Top 10 Best Android Racing Games of All Time

Top 10 Best Android Racing Games of All Time

Opening our list for out top 10 android racing
games is… 10. Dead Venture: Zombie Survival There is no cure for the zombie hoards that
haunt this game, only the gun mounted on your ride. Dead Venture: Zombie Survival is more of a
zombie shooting game on wheels than a traditional racing game. Take charge of the zombie apocalypse by smashing
the zombies under your wheels and shooting them up with the gun mounted on your car. Upgrade your car and guns so you can kill
the zombies and beat the boss faster. You can also race against time in the time
trial mode, or see how long you last in the survival mode. This vibrant, cartoon-y, zombie smashing game
receives a Playscore: 8.47. 9. Crash of Cars
Collect more crowns than your rivals in this real-time multiplayer racing game. If you’re a fan of fast-paced PVP action
or io style multiplayer games, then this might just be the perfect racing game for you. You can also play against your friends so
you can get a chance of showing off your Pepperoni Skinned Camper Van, upgraded with a flamethrower,
while kicking their butts. If being forever alone is more your style,
don’t worry, there is also a single player mode just for you. A new update of the game has a hidden car. Will you be able to find it? This game receives a Playscore: 8.48 8. Hill Climb Racing 2
Delivering in its promise of being bigger, better and funnier than its predecessor, comes
Hill Climb Racing 2. In this game, you can unlock many awesome
customizable cars and motorcycles so you can choose the best one to suit your playstyle. You can tune and upgrade your vehicles so
they can have an improved performance (whatever that means in this game) so you can climb
the leaderboards and become number one. On top of that, the new update of the game
lets you play against other player in weekly live events. This fun, crazy, little time waster gets a
Playscore: 8.5. 7. CSR Racing 2
The sequel to the number 1 drag racing series has arrived with jaw-dropping 3D Next-Gen
Graphics graphics for hyper-real drag racing that fits in your pocket. Race against players across the world in real
time with your custom build supercars like LaFerrari, McLaren P1, Koenigsegg One:1, and
many more. Fill your garage with supercars and over 200
officially licensed most desirable vehicles from around the world including Ferrari, McLaren,
Bugatti, Lamborghini, Pagani and many more. Become the very best by defeating the top
crews in a city filled with secrets. Speeding its way to the top, this game receives
a Playscore: 8.53. 6. Traffic Rider
From the Soner Kara, creators of Traffic Racer comes Traffic Rider. Get behind the handlebars of your motorcycle
and drive straight with this first-person driving game. There are 26 different motorbikes to ride
with real motor sound effects from real bikes. This game has the essence of smooth arcade
racing while also having the looks of a next generation game. There are more than 70 missions to complete
and more than 30 achievements to unlock in this fast paced motorcycle ride. The faster you ride, the more points you’ll
get. So, strap on your helmet and join the fast
lane. This game has a Playscore: 8.54. 5. Motorsport Manager
Like the name suggest, in this game, you take on the role of a manager of a motorsport racing
team. Hire drivers, develop your vehicles, and invest
in technology so your team could be the best among the rest. In this highly addicting racing game has a
very tactical feel to it. You formulate strategies and work with your
drivers to win races. You have to be wary, because in this gam e,
decisions like deciding what to do when the weather changes really matters. Do your best and you may just become the world
champion in the pinnacle of motorsport! This racing game receives a Playscore: 8.56. 4. Reckless Racing 3
Pixelbite’s third installment to the Reckless Racing franchise has arrived with dirtier
race tracks, awesome powerslides, eye-popping graphics, and their largest selection of cars
and trucks to date! There are 9 seasons and 60 events to race
in in the Career mode, and 24 challenges in Arcade mode. There’s a different mode in this gane for
all kinds reckless racers out there! There’s Gymkhana to test the skills of the
seasoned race driver, Drift mode for the those who love skidding in every corner, and of
course, Reckless Mashup, where you can choose to go big and bully your opponents, or small
and let your rivals bite your dust. Be careful though, the AI drivers are much
more reckless in this mode. Get down and dirty with a game that has a
Playscore: 8.58. 3. Asphalt 8: Airborne
Race with the hottest, most high-performing dream machines ever created in Gamelogt’s
Asphalt 8: Airborne. Choose from over 190 high-performance bikes
and cars, with the likes of Lamborghini Veneno, Bugatti 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse, and Ferrari
LaFerrari, to drive around and push beyond their limits. You can even customize and upgrade your rides
so you can rise above your rivals with style. True to its name, you can get Airborne when
you hit the ramps and race while bending the rules of physics. Pull insane stunts as you maneuver through
the air to maximize your speed. Discover plenty of shortcuts hidden throughout
the many new exciting and exotic locations such as Venice, French Guiana, Iceland, and
more. Riding the wind in style, this game receives
a Playscore: 8.62. 2. Big Bang Racing
Take customization in a racing game in a whole new level. This time, you don’t just get to customize
a character and pick a vehicle, you also get to create your own levels for you and your
friends could play on. Essentially, you’ll never, ever run out
of levels to play on. Big Bang Racing mixes racing with puzzle solving
as you race against real players from all over the world. You can also team up with your friends to
compete with other teams in Weekly Seasons to have a chance to win awesome prizes. Play this game and you can get a chance to
become not just the best racer, but also the best level creator! This awesome game has a Playscore: 8.66. Here are the runners-up before we reveal the
number one: 11. Joe Danger Defy death as you take on the world of racing
as Joe Danger, the world’s most determined, cape wearing stuntman. Take your trusty motorbike as you jump on
buses, dodge giant mouse traps, leap tanks full of sharks, and reclaim your title of
Master Disaster. It receives a Playscore: 8.44 12. GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience If you want realism in your mobile racing
experience, then check out GT Racing 2. This game boasts 30 different manufacturers
with a total of 67 vehicles so you can drive the likes of Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, and Audi
in real race tracks like the famous Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Keeping it as realistic as possible with a
Playscore: 8.42 13. Hovercraft: Takedown – Custom Combat Cars
Can’t decide between a racing game and a shooting game? This game might just be what you are looking
for. You can customize your car with machine guns,
lasers, rockets, and more just before you hit the race track. Experience insane physics-based combat racing,
like nothing you’ve played before! It has a Playscore: 8.37. 14. Blocky Highway: Traffic Racing This is a game where you can race endlessly. That is, until you crash on to the other cars
on the highway. That’s okay though, because you have 45
different vehicles to drive, including a good old taxi, a police car, a space shuttle, a
UFO and a mother flippin tank you can use to shoot the cars in front of you. This game receives a Playscore: 8.37. 15. Horizon Chase – World Tour. If you’re looking for a retro racing game
to play on the go, then horizon chase may just be the game for you. The game developers at Aquiris Game Studio
perfectly mixes the 16-bit graphics, classic arcade gameplay, and music by Barry Leitch
long term gamers have come to love, with the smoothness of a modern racing game. It has a Playscore: 8.33. And the best Racing Game on Android is: DATA
WING With a whopping 4.9 Stars on both the Android
and IOs Version of this game, it’s no doubt that Data Wing would take the first place
as the best racing game on this list. This solo passion-project by developer Dan
Vogt impresses mobile gamers with the game’s stylish, story-driven racing adventure. Data Wing looks nothing like the typical racing
game on the market. You get to blast through and thrust off the
walls of a neon landscape. The simple and intuitive two-touch controls
reminiscent of playing an arcade game lets you focus on winning, and getting hooked in
the story. How many other mobile racing games out there
tells an actual story? On top of that, the soundtrack provided by
world-class producers is simply amazing. Give this game a try and discover for yourself
why it’s the best and totally deserving of a Playscore: 8.8.

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