Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Gameplay Launch Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Gameplay Launch Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]


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  2. The actual gameplay trailer is nothing like the game at all, a disappointing game and story, which pails in comparison to it’s predecessor in almost every way

  3. People complaining about micro transactions don’t know how to loot lol. Most of the stuff you can get early on in the game.

  4. Advertisement by deception is what this is…….back when games were not money sponges, it was advertisement by quality. The fans spoke for you and there was no need to deceive anyone. We all know this game is nothing what we see here. Yet many people will buy it and the cycle will continue.

  5. so its official now huh,…execute ubification 66 is in effect n they have proved how they are 100 times worse than EA. Welcome to my BlackList Ubisoft, u will be there a while.

  6. That's rather messed up you made this game ONLINE only, what was the idea behind that? If they aren't able to buy micro transactions, they shouldn't be able to play their game? It's literally the only thing i can't stand about the game, that and the fact that I actually bought marine corps digi camo, I didn't even buy them IRL, they fuckin issued me them when I went to boot camp SMH

  7. Like right now my internet is down, which happens and is why your ISP has an "outage map" on their company page, duh right? I thought we all knew this…. so I guess I can't play the 60$ game I bought, REALLY GLAD I DIDN'T BUY YOUR SHAMELESS PRE-ORDER BS. I honestly thought this was going to replace wildlands but apparently fucking not

  8. And it's sad bc you fixed a lot of things that were needed in wildlands but then gutted it by making it online only, your killing your own child ubisoft

  9. I hear this game sucks unfortunately..
    Should have just made Wildlands play like The division 2 at least. But no … you had to go and make this pay to play BS …

  10. I’m not only mad at the game but mad that for completing ghost mode all the way just gets me a title and emblem, like really Ubisoft you ruined GR

  11. Heres my point Ubisoft and Customers: If you think that these micro-transactions are optional, you're wrong. I'm usually fine with them but this time they're really being forced on us. How? Because there is a Destiny styled, Anthem styled, and Division styled HUB that you HAVE TO use in order to just plain beat the story. Now if this HUB was optional, or somewhere you'd go to play coop or pvp or even use the store to buy add-ons, but you could still go get the story missions somewhere else where it didn't require the internet, then these micro-transactions WOULD BE OPTIONAL. But the simple fact that we're forced to use the HUB to progress, even in solo, shows that they are trying to funnel us into the Store. Yeah you don't need to buy these things, but if you're not online, then you're not playing your game. That sure looks forced to me. This is literally my one and only problem. Sure it's buggy, but that's something that patching fixes so it's acceptable to me. But not being able to play a single player mode bc my internet is out, bc of bad weather or what-not, that just sucks period. And I don't know what patch would change this.

  12. Last ghost recon game I ever played was Ghost Recon: Future Soldier on the ps3. I think I will keep it that way after seeing this generic mess.

  13. So is it online play only. What’s a good war game to play. I haven’t played this type of game in a very long time. (?)

  14. Me all year: I can’t wait for the new ghost recon!

    After playing beta: ummm this is pretty much the division 3

  15. No more games for beta gamers!! This one is for alphas! If you're a woman or a kid, you are NOT in my squad. And we will hunt YOU down.

  16. Most launch trailers have critics positive comments in them. This is sorely lacking of that and you know why Ubisoft. Shameless monetization of a broken game!

  17. you shoud add more store items like complete game 100%, will bring more sales, p.s. played beta, like wildlands and looks like addon, not a game, sad for great actor Bernthal

  18. All these whiners posting, its so funny. Give people a choice and you will always have the undisciplined who can't control it, or the whiners that want to use the choice but can't.

  19. In all honesty, after reaching gear score 150. This game is amazing, it just keeps getting better and better in my opinion. I love it, Ubisoft you really did good this time.

  20. What is this game? Definitely not a Ghost Recon game!
    That feeling when you on your own… than I walk into the cave with hundreds other ghost's?
    It's worst ghost recon ever but could be good something else. Thank God I still have Wildlands.

  21. Game has too many irritating bugs that require a restart to fix and compared to Wildlands this game is infinitely worse, one step forward and two steps back.

  22. This game has every red flag in the book. Heavy microtransations, always online, loot scores, and bugs galore…. yet in spite of that, I really want this.

    I don't know what it is, usually I can pass up bad/mediocre AAA games without thinking twice. I outright avoided:
    Star Wars Battlefront 2
    Battlefield 1
    Battlefield V
    CoD WWII
    CoD Infinite Warfare
    CoD BO4
    Destiny 1 & 2
    Rage 2
    Apex Legends
    Every Assassins Creed
    Ghost Recon Wildlands (okay, I did think twice on this one)
    The Division 1 & 2
    Days Gone
    Watchdogs 2
    NFS Payback
    Fallout 4 & 76
    Every new Far Cry
    Every Dishonoured
    Every new Wolfenstein
    And more
    Yet with this…. there's just something about it that speaks to me. I dunno if its the aesthetic, map biomes, structure/enemy design, or what, but I'm definitely picking this up in a few months. I think I've avoided enough games to warrant one purchase like this. Everyone's permitted a cheat game, right?

  23. Good news from ubisoft. Ai teammates will be available in the end of 2020 with the release of "ghost recon far cry 1".
    ghost recon without ai teammates? WTF

    are we playing far cry now or ac?

    @Ubisoft are such a douche company.

    you have to compensate your buyers for this shitty betta game.

    The worst ghost recon game .
    no wonder this game got a shitty review all over the net.

    next time you building the ghost recon series remind yourself that we talking about military sim not about shitty rpg game like ac

  24. This game is trash.. give us the option to play offline (But then they couldn't force microtransactions on us) I loved wildlands and was so excited for this game and was greatly disappointed I wasted 65$

  25. This game could of been sooo much better its got a-lot of wasted potential 😫 i had such high hopes for this the gameplay trailer from e3 was awesome and every cgi trailer looks badass but after playing both the closed and open betas i was left feeling sorely disappointed still i bought the game thinking that the full release would be better but after playing the game for over 30 hours its feels flat and bland the weapon customisation is a shadow of its former self almost every gear camo is locked behind a paywall or content you need to grind or that has yet to be added (eg the raid) and the story for this is a joke it should of been awesome with the punisher being the antagonist but the whole game is running around doing menial tasks for forgetful characters and the whole rpg leveling system feels so out of place for a ghost recon game if i wanted to play the division i would of bought it 🤦🏻‍♂️ overall it feels more like a division spin-off rather than a stand-alone ghost recon game ubisoft you should be ashamed of yourselves you finally killed off ghost recon 🤦🏻‍♂️ well done can’t wait until you butcher splinter cell as well if it ever gets a sequel lol

  26. This game is a masterpiece! Thank you Ubisoft, you've outdone yourselves and delivered an unforgettable experience <3

  27. You know how when you enter the bivouc it changes the magazine pouches on your armor? Yeah it's switching them to another one that's not even equipped for some reason. So if you have the BLACKHAWK armor on, with the right magazine pouches on it, but then you go into bivouc and they disappear, just look at the other chest armors, one of them now has the one you just had on. Now seeing this maybe UBISOFT can fix it

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