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  1. I know this is years late, but i actually owned a knock off version of this, it was basically the same idea except it was exceedingly simpler, no sounds if i remember, and it made a whirring noise as it slooooooooowly moved a printed screen and you moved a plastic toy car back and forth

    Remember, if it exists, there's probably a knock off version somewhere

  2. Any need for the bad language?

    I'm trying to show my kids the toys I used to play with, and you start swearing. Pointless!

  3. If I "stared into the subliminal for as long as I can" as you suggest, not quite actually subliminally as I saw it, erm, liminally ( was that a play off subliminal from they might be giants "stare into the sun fir as long as you can"? If not that's one helluva coincidence )
    Well, I'd be staring fir about an eighth of a second , I'd surmise? Not long. But indeed…. that was the available amount of time seeing as how I'd been unable to get a clean pause and if I had paused it at length
    Well hardly subliminal then innit
    Answer : no
    [email protected] mean I win a prize?
    If so I'll take the fermented Botulism fish that "husker du" or luttefisk or 'tever that is you won't open sounds delicious
    You know subliminally , anyway

  4. Oh, the nostalgia. I was enthralled by this as a youngling back in the 80s. It was one of the better toys there were. The gear lever alone was so satisfying, even without the batteries in it. You could imagine driving a Corvette all you liked, as the speed indicator reminded me of the coolest cars around!

  5. This video is old now. But you're such a twat, that i want to comment. This toy was awesome in the eighties you stupid fuckwit!

  6. Im 40 yrs old now but this was my favourite toy in the world when i was 8 to 10 yrs old. I took it everywhere every chance i got to take it with me while in my parents car. I'd sit in the back of the car (a for fiesta W reg) and copy my dads driving when he turned corners etc. I loved it. I honestly didnt expect to see a video about it when i searched it. Thank you so much for sharing. Nostalgia is an awesome underestimated feeling. Now im gonna check out Hornby vids!

  7. Damn, asshole, it was the 80s and when I was 5 or 6, this was pretty fun and I think helped me learn to drive maybe, so come down off your limey "I'm smarter than you", high horse. But we good tho.

  8. I remember this thing! I forgot it took $40 in batteries to operate….prolly why my parents never bought more when it died…

  9. Why be a dick about a toy from what… 30 years ago? I had one and loved it. I knew no better at the time and it got me hooked on auto sports, cars and driving games. Seems like you’re reviewing this against current standards and your current age. What’s the point of this nowadays review? Do you plan on sh*tting on every toy from forever that doesn’t meet current standards? Man, that’s just a weird waste of your own time.

  10. 7 years later…
    I had this when i was a kid and so did my friend. I would have never thought of it until you showed it. Thanks my guy

  11. I remember seeing one of these in a shop in town some years ago, back in the mid to late 80's, and it was in a glass display, presumably to stop little kids like me from touching it. I got one some years later from a car boot sale. I also had a non electronic display version that was made as part of the A-Team toy line. It wasn't as good as this one, but it was still pretty good for it's time. What I would've done for a Knight Rider version, though…

  12. My dad's neighbor used to have one of this and then , he played it with his neighbor and after all , he throw it in the trash can , plus i have the ripoff version in 2013 which is police look and my dad sold one so im so worried about my toy like this .

  13. HOLY SHITE I actually remember this thing! either I had one or knew someone who did (or at some after-school club) I remember having so much fun with it I really don't remember it making that sound though o.O

  14. I love listening to people crap on a game that doesn't meet today's standards of quality, when this was actually a pretty ingenious toy for its time.

  15. I had one of those "driving simulators" as a kid. A different design but basically the same thing. Except the one I had was probably 25% bigger.

  16. "The first thing that strikes me is that it's TINY!!! I always thought it was going to be bigger than this~ That's what she said.

  17. Your review is flawed. This isn't a teenagers toy. The clue is who it's made by. Tomy! This was for very young kids and was my favourite toy as small child. Yours was broken. When this came out it was mind-blowing for a child

  18. "I can't help feeling this would've worked slightly better when it was new"
    accurate Porsche ownership simulation

  19. I haven't seen one of these things since I was about eight. Think I may actually have had one, but do not quote me on that!

  20. Observed a 6 year old boy today finding it in a basement. He was so unbelievable excited about the toy you wouldn't believe it.

  21. I remember seeing this toy as a small boy at the end of the 80s in East Germany in a so called "Intershop" where western products could be bought with West German money.
    I never had seen something like that before.

  22. I hate to disappoint you, but, this toy was a complete piece of junk, and had many of the problems exhibited in your video, many years later, when it was new.

  23. Those batteries are almost as big as the beer cans your dad would drink on a Saturday afternoon while you played with this toy and pretended not to hear him and your mother arguing.

  24. It's sort of "you make your own rules" i saw that the screen blinked when you touch a tree, or a car. So you get together with your friend and try to see who blinks less the screen…

  25. I got my old one from the mid 80s out of the cellar yesterday and had to repair it aswell. The car wasn`t moving forward because a tiny gear wasn`t connecting properly. After some sweat and tears I finally got it running again. And i love it! Properly I`ll sit in front of it more often than my little son. Actually the light really flickers and there`s a crackeling noise when you get off the road or hit a car. At least mine does. Great video! Had a good laugh 🙂

  26. There’s a toy that I vaguely remember I would be honor if you can find one. It’s a handheld with an actual car you use sort of vibrator to make the car go in a lap control it with a steering wheel

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