Well, well well young whippersnappers. Oh, I do declare we have a nice skill series for you forget those blogs forget those long ebooks and all those other bologna channels We got a skill series hot off the press and if you want to avoid yellow fever whooping cough and scurvy you better subscribe right now and subscribe right now subscribe to it now you can do it do it – What’s up guys today? We got 10 skill moves you can use in a game, and we’ve carefully picked each one We’re going to start with some easier ones We’re going to break them down and get into some more advanced ones at the end So let’s get ready because you’re about to become a better player. Let’s go Neymar started doing this move while he was at Santos It’s a bit of a hybrid between a step-over and a maradona you can make them move more effective by taking a quick pause before Dragging the ball back and then flick in and out and up with your back foot You have to understand when and how to use this move because you’ll be exposing the ball and leaving it Unprotected for a split second once you feel comfortable. It’s a great move to have. This cut looks slightly flashy, but it’s very effective if done right the key here Is that before cutting you have to tap the ball out far enough for the defender to believe that a cross or shot is coming? And then you really have to sell that cut by swinging your hip around and catching the ball with your toe From there you got plenty of options but it all be for nothing if you don’t keep the defender on his toes by truly selling the cut This is one of the easiest ways to get yourself an inch in front of goal, the idea here Is that you don’t actually need to go around the defender to get the shot off? You only need a small window to score And you can create this by using the defenders momentum against him tap the ball and accelerate far enough that the defender has to play Catch-up once you stop So will the defender and that’s the perfect time to take that extra touch and find some space to shoot? Simple effective and deadly that’s what you want from your skill moves, in front of goal. This is a move perfect when you’re stuck in a corner you may be holding the ball up or shielding the defender the key here is to be quick with your turn if you can get a little push off that will make it even easier try to make the Move one fluid motion the reason for this is that you’re going to really need to Accelerate in order to lose the defender then another move where you’re completely exposing the ball So be sure to do these over and over again that way. That way they’re automatic in the game We’re going to start with a basic addition to this move and go from there you may think that the drag and the step-over are What make this legit but it’s actually the body thing that makes it a quality move Notice that when I start, I’m nearly facing the complete opposite way This is virtually the best way for me to not give away what I’m trying to do Modifying this move is simple and if you end up using it a lot you’re going to need to know how to do that so you can throw in multiple step overs or even if you’re more daring you can attach the robona cut to the end of It and maybe cut it inside regardless. Just remember that the move is made in the beginning by swinging your hips quickly Guys we haven’t talked about the snake in over a year But it is and will remain one of the most OG moves of all time We’re not going to go in-depth But just know that you want to swing your leg and hips out enough to get the defender headed away from you lower your shoulder And snap your foot and ankle back Don’t expect much out of the elastico if you keep your body straight up it becomes effective only when the defender reacts to your movement You may remember this one from Ronaldo’s Man U days he managed to get Ashley cole to sit down while doing this exact move What’s most important here is showing your intent to take off to the middle of the field you take a touch inside and then begin to accelerate by stepping over the ball only to stop and Explode the other way. It’s not too much of a risk at all at the defender bites You’ll have plenty of space to head down the field This is a Stop-And-go move that buys you some useful space in the wings It’s incredibly effective if you use it after you’ve already Accelerated and are starting to slow down the defender will have to react to your movement, and that’s always what you want Just slow down a little step on the ball And then knock it forward with your other foot all in one motion without touching the ground Now one of our more slightly complicated moves Ronaldinho Neymar and Jayjay Okocha are the types of players that enjoy this stuff And it’s not as difficult as it looks The toughest part about this move is knowing when to use it most of the time you’ll see it pulled off in the defender gets too excited and comes flying in your Challenge is only in realizing when someone is going to dive in It doesn’t make much difference whether you flick it with the outside or the inside of your foot. That’s up to you Just make sure to practice it and get it, right Lastly we’ve got the riquelme And if you don’t know Juan Ramon Riqueme, then you should because he did some crazy stuff with the ball This is one of the craziest nutmegs he ever pulled off with a defender slowly closing you down You’ll want to pull the ball across your body, and then directly behind you and hit it with your heel once you practice the motion a few times you’ll Understand how it works all you got to do now is wait for the right chance to pull it off in the game Guys as a pro you have got to always be looking to expand and improve on your game You can’t get comfortable so it’s great that you have a few moves that work well for you as you get older the game is Going to get more advanced and it’s going to demand more from you So you’ve always got to be looking to improve become a real student of the game Guys the free program is going very well It has everything you need to get better as a player there is nothing like it So make sure like comment And hit the subscribe button below click that notification button so you do not miss all the stuff that we got going on all right, peace subscribe


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  4. It's cool bro
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    I have used these tricks in my match and I was selected for under 14,15,17 now I am the best player of football in my school

  5. Elastico is the only damn move i remmeber when i face a defender…. I'm sick of it…

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  9. Doesn't matter if you can beat the defenders if can't get a shot by the keeper. Gkunion > all other forms of life

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