Top 10 Arcade Racing Games

Top 10 Arcade Racing Games

10. A little rusty by now, Burnout: Paradise
is a legend. I wasn’t a big fan back then and still aren’t, but anyone that knows anything
about racers needs to admit that this game hit the spot with the open-world goodness,
the excellently modelled crashes with the car-body being crunched, with different events
to be chosen from the map and great graphics for its time, this gem certainly may charm
many players. 9. Ridge Racer: Unbounded is fairly similar
in both gameplay and graphics to Split/Second, but its at least 1 class quality lower. Its
not a top notch product, a rather boring one for longer plays, but if you ran out of ideas
– this one may kill it for ya. 8. The Crew was a major release and one of
the recent flagships for Ubisoft. It is now pretty stable and awaits a big update with
the release of The Crew: Wild Run, when the graphics will be enhanced (allegedly). As
for the looks, the game did not impress me, as for the driving itself – the cars are poorly
responsive and require getting used to. However, the open-world setting with various tasks
to be done and a reasonably long campaign with random coop events prove that The Crew
has much content to offer. Keep in mind that we recommend trying it out first before buying. 7. Blur was a strong competitor to Split/Second
at the time of the release and many people tended to feel that Blur had the upper hand.
I can see where this was going from, but for me personally the steering and pretty monotone
graphics, as well as poor diversity of the single-player campaign left a lacking experience.
Nevertheless, if you are a fan of arcade racers – you definitely need to check this one out! 6. Skydrift is a game that has been neglected
by the community, so it died off concerning multiplayer real fast, for no good reason.
The game is superb with its nicely designed tracks, 3d maneuvering, various power-ups
and weapons that may change the course of every race in a matter of seconds. The single-player
campaign is enough entertaining to say that the game is well worth its price! 5. The king of arcade racing for now, in its
raw classic glory, is Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed. The notion of the tracks
requiring different types of vehicles and that your machine adapts to this, being either
a car, a boat or a plane is very refreshing and grants plenty of replayability. This game
has no competitor on the PC platform when it comes to couch coop party fun. 4. Codemasters really made a gem out of DiRT
3, not only by incorporating an excellent gameplay model with a deeply customizable
difficulty level, but also with versatility of the events from standard rally and time
events, and gymkhana stuns, buggy and truck races as well. The scenery and weather conditions
vary and there’s really plenty of content here, not to mention that it still looks great.
It’s also worth mentioning that if you get the retail key and register the game on Steam,
you get all the available DLCs for free! 3. GRID 2 has the most awesome introduction
with the vintage Ford Mustang that likes to drift like a devil! As with both gaming series
from Codemasters (that is DiRT and GRID) you may setup your assists so you can actually
make an arcade racer out of it. The graphics are awesome and well optimised, a great choice
for all racing fans, especially those that are not maybe exactly up for simulation, but
some extra difficulty is welcome. 2. Split/Second is a vastly underestimated
game. The setting is quite simple, yet effective – you drive through rigged tracks through
cities or sites where explosive charges may be triggered by the racers, blowing up trucks,
collapsing buildings, but if you gather more power by drifiting and other stunts, you can
do even more damage and planes crash down from the sky, towers fall to the ground and
the track routes change to reflect the alteration of the scenery. A great game with terrific
driving model, very comfortable to steer. 1. NFS: Hot Pursuit and its close competitor
– Rivals are top racing games in this line-up. Rivals would’ve won, if not for the horrific
server disconnects, constant crashes and texture pop-ins in the distance. Nevertheless, the
driving experience, the graphics and audio are unmatched in the series. Overall fantastic
arcade racing family, with these two as top of the line, also with The Run and Most Wanted
worth mentioning as well. That’s it guys and girls, best arcade racers
there are. I’m sure you know at least a couple of more like Blazerush, Driver: San Francisco,
Distance or Flatout series and plenty of others. Let us know about them in the comments! Thanks for watching, this’s been Godless from, now go burn some gas.

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  1. Hey your list is exactly like I would place them except for OutRun 2. I really love that game. Nice video. Liked & subbed

  2. Oh dude you have got to check out Gas Guzzlers Extreme!
    Best vehicular combat game I ever played, and I played a lot of them!

    Great video!

  3. Oh man, would it kill you to like be 1% excited? Did you make this at 5am after running three marathons?

  4. I’m a butt hurt sim racing fan so bare with me. I do not personally enjoy arcade style games because I love having the ability to know I can drive on a track.

  5. I'm late here but great list! Horizon CHase Turbo that came out last year was really good, feels like a new entry in the Outrun or Topgear series. If you don't mind the Retro visuals, it's recommended; really fun and fast paced.

  6. split second in front of BLUR ?!? you must be kidding. Even in the vid it shows that Blur had far better graphics.
    (and better gameplay. and realistic cars. and more offensive/defensive pickups. and… the list goes on!)

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