Top 10 Best iOS Racing Games of All Time

Top 10 Best iOS Racing Games of All Time

Opening our list of the Top 10 Racing games
on the iOS is Riptide GP: Renegade This aquatic racing game from the Riptide
GP lineup by Vector Unit is all about illicit hydrojet racing in the future. You are a disgraced hydrojet rider who perform
death-defying stunts over huge waterfalls, dodge the police when you’re on the public
waterways, and boost at breakneck speeds across surging waves. After you were kicked out of the Riptide GP
League, you are forced to race illegally through the city rivers, fountains, amusement parks,
and more. Build your crew, take down bosses and battle
opponents from around the world in 8-player online races that are filled with shortcuts,
secrets, and interactive obstacles, all in the efforts to reclaim your reputation and
title. This action-arcade water racer has a Playscore
of 8.5 9. Blocky Roads In this game by Dogbyte, you are a farmer
who just lost everything after a tornado ripped your house, farm, tractor and your pigs and
scattered them all around the world. Of course, you’re not gonna take all of
this lying down, you’re gonna get them all back, even if that means you’re gonna have
to drive your little vehicle through increasingly challenging obstacle courses: from green hills
to snowy mountains, to deserted dunes. This game may have 10 challenge tracks and
14 vehicles to test those tracks on, but this game isn’t about stunts, it’s all about
going as far as you can with your limited fuel and initially lackluster vehicle. Collect enough coins so you can upgrade your
rides. After track 3, you can even go as far as building
your own car. This racing game that’s less about how fast
you can go but how long you will last on the road has a Playscore of 8.51 8. Blocky Highway The next game on our list is still from the
developers behind Dogbyte. Instead of going around different rural tracks
finding the bits and pieces of your destroyed farm, this time, you are racing on the highway
endlessly — or at least until you crash onto the other cars on the highway. This game is not just endless racing though,
you also have to complete missions so you can unlock all of the fun vehicles this game
has to offer. In this game, you have 45 different vehicles
to drive — from a good old taxi to a police car, to a space shuttle, to a UFO, or, if
you feel like it, A MOTHER FLIPPIN TANK which has the ability to shoot at the cars in front
of you. You know you love racing on the highway. This game celebrates that. It has a Playscore of 8.52 7. Real Racing 3 When this game from Electronic Arts first
came out in 2013, the visuals were mind-blowing. Five years later and it’s still a pretty
game. What makes this third installment from the
award-winning franchise still worth the download in 2018? For one, it’s still supported. The developers behind this game are still
updating this game with new cars for the gamers to play with like the classic 1984 Ferrari
Testarossa for special events. This is in addition to their already awesome
lineup of cars from Ferrari, Bugatti, Lamborghini, and many many more sweet rides that you can
customize so it can be even sweeter. If you’ve never played this game before,
this game is a real-time multiplayer racing game where you race against players from around
the world at 40 circuits at 18 real world locations. You can race anyone at anytime anywhere using
Time shifted technology. Free up a bit of space for this heavyweight
racing game that has a Playscore of 8.59 6. Rush Rally 2 This game from Brownmonster Limited has awesome
physics, many of tracks to choose from, a variety of play modes, and even some silly
extra stuff thrown into the mix. The small asking price is a bargain for such
a neat little racing game. In the 7 countries, and 72 different stages,
you are racing on different terrains: from snow, to gravel, to dirt. This is why for each race, you have the ability
to tune your car to fit what terrain you’re racing on. You will also take damage as you race — so
tread carefully because all sorts of things start to go wrong when you take too much damage. Whether you wanna play this game casually
or really go on a deeper level, this game has a lot to offer you. It’s not the easiest racing game if you
don’t approach it sensibly. This game offers its players a quality racing
experience that’s deserving of a Playscore of 8.67 5. Joe Danger The next game on our list is the mobile version
of Joe Danger. That’s right, this is a version that is
really tailored for mobile gaming, not just a simple port of the PC or PS Vita versions. The simple yet effective gesture control system
of the game quickly becomes second nature after a few practices. Mastering the controls of this game is crucial
when doing stunts because the game will get more difficult in later stages. In this game, you are taking on the world
of racing as the titular character, Joe Danger, the world’s most determined, cape wearing
stuntman. Take your trusty motorbike as you jump on
busses, dodge giant mouse traps, leap tanks full of sharks all in the efforts to reclaim
your title of Master Disaster. If you’re tired of playing as Joe Danger,
you have the choice of over 25 unique and funny playable characters: from a golden man
named Golden Joe, to a zombie guy named Zombie!. This game for mobile daredevils has a Playscore
of 8.77 4. Asphalt 8: Airborne Gameloft has hit it’s pinnacle with Asphalt
8, the fourth in its series on the iOS. This game is not only beautiful to look at
thanks to both its stunning graphics and cool rides but also its amazing physics. This game features more than 215 customizable
and upgradable speed machines from Ferrari, Ducati, Lamborghini, and many others that
we wish we actually own in real life. As this is an arcade racing game at its core,
players can earn awards based on the objectives in-game such as narrowly missing cars, performing
tricks while you’re airborne, or wrecking your opponents. These things give you a small amount of money
at the end of the game, but where the rewards really lie is the nitro you earn while playing
so you can speed by and let these losers bite your dust! This game offers a lot of fun and a lot of
adrenaline. It has a Playscore of 8.8 3. DATA WING This solo passion-project by developer Dan
Vogt is an impressive, story-driven racing adventure. That’s right, this minimalist top down racing
game has a story. In the story, you are dealing with an artificial
intelligence called Mother who bosses you around. You will have to follow her orders no matter
how mean she gets, until she starts getting irrational. Kinda like GLaDOS, the unreliable guide from
the Portal series. While you can enjoy this racing game set in
a neon landscape without paying attention to the story, you will be missing the point
of it all. There’s a reason why you’re going fast
around a circuit. The intuitive two-touch controls reminiscent
of playing an arcade game plus the simple yet brilliant mechanics of this game make
every step of the way make you feel special. On top of this game’s awesomeness, it is
COMPLETELY free. It free to download, there are no ads on this
game, and there are no in-app purchases. There’s literally nothing stopping you from
enjoying this work of art. This game plays like a dream, looks like a
dream, and sounds like a dream. It truly deserves a Playscore of 9.12 2. Pigeon Wings
This game about “sky rats” is both a side-scrolling racing game and a shoot ‘em up game. You play as a pigeon named Pigeon, who is
tasked to save East Megalopolis from the Duxe Dexter’s aeronautics and his deadly pilot
XO-9999. Don’t worry, you won’t be completely alone
in stopping this baddie, you have General Exposition to guide you through your many
battles against Duke Dexter. As you can tell from that brief, this game
is pretty goofy. But, just because this game is lighthearted,
doesn’t mean it’s super easy. It has a level of difficulty that boosts its
replay value. Another reason to replay its 50 levels is
to perfect your score. You’ll be rewarded 1-3 medals, depending
on how well you did. You can also compare your time with other
players. This can also give you an incentive to play
the game again. We all want to be the fastest racer, don’t
we? With awesome controls, gameplay, visuals and
music, this game receives a Playscore of 9.14. And the best Racing game on the iOS is Motorsport
Manager Mobile 2 As the name of this game suggests, in this
game, you manage a racing team. You are to hire drivers and engineers and
manage your drivers during race day. Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 improves on the
original: from the development of the cars your drivers drive, to the simulation of the
race day and the drivers market. You are now able to design every single part
of your cars to strengthen their weak points. How well these alterations are made depends
on how good your engineers are, which is why hiring the right engineers is crucial. You can’t have the drivers complaining about
their subpar cars because that can bring their ratings down. The drivers are given more depth this time. They each have six stats, sponsor appeal,
and stat modifiers that will come and go throughout the seasons. Your drivers can also age and lose their skills
when they’re older. If you wanna take a backseat from the driver’s
seat and just focus on the strategies that come with racing, here’s a game that has
a Playscore of 9.14

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  2. This is less known, but pixel boat rush. It's not just racing, but you get to shoot others. And it's 2d racing. Some boats are faster, but the slower ones have better guns. Or abilities.

    One of my fav racing games. I wish I knew more games like these, where u can shoot others, but not cheating AI, where they are always getting bullshit speed boost out of nowhere. Or item.

  3. Amazing physics in asphalt 8?
    Explain the video on my channel where my car starts to spin on its roof after it goes off a ramp

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