We all want to be the top of the game Lots of athletes are naturally gifted at what they do while others are caught red-handed cheating their ways trying to win first place Getting fined millions of dollars while also being humiliated in front of a huge crowd Doesn’t really seem to be worth it after all here are 10 athletes who got caught cheating Number 10. This one is pretty obvious. Don’t know why anyone would do this when everyone’s watching Apparently this guy was caught cheating Damaging the penalty spot area after his team made digging up the dirt making the spot field uneven So the opposite team kicking the ball would make him trip and miss the goal Penalty spot break game we have on now, but I’m sure this will be a talking point And that’s something that Rissa is pointing out to the referee for goals of late He hasn’t scored in two months a boom, is that your football And it may well have been a factor Number nine here is Paul Millsap. This guy isn’t really the victim here. But the last guy who touched the ball is someone had used Stickam which is a sticky substance used for a better grip for handling The ball into white Howard was the guy in the game who had used it He even admitted of using the substance on Twitter Paul Millsap started his career in Salt Lake City Had duck some good seasons there and then signed the free agent deal to get out He’s really a well-rounded player in that first game The Rockets had a 19 point lead early in the game and Millsaps telling him to look at the ball Must be sticky. There’s an argument going on Rate this one is one huge horrible fraud You never know what’s happening until he find the ugly truth behind some people’s intentions. Here’s Louie resto boxing against Billy Collins You’re probably thinking it’s just another match after Louie. Resto had won. He went to the corner of Billy Collins he touched the gloves of Russ toe and found out he had no padding in the gloves Louie resto and his trainer served three and A half years in prison and were both suspended Even thought that there might have been something wrong with the gloves until the very end of the fight Otherwise, he would have pointed it out. It was at the end of the fight when Reston went over to congratulate him It he grabbed on to the gloves and held on and he struck screaming for the inspectors these gloves these gloves The tutu had our on it and two had C on it I Observed a hole in the left and right Club that was mocked are Any layman could tell that the club was tampered with Number seven, have you ever heard of soccer diving? You’ll know about it here Here’s this guy cheating his injury to give an impression a foul has been committed It’s really common in soccer as too many others do it to get their ways Number six Rosie Ruiz was one of the most person talked about in 1980. She was known for cheating the marathon She crossed the finish line without showing any signs of fatigue after a two hours and 30 minute So people are very suspicious later on they determined she had taken the subway for a shortcut But was never jailed or charged because they never knew how she did it Unknown runner came out of nowhere ahead of all the other women I Just thought someone stumble out of the crowd in front of me across the street. This is What nobody knew yet was that six months before Rosie allegedly took a subway to the finish line of the New York Marathon So this was actually her second route, and she almost pulled it off But that mistake was coming in first the media rushed to her side that soon became That she was a not-so-great imposter, but she was way ahead of a world-class field here today in the Boston Marathon Thank You rose Thank you Number five there’s just something about this sticky substance that all athletes Seem to be obsessed about here is Brian Matusz who was caught using the same sticky substance on his arm Apparently it is against the rules to be using anything else besides her natural skills. He was then suspended shortly after Comes to see Brian Matusz becomes a second big league pitcher this week to get thrown out of a game for a foreign substance on his arm number four Cheaters are always very clever finding their ways, but they’re not so clever when they get caught this baseball player Joey necro was caught using sandpaper to scuff his baseball for a better grip. They told him to empty his pockets He then attempted to throw it out far so they don’t see it the simple mistake ended his whole twenty two years of his career What did they find in those fuck Number three the Nancy Kerrigan attack Nancy Kerrigan was a former figure skater who happened to be the best at what she does? a man had struck Nancy on the knee with a baton in an attempt to break her leg her rival Tonya Harding was banned for Life because her husband was a man who orchestrated the attack against Nancy Number two this coach Decided to do something risky and trip one of the Miami Dolphin players in an attempt to make his own team win the New York Jets assistant coach Sal Alosi was then suspended and fined up to $25,000 for his actions Number one if you’ve made it this far you might as well subscribe and turn on post notifications You will have a greater chance of becoming rich in life Here we have the sticky substance again used in sports this Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda was caught using pine tar even some of his fans quickly noticed and pointed it out He was immediately stopped in the middle of the game and was ejected Not a check in his back And account amount of the game What to his neck and he said there’s something on his neck so bananas this time he doesn’t pineda get stoned out of the game

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  1. During last season on West Brom we were playing against Swansea, they tripped on the penalty. Maybe you could do “epic fails of athletes”

  2. I don’t understand what a woman in a bikini has to do with cheating in a game great click bait

  3. Nancy crying and ask why they do it. When she explain it was so sad her voice was cracking, and it’s just so sad😭😔😖

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  5. I subscribed and turned on the alarm notification. I really love your videos and really wanted a brand new Iphone. Pleaseeee 😢😢😢

  6. I subscribed and turned on the alarm notification. I really love your videos and really wanted a brand new Iphone. Pleaseeee 😢😢😢

  7. About the fight of Collin vs resto if the fight would be more than 10 rounds Collin could die there according to the medics. I still think that Resto should be spend more time in jail cause the attend to kill someone. There is also one similar fight Miguel Cotto vs Antonio Margaritto. Antonio an as*** who put plaster in his glove.

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