Top 10 Most Anticipated Racing Games in 2015 / 2016

Top 10 Most Anticipated Racing Games in 2015 / 2016

From the old days of Ridge Racer to big series
such as Forza, and Need for Speed, racing has always been a big part of gaming. Some
feature combat, others test your reflexes, and some just want to find your inner creativity.
And now, the next wave of great racing experiences has arrived. Here’s our top 10 most anticipated
racing games coming in 2015 / 2016. No. 10: Trackmania Turbo � December 1 2015
/ PS4, XB1, PC Regarded as one of the most fun and unique
racing series for causal gamers, Trackmania has lived primarily on Steam and in the PC
community. That changes with Trackmania Turbo, Ubisoft’s latest game with 200 new tracks
and the same fast racing experience focusing on crazy corkscrews and stunts. Players can
also play through computer-generated tracks instantly that give racers a new track, or
along with three friends in multiplayer. Virtual reality integration has also been reported.
Set to be the first Trackmania game released with console versions since 2009, Trackmania
Turbo will be available December 1st, 2015 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. No. 9: Calibre 10 Racing. TBA / PC, XB1
The global economy has collapsed, leaving combat racing as the only televised sport
in this futuristic offering from Bongfish. It’s considered a successor to the 2010 arcade
title Harm’s Way, which finished as a finalist in Dorito’s �Unlock Xbox� game design
competition. Four teams of two battle to finish first,
with weapons such as missiles and machine guns changing how you play every lap. Each
team features a driver and a shooter. Drivers race their way towards the finish line in
concept cars developed by real-world artists as they avoid each other and enemy fire. Shooters
operate remote-controlled turrets featuring missiles, snipers, Gatling guns, and more
to take out the competition. Cooperative play promises to be a new experience as both first-person
shooting and racing are both taking center stage. Early access gaming was made available
on Steam in 2014, allowing players a chance to try the game and provide feedback in the
development process. The full release will come to Xbox One in late 2015. No. 8: Road Redemption. TBA / PC, XB1, PS4,
Wii U Road Redemption got off the ground thanks
to a Kickstarter campaign by DarkSeas Games, and over four thousand people backed it. Fans
of the old-school Road Rash games will be pleased to know Road Redemption is considered
a successor to the motorcycle combat sport franchise. You start by picking your rider and bike,
then work your way through the campaign filled with races or objectives such as beating up
a certain number of racers before the finish line. There are also bombs, guns, and other
ranged weapons to liven things up. Tracks are procedurally-generated to give players
a new driving experience on every track. The big challenge is there is no respawning
throughout the campaign. Instead, if you can’t keep your health high enough and you die,
your permanent upgrades carry over to your next play through. Road Redemption already
featured an early-access version on Steam, and aims to release for Xbox One, Playstation
4, Wii U, and possible previous generation consoles in late 2015. No. 7: Distance. TBA / PC, PS4
Another successful Kickstarter project, Refract Studios is aiming to build on their successful
Nitronic Rush game with Distance. Players can explore an open-world concept with color
and textures that make you think of a Tron movie, working their way through different
races with the goal of survival. Your car can twist and jump, almost like it is parkouring
it’s way around. It can even fly and race upside down, giving races a very fast feel
while the track bends and twists through the city. It also features multiplayer, online racing,
and multiple other game types such as Reverse Tag, where you try to stay ‘it’ as long as
possible. On top of that, Distance provides users with a level editor to allow the creation
and sharing of new tracks from other players, and the final version will have Steam support.
The game’s full version will be for PC and Playstation 4 and the release is still to
be announced. No. 6: Wreckfest / TBA / PC
BugBear Entertainment, creator of FlatOut, brings location-based damage to the forefront
in Wreckfest, which was originally titled �Next Car Game.� When you hit a wall or
another car, you take damage on your car in the exact spot you were hit and your car will
react accordingly, providing a stark reality check. Players will race on tarmac and dirt
alike, and will have the gamut of races and demolition derbies you could want. Gamers
have so far been impressed with the realistic physics while driving, making it important
for you to take those turns correctly or suffer the consequences. You’ll be able to buy and sell cars, and perform
research which gamers are hoping may provide a way to unlock new parts. BugBear has stated
they hope to provide 24-player multiplayer in the final version coming to PC. Release
date is still to be announced. No. 5: Fast Racing Neo. TBA 2015 / Wii U
Racers may feel a bit of an F-Zero tug when first looking at Fast Racing Neo, with sleek
futuristic vehicles competing in separate four-race series. The arcade style of the
game brings boost orbs and changing weather schemes into the picture as you try to win
each cup with the most points. Unique features include a color-changing mechanism
that applies to boost pads. If you feature the wrong color, a boost pad will instead
slow you down, but sport the right look and you’ll zoom straight ahead. The game also
boasts 60 frames per second at 720p, making it possibly the best-looking racing game on
Wii U in a while. Fast Racing Neo is currently slated for release
on the Wii U’s eShop, and is set to come out in late 2015. No. 4: Dirt Rally. TBA 2015 / PC
If it’s rally racing that oils your engine, then Codemasters’ Dirt Rally is up your street.
It’s the fifth entry in the Dirt rally racing franchise, but this one comes with a full
partnership from the FIA World Rallycross Championship secured in July 2015. Early access
players on Steam have given the game very high reviews. The game features a wide array of vehicles
to choose from, with cars from different decades to more modern rally vehicles. Reports suggest
the game will have 36 real-world stages on official Rallycross tracks that you can drive
in different weather situations. While many tracks do focus on traditional dirt layouts,
there are some hill climbs and a full tarmac experience. There’s a single player career
mode, and online multiplayer will offer players the chance to create their own leagues in
addition to competing against ghost times. As for the gameplay, it is targeted towards
hardcore rally racers. If you can’t drive the car right, then you don’t stand a chance.
A few standard car assists will help, but don’t expect your car to brake or steer for
you like some other games. This is intended to be a full racing simulation. A full launch is scheduled for December 2015
on Pc, but is subject to change depending on development. There is potential for a later
console release, but it is not currently planned. No. 3: The Crew: Wild Run. November 17 / PC,
PS4, XB1 Wild Run is an expansion to Ivory Tower and
Ubisoft’s 2014 title The Crew. The open world environment and 20 hour campaign remain intact,
as well as the ability to form street gangs with friends. But the expansion brings plenty of new toys
to this racing universe. Motorcycles can be used for off roading or in the streets. Dragsters
will test player timing to get off the starting line without going airborne. Monster trucks
will do what monster trucks do by destroying everything while pulling flips and other tricks.
And the all-new Drift Spec will allow drivers the chance to customize cars for drift racing.
Each new type comes with a new graphics update that will cover the entire game, not just
the expansion. The biggest addition may be The Summit, which
Ubisoft says will focus on gatherings thousands of drivers and mechanics. With different locations
and crowds, you’ll have new tests to conquer as long as you keep avoiding trouble with
the police. Drift races, monster truck rallies, and more race types breathe more variety into
The Crew for gamers everywhere. Wild Run is set to drop November 17 for all
major platforms. No. 2: Forza Motorsport 6. 70 hours of content.
450 cars. 67 different makes. A continuing relationship with the BBC’s �Top Gear.�
Forza Motorspot 6 demands your attention. Racing personalities will comment on your
success as you drive through a very large campaign. Showcase Events will put you in
the seat of some old-school racers, while some other races will include up to 24 competitors.
Players will have the option of choosing how the AI drives, picking between the old one
or a new, more consistent type. 26 tracks will be available, including 10
new ones and a few updated versions of old Forza maps. You’ll also have the rain to deal
with, as it now causes you to skid or hydroplane if you fail to adjust your driving. Games
Radar reported that the developers of Turn 10 Studios even visited the tracks themselves
to find out where puddles appeared to try and get the most accurate layout possible. You’ll also be able to play with any car you
want at the beginning, a start change from Forza 5 that had you unlock cars with tokens.
And in ForzaVista mode, you can get a very close look at each one of them. Forza 6 comes out in North America September
15 exclusively on Xbox One. No. 1: Need for Speed. November 3 / PC, PS4,
XB1 The king stays the king with the 23rd installment
of the game that brought the racing genre to new heights. In Need for Speed, they’ve
ditched any subtitle because it almost represents a reboot complete with an open-world concept. There is an expansive story that uses live-action
footage to move things along. Players can choose to build reputation with five different
icons, from speed icon Magnus Walker to outlaw icon Shinichi Morohoshi. You build reputation
with each depending on how you play, from driving in a crew and how often you tick off
the cops. Customization, from the car’s look to how it drives with detail such as tire
traction and suspension stiffness, is back to give you the chance to really create your
preferred driving experience. The look of the game is also upgraded, as EA employs Frostbite
to make cars look almost hyper-real. An online connection is required to drive
around the streets of Need for Speed’s Ventura Bay, and fans of the latest Underground entry
may see a few familiar aspects. But the king lives on, even when producing a series reboot.
Need for Speed is out November 3 on all major platforms. There are a high variety of racing games coming
out soon. Some people prefer the arcade style racers while others want the true simulation
experience. What are your favorite games form this list? Or did we miss any big ones? Let
us know in the comments. And subscribe to the skilled channel for more big upcoming
games previews.

65 Replies to “Top 10 Most Anticipated Racing Games in 2015 / 2016”

  1. DiRT Rally was 36 stages at launch I think, i.e. 12 stages in Wales, Monaco and Greece. They've since added Germany and will be adding Finland. That's not including RX tracks from the UK, Sweden and Norway. And the hill climb set in Pikes Peak, Colorado. Point being stating 36 tracks/stages is not strictly true.

  2. To this day, F-Zero GX on the Nintendo Gamecube is the hardest game I ever played. Story Mode on Very Hard is nearly impossible, but I did it! Looking forward to Fast Racing Neo!

  3. Road Redemption looks great except for the dodgy camera angles at times, Distance just looks like a more detailed version of Nitronic Rush. Fast Racing Neo looks like a direct rip off of Wipeout. Need for Speed is a disappointment to me because of one main thing, a deal breaking online only bull shit.

  4. Truthfully there is no good racing games forza actually isn't good it has been the same since the first forza. They need a new Tokyo extreme racer

  5. I played need for speed and it was everything I hoped for except the story mode was so short. I finished the game in a week and that's just playing 3 hours a day.


  7. Bought the wild run as a DLC upgrade for The Crew, And it never showed up ingame. Payed that money out for absolutely nothing

  8. ENOUGH WITH THE STUPID NFS AND DIRT GAMES! Goodness, when are we ever going to get a realistic street racing game, like an open world GT5 with hella modifications? Think GTA5 but with grand turismo physics and more realistic street racing engine mods/setups, holy crap do you know how popular that game would be?! Have it be an online game where there are meetup spots where people setup different street races with each other and be able to make bets for money etc.

  9. as a guy who dominated in racing games, my kudos to forza for driving experance, but as to customization nfs is amazing, designing cars is a dream no only to alot of car enthusiast but also graphic designers myself and architects around the world. Philophony the creators of Grand Turismo should study all of these games dynamics and graphics and make GT7 look stunning and realistic with the option of customization on board. GT5 was the most accurate game to racing to date, but its not 100% accurate when it came to the tarmac races. Forza came close to this but yet doesn't have a rally mode off road and no customization since 360 ? So if I was Philophony id get all these games dynamics and try to combine them into one solid game. btw came from north ireland last week and top gear is no more . Why because a actual fist fight between bbc head of corp vs mr Jeremy Clarkson had erupt. so yes ladies and gents on that bombshell the show ended for good. not to make fun of Jeremy but it was not in there intentions to end that show but they did. Although their going to rename it soon so BBC can't touch it they will return as another name to that show. if you know the name please tell me on the comments below. Big fan of racing and a big fan of there games as well. GT7 hopefully will see this and make my $$ worth to all the fans here.

  10. you missed gran turismo sport!!! gran turismo is king of all racing games and father of the simulation racing. Why you missed such a huge game???

  11. Need For Speed is a great game ,but i'm still disappointed ,I ashapy with the crew though, especially because the driving feels more realistic and comfortable. The crew mayhave glitches, but it's fun ,need for speed is great though ,just like it if th map was better and the riving more fluent. Also you guys mssed Gran Tourismo Sport XDc I'm hype fr that

  12. I was hyped for Nfs, then it turns out to be a huge disappointment. My god EA…. Where to begin, you need online connection at all times to play the game, so no offline mode. you can't pause it, no daytime, no cockpit view, no replay-ability. I'm just waiting for a new mid night club game

  13. Need For Speed Underground 2:Download free and full version 100% free

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