Top 10 Moments of 2012 in Paralympic Sport

Top 10 Moments of 2012 in Paralympic Sport

We have all been touched by the triumphs and drama of the Paralympics The Paralympians have lifted the cloud of limitation The greatest Paralympic Games ever Your favourite – Nascimento, T45 class It’s almost too close to call this one. Who
do you think might get this one? I’m rooting for Nascimento And they’re away! And Nascimento too – a great start [gasp] He’s done his hamstring. Nascimento is out! And Zhao of China, I think, got it. But Nascimento’s hamstring went
just as I was saying he was in the lead. And they’re cheering because Nascimento is going to finish the race. Go on fella. It’s important that you finish He’ll get a huge cheer as he goes over the line. His heart’s going to be broken at the same time So, I actually remember everything from the blast to
when I arrived at the first medical facility. I was aiding the evacuation of two other
people who were hurt in another blast And probably within 10 metres of that first blast, I stepped on
a secondary explosive device that was burried in the ground. I remember the sound of the blast and remember looking – actually I could see out of my left
eye originally – and looked down and saw that I had both my legs, both my arms. And while I was in shock, I was also pretty scared about the extent of the damage, there
was a whole bunch of optimism when I looked down and saw, you know, largely I’m OK. We were able to walk away, which was a huge thing for my teammates out
there in Afghanistan because that’s a tough blow to watch your buddy get hurt Right from the get-go as the painkillers started to wain, there were challenges
that kept me going. Every time I go to sleep, I dream that I can still see but then I wake up to the
dark, and that’s tough. It’s a crucial aspect of rehab to find something to motivate you and just get out there and experience relevance and fun
again, and sport is a great way to make that happen. Oooooh, that’s an amazing shot! That’s a ridiculous shot! Dave Wetherill falling to his right-hand side made a ridiculous forehand top spin It came wide. He just flung on the floor and clipped the edge What a fantastic shot! That’s got to be the shot of the championship Teresa Perales goes in lane five for Spain Child: Mama, the champion
Perales: [laughs] Mama, the champion Ten metres to go, Perales in second And off they go, and it’s a great start for Arnu
Fourie. Arnu Fourie in the lead a the moment But Oscar Pistorius has already gone past Blake Leeper It’s the two South Africans in the lead, and here goes Pistorius. Look at him go! Oscar Pistorius absolutely storming away Oscar Pistorius – is he going to get… He’s been caught, has he? Oscar Pistorius just tying up. Oh my goodness!
He’s been caught by Oliveira of Brazil 70-80 thousand people were cheering in the stadium And when I crossed the finish line, the stadium went silent. Then I saw I had won and everyone started clapping and cheering It was a unique moment. Every time I watch that race, I get
goosebumps. I will remember it for the rest of my life When in 2001 I had my great accident that at that point didn’t
seem to be one of the greatest opportunities of my life But looking back at the last 12 years, I have to say that
my accident has become one of the greatest opportunities of my life Motor sports should be my speciality, not so much handcycling but when I heard the news that we were going to come to
Brands Hatch that was one of the crucial things that emotionally made me think, ‘Yeah, this is my place.’ And it makes no difference because in reality the tarmac we’re covering is
the same for everyone but it just felt suddenly more special If you are lucky enough and you’ve worked really hard, You can enjoy great moments like the ones I lived
in London winning two gold medals and a silver. But you also have to be honest with yourself and understand that these are only added values to what you do. that these are only added values to what you do. I am very passionate for cycling and I ended up winning in London because I love the bicycle. I didn’t jump on the bicycle because I really loved winning medals in London I’m a curious man, like a kid. Curiosity is what leads you to turn around
your head and search for new passions. And once you are inspired by your passions you
start a process to achieve great goals That’s what I always try to tell my son: be curious. Now that everything is behind, it’s a little sad, but the good news is that I can set
new goals. I can move even further and I can probably wish also to keep myself at a good level in
order to qualify for Rio 2016 and to reach the next Paralympic Games

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  1. Actually, these paralympic events look much more interesting. And in my opinion, they perform more difficult tasks, which is really impressive. Great thing this exists!

  2. Disappointed to have missed the London Paralympics in 2012, having considered going to see colleagues and friends from the managerial and learning disability communities associated with the King's Fund and National Development Team of the United Kingdom. Congratulations to the athletes, sponsors, families, and cities and their governments for spectacular events. "Community integration" (wikipedia) was viewed as beginning also with being a spectator as a sport, not just as competing as athletes or as above, drivers. Julie Ann Racino September 2016

  3. Good video! Is anyone here on Facebook? If you are come and join us to socialize at the International disABILITY Forum (

  4. London 2012 set the standard for all future Paralympics to follow, and yet London is still regarded as the greatest Paralympics off all time. I hope this changes, and a future host city improves on London's Paralympics!

  5. The second clip with the Brazilian in the 100 meters does not surprise me. This sums up of what I expect and always get from watching the Paralympics. The overwhelming spirit to continue regardless of ability (though they have it in spades) and a determination bettered or equalled by no one the world over.

    Most people train until it hurts, for para athletes, that is their default setting, and then they start training.

    Regardless of colour, creed, nationality or any other reason, I have love and admiration for every single one of these super-humans 🙂

  6. 7:54 the Ni*ger will risk injury to himself and other runners by launching himself over the finish line to get his torso pass the line and get the bronze medal. then ppl say why some don't like blacks

  7. Just one question—Why? OK some more questions. Who benefits from all this? The contestants? If so, fair enough but why televise it? What compels people to watch it? And what qualifies someone to participate? Disabilities are not a level playing field, no pun intended. A one-armed shot putter could be good enough to participate in the standard olympics for instance. What drives them to compete? A win for an athlete in the. mainstream Games means they are the fastest man/woman on the planet. No such kudos is attainable here.

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