Top 10 Biggest Olympic Upsets

Top 10 Biggest Olympic Upsets

The Summer and Winter Olympics are two of
the biggest events on the planet. The whole planet is glued to screens, cheering
on their country in all the different Olympic events. A lot of the time, there are favourites to
win – athletes who are so good that it seems like they cant lose. However, you can never be too sure. There have been times in the past where some
Athletes have defied all expectations and snatched victory when nobody thought they
could. My name is Danny Burke and this is the Top
10 Biggest Olympic Upsets. Starting off at number 10 we have Steven Bradbury. This story is the stuff of olympic legend. In 2002, this Australian speed skater was
far from the favourite. In the semi finals, he was in last place until
3 of the other competitors in the race crashed near the end, allowing Steven to advance to
the final. Amazingly, in the finals – with Steven in
last place again with 50 m to go – the same thing happened. One of the other skaters caused a crash which
also brought down the other 3. Steven became the first person from a southern
hemisphere to win a winter olympic event. He said he saw his medal as a reward for the
years of work and not necessarily for the events that happened in those races. Next up at number 9 we have the the Mens 2004
Relay. The USA has always don’t well in track and
field events and the 4×100 relay is no different. They were the favourites going in to the race
– 3 out of the 4 runners were olympic champions. However, the relay race isnt just about the
fastest runners – its all about the batton changes. The USA slipped up their changes while Great
Britain and Northern Ireland did theres to almost perfection – leading to them winning
Gold and surprising all doubters. Next up at number 8 we have Argentinas Basketball
Team. Since 1936, there have been 20 Olympic Basketball
tournaments – the US has won 16 of them – its been complete domination. One of the years they lost was in 2004. They made it to the finals as expected where
they went up against Argentina. It was a close game throughout but Argentina
pulled away towards the end, beating USA 89-81. The news stories the next day were a mix of
praise for the unlikely Argentina squad and questions about how an NBA filled all star
team like United States could fall short of expectations … At the number 7 spot now we have The Miracle
On Ice. In 1980, the USA went up against the Soviet
Union in the Mens Hockey Semi Finals. The odds were not in their favour, the Soviets
had won gold at the previous 4 olympic events. To make things even more unlikely – the entire
USA team was made up of only amateurs. They went in to the 3rd round with the Soviets
leading by 3 points to 2. The USA pulled 2 points back to win 4-3 overall
in a huge upset win that would come to be known as The Miracle On Ice. Moving on to number 6 we have Rulon Gardner. In 2000, Russian wrestler Aleksander Karelin
was the clear favourite to win the wrestling gold medal. He had done so in 1988, 1992 and 1996. Hed also won 8 of the last 11 world championship. In a shock upset, he was beaten in 2000 by
American wrestler Rulon Gardner. He won on points and gave Karelin his first
loss in 13 years. Next up at number 5 we have Kostas Kenteris. Were staying with the 2000 olympics in Sydney
for this one for the Mens 200m finals. American runner John Capel was the favourite
to win. To everyones surprise, as the runners made
their way round the bend, it was Greek runner Kostas Kenteris who started to pull ahead. He ended up winning and taking gold with a
time of 20.09 seconds – the slowest winning time in 20 years! At number 4 now we have Japans Softball. 2008 was the last year that Softball was ever
played at the olympics although it is going to be reinstated for the 2020 summer olympics. There was a rumour going round that it was
taken away because the USA was too dominant at it. Well Japan proved that wrong when they beat
the USA 3-1 in the 2008 olympics. The USA went home with a silver medal and
will no doubt be seeking revenge come 2020. Next up at number 3 we have Montreal 1976. At this olympic games, the East Germans were
the favourite to win the Womens 4x100m swimming relay. They had beaten everyone in their individual
races and people expected this to be no different. However, the US team swam the race if their
lives, setting a new world record and beating the East German team by 0.68 seconds. Whats even more impressive is that it later
emerged that the East German olympic team had been given performance enhancing drugs
which many of them werent even aware of. That make the USA win even more respectable! At number 2 now we have Chad le Clos. (cl-oh). This South African swimmer pulled off one
of the greatest swimming upsets of all time during the Mens 200m butterfly event at London
2012. All eyes were on Michael Phelps – widely regarded
as the best swimmer of all time. He wasnt performing as well as he was 4 years
before, but youd still be dumb to bet against him. Chad le Clos proved everyone wrong by keeping
up with Phelps and then timing his reach perfectly to grab 1st place. And finally at number 1 we have Emil Zatopek. At the 1952 olympics, this Czechoslovakian
runner had won gold medals in the 5,000 and 10,000 meter races. That wasnt too surprising – what was though,
was that Emil decided at the last minute that he wanted to run in the marathon race. His longest competitive races had been less
than a quarter of that distance. The favourite for the race was Great Britains
Jim Peters who held the world record at the time. Despite all of the odds being against Emil
– he passed every runner one by one and crossed the finish line in 2 hours 23 minutes and
2 seconds – over 2 and a half minutes ahead of the runner up. Amazing stories about amazing athletes who
didnt get intimidated by other peoples expectations – I think we can all learn something from
that in our day to day lives. What other Olympic videos do you guys want
to see? My name is Danny Burke, thanks for watching
as always and Ill see you all in the next video.

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  1. if you did not know the Paralympics is for athletes who have disabilities the best Paralympic and Olympic sport i love to swim i am on the adult swim team for my local health club

  2. I remember number 2 quite well and it was because of that loss that Phelps came out of retirement to redeem himself in the 2016 Summer Olympics.

  3. Never heard of summer and winter Olympics.
    Also why do these look full of black guys tho they are american or European countries , might as well not even name countries and just say Africa if all other countries are gonna use people that are obviously not even genetically from the same continent much less country.

  4. What about USA winning the 1996 women's gymnastics team finals over the Soviet Union who had won every single team medal since the 1950S.

  5. Oh something I’d like to see is a video about the medals won by North Koreans. Bc I remember one dude won the weightlifting in 2012…?

  6. From your definition you could have Jesse Owens even tho he was a great runner the Olympics were in Nazi Germany and there was a lot of pressure on him.

  7. I don't like the olympics because of what they do, they force people out of they're homes and destroy them. They are corrupt, evil business men, who care about nothing but money, and not the people, and Danny when is the next dumbest tweet video coming out?

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