Top 10 iPhone & iPad Racing Games 2019

Top 10 iPhone & iPad Racing Games 2019

– [Narrator] There are plenty
of amazing racing games to be played on your iPhone
or iPad, so let’s take a look. Starting at number 10, we have Gear.Club. In 2018, this game was updated for new iPhone and iPad resolutions, but also improved on some bug fixes and updated the visuals
and graphics a little, too. It’s pretty good-looking game, not the best out there by a long shot. For instance, the cars
look quite about plasticy, but the background environments
and lighting is okay. You can also use an MFi
controller to play, if you’d like. This makes it much more fun and gives it a more console-type
experience, I guess. There are lots of locations to race on, heaps of cars to race and unlock, and you can also use
a back in time feature if you make a mistake when you’re racing. Gear.Club is a free game
available on the App Store. Number nine is Horizon Chase – World Tour. Horizon Chase is heavily inspired by classic arcade racer games
from the ’80s or ’90s, just like the ones you’d
play in arcade stores, if you remember going and
playing those as a child. However, its adds in a more modern tone in terms of mission structure and the ability to use
an external controller. It has fantastic 16-bit
graphics that look very vibrant and colorful on new Retina
and Liquid Retina displays. It also features iCloud
support, so you can pick up where you left off across
all your Apple devices; iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch,
and even on Apple TV. The game was recently
updated for iPhone X support, but do keep in mind,
it is yet to be updated for new iPad Pros. This should come later. Anyway, Horizon Chase –
World Tour is a paid game on the App Store, but you
can try it before you buy it. (engine roaring)
(upbeat electronic music) Number eight, we have
Need for Speed No Limits. Here, we have one of the most underrated racing games on mobile. It takes all the elements
from the console version and crams it into your hands for free. The graphics are pretty decent
here, from the dark lighting, to the reflections on the street, to the textures from the cars themselves. There is also car damage here. It’s not the best that I’ve
seen in a car game for mobile, but it’s great that it’s there. Need for Speed No Limits is
a free game on the App Store. (upbeat music) (hollow crashing) (low chiming) Number seven is Motorsports
Manager Mobile 3. Here, we have the best race
team strategy game for mobile. Players have the opportunity
here to build up their own motorsport team from scratch and then, you can make every
decision for your team. You’ll be hiring drivers,
assembling the team, and managing weather changes and crashes. There is also an augmented
reality mode here and it’s super cool. It’s just really fun. In many ways, it’s worth
taking a look at this game for the AR feature alone. Overall, the game is a bit
of a learning curve at first, but after a while, you will
start to get the hang of things. Anyway, Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 is a paid game on the App Store. Number six, we have Beach Buggy Racing 2. In late 2018, Beach Buggy Racing returned with its follow up
mobile kart racing game. If you’re looking for
something like Mario Kart on your iPhone or iPad, this
game is the next best thing. You can go into arcade
races, use power-ups, collect over 40 cars,
customize your vehicle, and play in online competitions. Compared to the original game, we have improved physics
here, more detailed cars, characters, and new weapons
are here on offer, too. It’s a great game that is
easy to pick up and play and can be enjoyed by
all ages, young and old. Beach Buggy Racing 2 is a free game available on the App Store. (upbeat rock music) (low explosion) (engine revving) Number five is F1 Mobile Racing. Following Codemasters Softwares
previous iOS racing game, F1 2016, in 2018, they
brought us F1 Mobile Racing. Once again, it’s an official
mobile game of the 2019 FIA Formula One World Championship, featuring the season’s teams, drivers, circuits, and race helmets. You can play in single
player racers or head into realtime multiplayer
and duel against players from around the world
in one-versus-one races. Anyway, F1 Mobile Racing is
a free game on the App Store. Number four, we have Real Racing 3. Back in it’s prime, Real Racing 3 was the best racer on mobile. But since then, a few
others have taken the crown. But you still have to agree
that, all these years later, Real Racing 3 still holds its
grounds in terms of graphics and the game play on offer. It has single player
modes, multiplayer modes, and even has four player
split-screen on iPads. Each player can use their own external MFi controller, for example. So if you’re looking for a
racer to play with your friends, this one is the best for you. Plus, it has recently been updated with improved performance, resolutions, textures, lightings, etc. Real Racing 3 is free to
download on the App Store. Number three is Rush Rally 3. If you’re looking for a rally game, Rush Rally 3 is the right choice for you. It’s like playing one of the
DiRT games from PC or console right in the palm of your hands. It brings MFi controller
support, 60 frames per second, over 72 stages featuring snow,
gravel, tarmac, and dirt, and there is a complex
vehicle damage system here. You can tackle different modes
such as career, single rally, rally cross, or play in matches online or via local Wi-Fi multiplayer. The graphics might not be outstanding, but what is is the car handling and the amount of content on offer is really quite exceptional. Rush Rally 3 is a paid
game on the App Store. (engine roars) – [Man] Over crest, creep left, 80. (engine roars) – [Narrator] Number two,
we have Asphalt 9: Legends. After the huge success of Asphalt 8, it was hard to think Gameloft
could pull of something even better, but it’s without saying that Asphalt 9 has become
an even bigger success than the previous title. It has also been ported
to many platforms now, including macOS later this
year and Nintendo Switch. Obviously, it has really
incredible graphics that really show off
the amazing landscapes and crazy car damage. You can play with either the touchscreen or with an MFi controller connected. For me, I prefer to play
with the controller, so I can be in full control of my car, but some of you out there
may prefer the touchscreen. That’s for you to figure out. Anyway, Asphalt 9: Legends
is free to download on the App Store. (low rattling)
(tire squealing) – [Man] Don’t think about the engine. – [Narrator] Number one,
we have GRID Autosport. With GRID Autosport, you are
getting exactly the same game found on consoles and PC, plus there are no in-app purchases. It’s seriously the best
racer to be found on mobile and shows off the graphical potential of new iPhone and iPads. In late 2018 I believe, the
developer, Feral Interactive, updated GRID with improved performance. It can now be played up
to 120 frames per second on the new iPad Pros and
up to 60 frames per second on just non-Pro iPads and iPhones. In addition, there is
improved lighting effects, vehicle textures, damage, etc. It’s also a fantastic game to
play with an MFi controller and it offers full controller support for the menus and when in races. Anyway, GRID Autosport is a
paid game on the App Store and I can’t recommend it enough. (engine revs) (tires squealing) (engine roars) Here are some upcoming racing games. Sonic Racing is coming to
Apple Arcade later this year and will be a mobile version
of Team Sonic Racing. We know almost nothing about
this game yet, so stay tuned. Mario Kart Tour is a free
game releasing in summer 2019 and is Nintendo’s next big iOS
title after Super Mario Run. Forza Street is coming to mobile for free later in 2019 or possibly
2020, I don’t know. It looks to offer arcade elements and pretty decent graphics. Project Cars GO is currently in the works and not much has been shared. I don’t even know if it will be a free or paid game on the App Store. So, what do you think of these games? Did I miss one of your favorite racers? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Please leave a like to show
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  1. Bro finally. I just love racing games especially grid auto sport. I wish we had a mobile forward or need for speed game. Also I know that there are games like need for speed most wanted and no limits but I wish they released there older games on mobile like underground, underground 2, most wanted, and carbon. Also you earned yourself a new sub?! Edit: also I know about forza street (exited!).

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