67 Replies to “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint – EMEA Gameplay Launch Trailer | PS4”

  1. Disappointing, not buying this trash. Taking features from the last game and adding mtcs. Ubisoft is blacklisted now.

  2. I wonder if you'll actually be able to throw a grenade properly this time without it hitting an invisible wall….

  3. Can anyone tell me how to switch my guns when I got the game paused all I can't get my weapons in my inventory

  4. wow, did I missed something, I though this game is not so bad D: well there is this lil wayne stupid live action trailer that I saw but what changed in the game?

  5. meh maybe in 4 years when the game is actually a tactical shooter instead of a rpg open world fps dropping unrealistic fuckfest

  6. It’s so funny because after having such high hopes for this game, after playing the beta I just knew it would flop! SO glad I canceled my preorder after that ! Ubisoft has become a joke of a gaming company, very money hungry and the quality of their games shows it. They always promise something great but by the time it releases it gets a significant downgrade and I feel bad for all the poor people who get suckered into their lies !Ubisoft , you really need to take notes from incredible studios like CD Project Red, Rockstar, Bend Studios etc ??

  7. It’s sad really…. I enjoyed the heck out of wildlands and now this, a micro transaction infested game equal or worse than EAs stuff.

  8. Umm, no…I’ll just wait for Black Friday when its price should drop to at least half (or better.)

    Ubisoft…Ibismart and Ibithrifty! ???

  9. Only breakpoint I see here was me supporting Ubisoft, and now potentially never buying one of their games again.
    Quit trying to make a quick cash grab and make a quality game.

    Oh yeah – and imagine the devs who put so much time and effort into this game, just to have the corporate level decide – oh hey we want more money there isn't enough money yet etc. Basically making most blame the devs when we should be looking at the people at the top making the decisions. Your supposed to be a game company not a marketing scheme – fix your corporate team.

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