Monday was with the
Chicago Cubs visiting the Dodgers with Monday in centerfield during the fourth
inning two protestors jumped the outfield fence and tried to burn a flag
on live television Monday seeing what was about to transpire ran over and
snatch the lighter fluid soaked flag the protestors were arrested and Monday was
able to keep the flag ever since that day Monday used the actual flag to raise
money for military families number three the president’s post 9-11 opening pitch
it might be hard to imagine the leader of the free world facing a new global
war on terrorism being psyched out by throwing the first pitch in Yankee
Stadium in his own words he absolutely was
thousands of New Yorkers came to the stadium to watch President George W Bush
throw the pitch to open Game three of the 2001 World Series it was also just
weeks after 9/11 he didn’t want Americans to think the president was
incapable of finding the plate but as he practiced Yankee Derek Jeter told him
that he needed to both throw from the mound and not in front as originally
planned and not bouncing they’ll boo you he told the President
Bush shaken but loose walked onto the field and threw a strike to an eruption
of applause number two the Buckeye bullet burns Hitler before he ever
arrived in Berlin for the 1936 Olympic Games Jesse Owens had already set three
World Records and tied another at Ohio State he won eight individual NCAA
championships which was a record in its own right when he arrived in Berlin he
knew Nazi Germany was using the games as a showcase for its racial policies but
he was determined to compete anyway Owens went on to win four gold medals in
1936 and unrivaled achievement until some fifty years later when Carl Lewis
did the same in 1984 when Owens won gold in the long jump the Olympic Committee
told Hitler he had to greet all the winners or none at all Hitler opted for
none as Owens won other events Hitler would leave early Nazi minister
Albert Speer would later write that Hitler was quote highly annoyed by the
series of triumphs by the marvelous colored American runner and Jesse Owens
end quote number one The Miracle on Ice would you
bet money on a bunch of college amateurs taking on the world’s greatest hockey
team in a competition for Olympic gold not many would and not many did as it
turns out that was the situation Team USA faced in the 1980 Winter Olympics it
was a tough time for the United States with hostages in Iran and energy crisis
and runaway inflation it looked like the American Dream was coming to an end but
no words echoed through the ages like Al Michaels do you believe in miracles as
Team USA topped the Soviet Union four to three
one of the biggest upsets in sports history that’s our list we hope it made
you as proud as it made us leave us a comment and tell us your favorite
patriotic moments in sports history

100 Replies to “Top 10 Most Patriotic Moments in Sports History”

  1. Sad thing is that these days are behind us. Never to happen again. Today being a patriot puts you on the wrong side of the street. Remember that feeling of USA right after 911. It only took 17 years to forget that feeling. Unfortunately I am afraid America has seen her last best days because America is not for Americans any more. As a proud vet I used to champion people joining the military. I still support the military and all of its members. I no longer advocate for joining the military anymore.

  2. Joe Louis wasn’t a Nazi. He deposed then. He was drafted into the army as a punishment for loosing. He once helped Jews escape germany

  3. In my opinion your list is flawed. You forgot one of the most crucial patriotic moments of American sports, that is when Rocky beat Drago. It was so influential that they even made a movie about it.

  4. Being American I will still say that we have the worst sport fans in the world though look at country’s like england France Germany and then compare

  5. Let’s not forget that 2nd place in the 1936 Olympic 100 Meter race was Ralph Metcalfe, who went on to a life of political service as an alderman in Chicago.

  6. Honorable mention: Men's 4×100 freestyle relay at the Beijing Olympics where the U.S. upset France

  7. If you watch the Karelin vs Gardner wrestling match it's actually embarrassing. Karelin was clearly the better wrestler, but Gadrner was just so fat that Karelin couldn't move him. Gardner got a lucky first point and then just lied on his stomach for the rest of the match

  8. List was great except for Max Schmeling, although he fought for the Germans as an elite Fallschirmjager, he was not a Nazi. He had an ardent position against what the Nazi stood for and what they did to the Jews. He even helped Jewish children escape Germany, he was no Nazi, but he was a German with morals

  9. Come on not including the Philadelphia Flyers in 1976 beating (both literally and figuratively) the Russian Red Army team to the point the Russians refused to continue playing doesn't make the list?

  10. My favorite is the WWE running SmackDown after 9/11. Seeing the entire locker room in the arena, with fans shouting USA and the bell being rang 10 times in memorial to all the lives lost on that day plus Vince McMahon's speech.

  11. Actually hitler congratulated Owens he said in his biography that hitler shook his hand and was quoted saying he was treated better in nazi Germany then in the United stated

  12. The flag of the world trade center being hanged at the winter Olympics shows the ture honor we show to the fall for that old Glory is our symbol and we gladly rise it to show what we are a land we're not matter who you are your human and you free

  13. 1980 USA hockey team beating the soviets will always be the greatest moment of sports. This won us the cold war

  14. James reese owen is in this seriously…………………he was treated as sub human in the USA and not in Nazi occupied germany he even wrote about it and talked about it in interviews saying he felt more appreciated in Germany than USA lmfao but ok

  15. Well that was a blatant lie. Hitler personally congratulated him. Stop bending history to your liking. Disgusting.

  16. Not another nation? Ireland being able to play their national anthem for the first time in their own stadium in rugby, I signified Irish overcoming the Engllish Protestants rule on Ireland. look it up it will give you chills . Truly best Irish sport moment

  17. Maybe it was too local but check out Rene Rancourt singing the national anthem at the Boston Bruins game after the Marathon Bombings. He sang the first few lines then just shut up as the crowd took over. Greatest rendition of the anthem ever.

  18. Jesse Owens said that after winning the Olympics, Hitler waved at him. I don't know why it isn't common knowledge, but Jesse Owens talked pretty candidly about it and I think he even wrote a book. However, President Roosevelt didn't even write him a letter of congratulations. He said he had more respect for Hitler than he did FDR, because even someone as evil as Hitler could be decent enough to give him the respect he earned. FDR was a MASSIVE racist. I would guess Hitler left early because Owens really embarrassed him and all Nazis.

  19. I thought for sure the stadium singing the National Anthem the day after the Boston Marathon bombing would make this list

  20. Jessie Owens didn't burn Hitler but Jessie claimed that Hitler waved at him as a salute, actually it was FDR who burnt Owens

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