top 10 Most extreme sports

top 10 Most extreme sports

[Music] everyone has its own fear but the greatest fear is nothing compared to the next 10 most extreme sports for the first we will go to Mexico they’re in the midst of the impassable jungle far from civilization is one of the deepest karst caves in the world it’s step is over 1200 feet swallows cave is a favorite place for base jumpers in this sports the altitude of the jump is limited by the height of ground objects but not lower than 160 feet for example flight time from altitude 500 feet takes only 7 seconds the jumper has only 3 or 4 seconds to take the correct position before the parachute opening unlike the common parachuting here is no reserve parachute if the parachute does not open the second chance wouldn’t be now we will rise to the stratosphere to an altitude of more than 127 thousand feet no one jumped from such a height before on October 14 2012 the Austrian skydiver set the world record for the height of the jump and became the first in history who managed to overcome the speed of sound in a freefall its maximum speed in the fall was almost 850 miles per hour to see perhaps the most dangerous kind of extreme sports wheel into a Barrier Reef in the Caribbean Sea near the state of Belize this is the Great Blue Hole one of the ten world’s best places for diving its step is about 400 feet according to independent researchers free divers make the unthinkable they break the laws of physics and the scientific understanding of human body capabilities free divers are able to dive at an incredibly great depth and that is without any breathing apparatus and pressure control systems nowadays when there are such people scientists are still convinced that a human is not able to dive to a depth of more than 40 meters they deny this phenomenon or maybe it’s just because someone needs to keep people in a cage of restrictions but the human body is much more perfect and powerful than official science beliefs free divers describe the amazing feelings during the dives as if they fell into a completely different reality a professional free diver is able to dive to a depth more than 300 feet and they have no decompression sickness or destructive effects of oxygen starvation during this the free divers compare their first breath of air with the first breath after birth the current depth record of the dive without any breathing apparatus is 214 meters and now let’s find out the official world record for breath hold I think many will be surprised by the limitless of human capabilities the more dangerous the river is the more attractive it is for the fans of this dangerous sports extreme kayaking is adrenaline risk and fighting with the rough waters the best places for this extreme sport are in Africa this continent is full of exotic places with dangerous Rock rivers and waterfalls from European countries Norway Iceland and Alpine countries are distinguished kayaks have the highest level of NSYNC ability their house are made up of several unrelated compartments even if the kayak is filled with water all rolls over for its hull is punched it will still be afloat and its owner will have a chance to reach the shore [Music] this kind of extreme activity is very simple find the highest mountain and follow the trail down [Music] riding your bike at the speed of a car on a steep muddy rocky slope of a mountain riding on a hiking trail dropping huge rocks sliding your tail in your front wheel at the same time inside a steep turn trying to shave another second from your track time by going even faster pushing yourself to the limit yep that will give you some adrenaline juice down her mountain biking is one of the sickest extreme sport out there the bikes those guys right on are so different from your childhood bike that they shouldn’t even be called the same with Pro suspension massive frame hydraulic brakes those things are designed for heavy-duty [Music] for this extreme sport we need a board no not flying board downhill longboarding has evolved from skateboarding and it is the fastest most exciting and probably most dangerous out of all longboard genres the maximum speed comes up to about 80 miles per hour such speed may look slow when you are riding a motorbike or driving your car down the highway but the same speed when you are standing on a wooden board out in the open with nothing to grab on feels fast very fast add to that the tight high speed turns oncoming cars and you got yourself an extreme sport packed with adrenaline this bridge in China is the highest in the world it’s almost twice higher than the Eiffel Tower I hope the fans of this kind of extreme sport don’t know about its existence [Music] cliff diving or high diving is probably the least complicated and extreme sport I think it’s scary when your body sailing through the air from dizzying heights with a speed up to 60 miles per hour and plunging into a body of water below think of jumping off an eight story building that’s the 85 feet height but this jump is from almost 200 feet height this is a world record in cliff diving these extremals are in constant searching for the most dangerous and inaccessible Heights one of the most extreme and dangerous types of climbing is ice climbing at any moment the ice can break off and the climber can fall from a great height but there is another even more dangerous kind of climbing it’s the rock climbing without ropes the greatest in this extreme sports is an American rock climber Alex Honnold he set the one of the greatest tragic feats of any kind ever he is the only person to have scaled El Capitan mount without protective equipment it is a vertical rock formation in Yosemite National Park almost 3,000 feet high heli-skiing is off trail downhill skiing or snowboarding reached by helicopter this is the ultimate extreme ski sports deserves special attention it has been introduced by the true extremely who are always looking for the next opportunity to stretch human limits extreme heli skiing is exceptionally dangerous because of the obvious crazy slopes unknown terrain avalanches – sand deep snow possibly concealing huge rocks you can’t start extreme skiing slow or give it a try you’ve got to become a pro before you go there the injuries are more severe than regular skiing speed is much faster and if you fall you’ll roll down the steep slope hitting every rock on your way in a word death is a clear possibility [Music] you six wingsuit flying is the most extreme sport of all putting on a suit and leaping off the top of the mountain is about as close to being Superman it’s just you your suit in the wind it has a dangerous reputation even by the standards of extreme sports risks include slipping on exit cliff strikes improper equipment twisted lines and protruding objects however despite the risks and the fact that wingsuit BASE jumping is illegal in many destinations more people appear to be taking up the sport what are the limits to what you can do with a wingsuit basically the material functions as an artificial set of wings giving a person’s body more exposure to wind that gives the user the needed lift and drag in the air to adjust the forward speed and fall rate wingsuit flyers have to arch our roll their shoulders or move their knees and hips to control the descent they then open parachutes and land when the parachute deploys it sounds like the echo of a shotgun

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  1. Clearly these young people have never been convinced or their own mortality. They've never felt the Grim Reaper's chill breath down the back of their necks. In 1970 I was involved in the crash of a small aircraft and came within 5 feet of dropping 40 feet into a box canyon. Three days later I was within a mile of an EF-1 tornado and then 2 hours later I was within 2 miles of the 5th most destructive tornado on record – an EF-5 with 3 sub vortexes which wreaked a path of near-total destruction a MILE WIDE! Six weeks later I had a blowout in the rain on a freeway during rush hour. My vehicle climbed up on a guard rail and slid sideways some 40 ft coming off a scant 3 ft before a 45 ft drop into a concrete lined storm culvert. Six weeks after that I turned 19 and was well aware of my own mortality. In the intervening 5 decades I have been less than a mile from two other tornadoes as well as almost being in 3 other near airplane crashes one of whom involved enough gasoline spilling out into the belly of a cargo plane to equal over 50 sticks of dynamite! If the people doing those extreme sports (especially that dingleberries-for-brains idiot hanging one handed over a very long drop) had had the close brushes with death that I've had, I suspect they might consider going into a less extreme sport.

  2. more turd, you die! I really hope it will be the soonest possible, so the less videos you will produce

  3. @1:28 — Incorrect. Joe Kittinger made a high altitude jump in 1960 and broke the speed of sound during his freefall.

  4. I have partial admiration to these extreme sports athletes. It's their passion and beliefs. I want to do them but not as brave as them.

  5. It never surprises me the lengths people go to to get their rocks off. I think most have a death wish, and only coming so close to death makes them feel alive.

  6. I have no issues with these thrill seekers. It's their free will, their bodies, their life. What I do have an issue with is when people label their deaths as "tragic". No. Not even close. Tragic is a four year old with leukemia. Tragic is when a young girl is sitting in her bedroom doing her homework when a stray bullet from a drive by kills her. Tragic is a word we use too loosely. We toss it around to the point it loses meaning. A wingsuit death is not tragic. It's not any different than a gambler in Vegas who bets his house and rolls a seven. Craps. You gambled, you lost. There is no tragic in that. It's just the statistics flexing it's muscles.

  7. Not going to debate these sports are sick and extreme, but how could you leave out MX and XC on an ATV or dirt bike?

  8. I finally know how many people try to die instead try how to live
    like as they can't find a decent way to liive thier real live instead try to prove themself by death!
    such a pitty

  9. The most extreme sport is failing all your courses and having to show your Asian parents your report card

  10. After 3 extreme sports I got tired of converting all data to the metric system, and I quit watching.

  11. Everyone has its own fear but that’s nothing compared to the next ten extreme sports? Sounds like Siri made this video ? wingsuit flying though ??? love it.

  12. My idea of an extreme sport…..driving to work in the winter with no scraper or defrost and an icy windshield

  13. These arent even too bad compared to the most extreme sport known to humans. Doing your homework while the teacher is collecting it in is harder than all of these.

  14. I have aquaphobia so when it showed the diver looking down into the black abyss that got me so scared, especially when he dived in ??

  15. At 2:22 , when he seems to be running along a shoreline before entering the surf in front of him, but clearly is running under water, WTF is happening?? To have waves lapping on a"shore" and the diver running apparently under water? Is he (and I know this may be stupid,but..) running in a trapped bubble of air that is under great pressure trapped at such depth?? Thick air so to speak? Have mercy, I come to you with honest curiosity and gots to know!!

  16. Uh, Formula 1? those drivers experience speeds of up to 360km/h on the straights and on some corners up to 200km/h because of the immense downforce the cars generate. at such speeds through a tight bend drivers experience forces of up to 3.5g, thats almost more than a fucking astronaut take off. Its like a rollercoaster, except 10 times more forces, you're in control of it, a risk of death(albeit small), and you have to sit in it for 2 hours, being pressurized by other drivers in a competition.

  17. The commentary is absolutely…… Hmmmmmm, incredible ……
    "Freedivers dive to incredible great depths & they break the laws of physics"
    Hold my Wetsuit ….. I got an important call to make on my iPhone Ouiji Board App
    " Yo operator … Yea put me through to my man Albert, last name EINSTEIN … with an E"

  18. So you make profit by stealing other people's videos, mixing them together and branding this as "educational" ??? way to go…

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