Top 10 Best Car Combat Games for Android & iOS 2017

Top 10 Best Car Combat Games for Android & iOS 2017

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we are gonna show you the list of top 10 car combat games for your android and ios devices. but before we dig in, make sure to hit that
subscribe button so you dont miss any future updates. So guys First on our list is Overload Get into a fast car equipped with powerful
weapons, and take part in deadly car battles on the arenas of this game. Select one of the cars having unique design
and weapons.. Drive your car at maximum speed, catch the
enemy in the sight cross and shoot from a machinegun, missile launcher or any other
weapons. Defeat your enemies with the deadliest weapons
mounted on the car. Overload has the rating of 4.4 and is available
for free. Crash of cars Control a powerful car, drive across different
locations, try to survive and destroy as many rival cars as possible. Win dangerous survival races in this game,
where you will drive your car forward, complete sharp turns, and other skills which will save
you from crashing. Ram rival cars, and destroy them with the
help of unique weapons mounted on your car. Unlock unique vehicles, such as trucks, buses,
and even tanks. Crash of cars is a free game and has a rating
of 4.6. Crash Drive 2 Crash Drive 2 is another 3 d car combat game
where you will have to complete the mission while smashing the rival cars. The game features single player and multiplayer
gameplay, including 6 random competitive events: Graphics and controls of the game are very
good. There are30 unique outrageous cars to unlock,
such as school bus or a tank. You can level up your car by completing missions
and earning experience. Crash Drive 2 has the rating of 4.2 stars
and can be downloaded for free. Cars Battle Drive a fast car through city streets, desserts,
and other locations while escaping from chases and shooting at enemy cars. Be ready for dynamic chases and battles in
this game, where you will drive your car at an insane speed. Do sharp turns and show your driving skills
to evade pursuers. Keep firing from a gun mounted on your car
and get rewards for destroying enemies. Game features many different vehicles and
weapons to unlock. Cars Battle has received the rating of 4.4
stars and can be downloaded for free. War Cars In this game you will construct unique war
car and test them in 1 Versus1 battles against strong opponents. Try yourself as a brilliant engineer, and
fearless warrior in a post apocalypse world of this game. Make cars from wood, or other different materials,
and construct a heavy tank, or light and fast car. Equip your car with a ram, catapult, ballista,
and other different weapons, and defeat enemies in single player or multiplayer battles. War Cars is a free game, and has received
the ratings of 4.5 stars. Mafia Revenge- Take part in the war of mafia clans for the
control over a big city. Destroy rivals and become a mafia boss. Take a worthy place among the superior criminals
of the city in this game. Drive a luxurious car along the night streets,
and be ready for gun fights against competing gangs. Win the battles against criminal bosses, and
buy new cars and weapons and Upgrade your weapon powers. Team up with friends and create your own mafia
family. Mafia Revenge has rating of 4.6 stars and
is available for free. Death Tour Death Tour is exactly what a car battle genre
game should be like. This game has super cars, dangerous wepons,
and lots of action. The game contains a full-fledged subject line,
various game modes, there’re a lot of fighting, cool graphics, advanced physics, a collection
of rare four wheels for judges, garage in which you will find unreal bodies, bumper,
engine, and weather cloths unique for each four wheels. Death tour has received the rating of 4.3
stars and is available for free. CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars Cats is a unique game, where you will Craft
a combat machine for the fight in the arena battles. Demonstrate your talent of a constructor to
the whole world in this game. Create a unique combat machine for a fearless
street cat. and equip your car with cannons, missiles, rams, circular saws and other unique
weapons. Use safe armors which will increase your chances
to defeat other players in the battles. Cats is an Editors Choice game, which makes
it a worth having. And yes, its available for free. Carmageddon This game is not for weaklings! Carmageddon is a real environment, which was
turned into a death field where locals going outside become a target for murder. Use a car and weapon installed on your car
to destroy opponents, and everyone else to earn combo and bonuses. The game contains a lot of effects, and the
most important, a full freedom of action. But don’t forget that streets are patrolled
by police officers, who are ready to raze any criminal to the ground. Carmageddon is a free game and can be downloaded
for free. Cyberline racing – Take part in tough survival races on gloomy
streets of a futuristic city. This Android game will take you to two thoussand
eighty six where Survival races have became the most popular entertainment in the world. Get behind the wheel of one of the most powerful
cars and drive it along the race track. Overtake your rivals, ram them, and try to
throw them off the road. Shoot your opponents with heavy machine guns
and other weapons mounted on your car. Cyberline racing has rating of 4.3 and is
available for free. So guys these were some superb car combat
games that you should definetely try on your android and ios devices . If you liked this
video then hit the like and if you dont, then hit the dislike button. Also subscribe to our channel so you dont
miss any future updates. We will be back with another video soon. Untill then, keep Gaming and have a great

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  1. No no no… not theeese car games. I’m looking for a certain car game that has to destroy other cars with lives left. And last car standing wins. It’s like an arena, I don’t recall but I might have guns. It’s small and I’ve played it when I was younger… certainly from an iPhone…

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