TOP 10 Best Shared / Split Screen Couch Co-Op games for PS4 [2018]

TOP 10 Best Shared / Split Screen Couch Co-Op games for PS4 [2018]

Top 10 best couch co-op and local multiplayer
games to play on your PS4 So you got the newest Playstation console
and want to invite your buddies, significant other or a family member to spend some quality
time playing games together. Sadly, it turns out that a huge number of
games nowadays focus on the online aspect of multiplayer games, and a good old couch
co-op is harder and harder to find. But have no fear – we’re here to help
you choose some amazing titles you can experience with your player two locally on your PS4 – both
cooperatively and competitively, depending on what’s your jam. Oh, and if you want to see our picks for the
best local co-op games for platforms other than PlayStation, check out the links to the
videos in the description! Without further ado, lets dive into the list! Number 10. Gran Turismo Sport
The Playstation exclusive racing game series, Gran Turismo, has been a major selling point
for the console, at least amongst fans of fast cars and furious drivers. The newest installment, available only for
PS4, does not disappoint, delivering the ultimate racing experience, best shared with your player
2 next to you on the couch. With a huge variety of cars, locations and
game modes to choose from, as well as amazing controls and realistic car behavior, you and
your friends are bound to spend long hours racing each other in split-screen mode. Number 9. Diablo 3
The original Diablo was one of the first gaming experiences for many an experienced gamer,
and the release of the third part of the series capitalized well on the nostalgia factor – while
simultaneously being a damn good action RPG in its own rights. This installment of the series allows you
to bring 4 teammates on a loot-filled hack’n’slash-a-palooza and carve your way through legions of demons
that need a good sword in the guts (or whatever other vital body parts they possess). The incredibly addictive gameplay is bound
to keep you and your friends hooked, and the amazing visuals will appeal to any fan of
high-fantasy aesthetics. Number 8. Borderlands: the handsome collection
Described by some as “basically Diablo, but with guns”, the original Borderlands
is the defining title of the looter-shooter genre. Shooting guns at enemies, picking up new,
procedurally generated guns from their corpses – that’s the basics of Borderlands, and
you can share the experience with your friends by teaming up with three other players, creating
a trigger-happy squad of gun-toting heroes. All that in a comic-bookish visual style,
and with a great sense of humour on top of it. Number 7. Tekken 7
The legendary fighting game series has finally released its long awaited continuation in
2017 – and boy did it deliver! Diving back into the story of the Mishima
family, Tekken 7 has a pretty solid singleplayer campaign. But let’s be honest, it’s the multiplayer
we’re here for. You can fight other players both online and
locally, and while the game is not very difficult to get into, mastering it will take you a
long time – best spent trying to beat up your low-kick spamming friend with no respect
for all the complicated combos you’d been practicing in the training mode. Number 6. Nex Machina
Nex Machina is a fast paced wave shooter with some pretty innovative gameplay gimmicks and
an incredibly fitting soundtrack – but what makes it truly special is its co-op mode,
which requires the players to cooperate tightly and to be able to trust their partner to hold
their end of the line against the copious numbers of enemies. Your characters share a life pool, and the
number of enemies in co-op mode is too big for a single player to be able to cope with
– so both players have to give their best if you want to have a shot at success. Number 5. Call of Duty: WWII
Supporting a two-player split screen, the most recent installment of the Call of Duty
series (until Black ops 4 comes out) is a great title for fans of the FPS genre to share,
allowing you and your friend to tackle the rest of the world together. This installment goes back to the classic
Call of Duty theme, bringing you back to the World War 2 and allowing you to shoot a bunch
of Nazis – or, if you prefer, you can dive into the zombie mode and shoot some zombie
Nazis. Number 4 – Overcooked
No game since Worms has made us want to strangle our player two (or three, or four) as much
as Overcooked – and this one is supposed to be cooperative! Before you assemble your team, make sure that
your relationship with your co-op partners is strong enough to survive the inevitable
stream of abuse you will hurl at each other as you play. As a team of bumbling cooks, you will have
to prepare a meal according to the recipe. Sounds easy? In theory, yes. In reality, the kitchen you work in gets progressively
more chaotic, and it gets harder and harder to follow the necessary steps in the correct
order. The first game has great replay value, but
if you’re looking for new experiences, the sequel came out in 2018, allowing you to save
the world by chopping onions all over again. Number 3 – Rocket League
Rocket League is the spiritual successor of a game called Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered
Battle-Cars, and that basically tells you everything you need to know about it. Oh, did we mention? The jumping and flying cars you control double
as a soccer – or maybe soccar – team. Also, the ball explodes. Rocket League matches can turn into real mayhem,
and it’s no wonder that the game became so popular so fast. It helps that the local co-op mode can host
up to four players, and you can also invite some friends online, even if they play on
a different platform than you do. If you and your friends enjoy chaotic, fast-paced
and incredibly silly games that put your spatial awareness to the test, then Rocket-League
is for you! Number 2. A Way Out
Unlike many of the titles on this list, A Way Out is a game created specifically with
split-screen co-op in mind, and it cannot be played alone. Telling a story of two prisoners trying to
escape from prison, the game offers a variety of possibilities to solve its different scenarios,
depending on the plan you and your player two come up with. The goal is clear – both of you need to
get out – but how you achieve that goal depends on you, and on how well you’re able
to cooperate. Number 1 – Divinity the Original Sin and
Divinity the Original Sin 2 No list about couch co-op games could be complete
without the Original Sin and its sequel. While the original Original Sin allowed co-op
between two players, the sequel can host up to four players – though you will need at
least two PCs, as only two people can play on the same one, with the other two connected
online. The most notable thing about The Original
Sin one and two is that these games are as close as a video game has ever gotten to the
experience of an actual tabletop RPG, down to the inter-party dynamics and possible conflict
– your characters can disagree, and the disagreements have to be solved within the
game. While both of the games feature a great story
to play, the storytellers in the audience will surely be happy to discover, that the
second game also includes a Game Master mode, where you can craft your own custom-made campaign
for your players. So that’s it for our list. Are you going to choose one of the titles
proposed by us for the next couch co-op session with your player two? Or are we missing your favourite local multiplayer
game? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget
to like and subscribe for a regular dose of gaming inspiration!

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  1. I used to have mega driver 2 and n64 and I loved split screen games on them… But now I have ps4 but there are pretty much no split screen games on it

  2. I still have no IDEA why Making more Online games more better? .. pretty sure .. PC games are better than Console OL since you won't need PS+ or XBOX gold sh1t…. what ps4 needs are split screen…

  3. A way out is overrated. It was just boring for me. All the mini game sequences felt rustic. Overcooked is really good tho
    Also Rayman legends

  4. I just started with my VR adventure. I would think a good VR game would be something like a hide & seek game using two VR headsets. Is there such a thing?

  5. Ps2 and Ps3 had the best games, It's sad that developers don't make good games anymore but they keep making cartoons.

  6. A Way Out, thanks to Joseph "Fuck the Oscars" Fares.

    But tbh, kudos to that guy, he is so passionate about the game that it should be played Co-Op.

  7. I swear I’ve heard your voice before…

    Oh yeah! You’re that G2A guy!

  8. have you ever mentioned any game if they are playable offline co-op or / online co-op just like in monster hunter world?

  9. We have big enough tvs now for split screen. This makes no sense. I'm getting sick of only being able to play fighting games, and racing games on the couch with my friends. Luckily I have a GameCube. I have 007

  10. Fuck cod for making games without split screen, its the only thing worth playing in cod… Sure sometimes the story is cool too wait they removed that too, never buying a cod game before they bring theese to back

  11. Damn this is a weak list. No hate to G2A, but game developers just don't fuck with splitscreen anymore and don't add it to their games.

  12. So … a video about local co op games that are mostly split screen … but the video doesn't bother to show any actual split screen gameplay? Yeah, no thanks.

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