Together | Official Olympic Campaign | Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Together | Official Olympic Campaign | Rio 2016 Olympic Games

I am committed I am always learning always pushing I am running but not for my life I am a football field, not a battle field. I am a mother A father I am two jobs I am jumping Shooting Swimming Towards a new world ♫ There’s something in your heart ♫ ♫ and it’s in your eyes ♫ ♫ It’s the fire ♫ ♫ Inside you ♫ ♫ Let it burn… ♫ I am not alone ♫ There’s something in your heart ♫ I am a room full of friends a crowd full of cheers I am full of wonder I am you And together, we can change the world.

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  1. So inspirational. I love that for a few short weeks the whole world can come together regardless of ethnicity, sexuality, religion or anything thing else & participate in something so incredible…. #RIO2016

  2. life is a best opportunity to learn everything
    don't wast time.we respect rio Olympic games.
    from INDIA

  3. I don't know what it is about the Olympics but I love how it brings humanity together I get nostalgic like i'm waiting for Christmas it's weird

  4. Hoping that the opening ceremony will be as good as like as in Beijing…. though brazilian culture is also festive…


  6. together we can change the world.. spending millions money for the games Olympics games they should be here in Greece only not need every country spend money

  7. Lenny Kravitz & Corinne Bailey Rae & NNeka & Yuna – The Fire this is the name of sound but i cant find the full sound until now

  8. Can someone please share the link for the complete version of this collaboration? (I already have the John Legend version).

  9. who produced this video for the olympics ? 😀 aparrently this was plagiarised by the Jeux des Iles 2019 coming up.

    you can sue people free money =) your welcome.

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