TOCA Race Driver 1 in-game videos compiled

TOCA Race Driver 1 in-game videos compiled

Oh it’s been a tight race out there
today, but out in front in the lead is, as ever,
Kyle “Motor City” McKane. – Yeah, John, that boy really belongs to the people, doesn’t he?
– They’re loving it, but we should take a look at the rest of the drivers, right?
– Certainly should! Look at car 57, British-born James Randall at 21 years
of age. This rookie is ripping up the track. Whoa-ho, did you see that? Did you see what he did?
I think we’re gonna be hearing a lot more from this Randall guy! – Yeah, coming out of
that final turn, Randall is really slugging it out for the number two spot.
– And he isn’t gonna get any higher today as McKane passes the finish line for
another spectacular finish! – Hey hey hey! what the hell was that I can’t
see okay can anyone down there here oh my
goodness oh oh this is Jim this looks serious
can someone down there tell me what’s going on James Randall just blindsided
McCain on the finish line this was bad Akane’s two sons Donnie and Ryan are
here today heaven only knows what’s going through their minds right now this
is just horrible it’s hard to know what to say what can you say
I don’t think racing will ever see his like again so will you looking at for next season
and I’m pulling I’ve seen a lot of good drivers just that’s not a lot of great
ones right you know you’re the best damn crew chief in the game today something
will come your way would you look at that kid over there
looks just like his old man Tony McCain’s right got some amazing
sounds damn spooky yo Donnie yo Bobby over here favor and race for him you
looking for a driver Bobby sure what about my kid brother is he good he’s my
brother a knee these guys are amazing now he’s run around drivers right we’re
gonna have to get your story straight – you know for the press so why do you
want to win the World Championship I don’t know Bobby I just look I’m just
trying to help your kid dick I don’t want to know why I guess I don’t want to
be known as Donny’s kid brother on my life I don’t want people saying I
hitched a ride on my pops name I want to make my own way Donnie you don’t care
about me your mom the only thing he cares about is being the next great
McCain I want to win that World Championship trophy for me not for my
brother or my pop Donnie never forgot about you Ryan what are you I know
Donnie McCain yeah okay we uh we got time for a couple questions here Ryan
how do you feel about approaching the power racing tier oh I feel great about
this we got a great car we got a great team we got a great crew chief great
manager I feel great about this you’re really proving yourself as a driver
thank you do you think it’s got anything to do with the old McCain magic oh I
don’t believe in magic I only believe in hard work and sweat because that’s what
got me here and a fair share of luck according to your brother okay that’s it
no more questions Thanks hi what the hell you think you’re doing
out there mo let it go let it go I’m the stalker you knocked the hell out of your
bathroom that was the scene last time the brothers McCain met at the racetrack
but soon we’ll find out what happens when they meet on the track well Ryan
triumph over Donnie or we’ll age and experience out class youth and raw
passion all I can say is if there’s a heaven I sure hope it’s got cable
because this is one season Kyle Motor City McCain wouldn’t want to be missing
this is Linda Yin let’s wind it down guys get your boy to
turn it up more laughs than bring him in you my hero Ryan McCain don’t piss me off
Donny I’ll stick you right back in that Brack
ha I’m just glad you were there a little different than me looking out for you
Oh when were you ever there for me after Pop died you took off it was like me and
mom didn’t even exist so that’s your problem when Pop died all he left were
debts I raised to keep you two going so you wouldn’t have to risk your life to
make a buck like me and pop Donny you never told me that you never said that
since when did you ever listen figured it was easier looking out for you on the
track than often are you dumb right I know you you’re no damn rookie
what go to hell old man Jack you got to take me on I don’t need
a secretary kid no you got to manage me I gotta
I managed in a decade I’m out of that game and you know what else are you
looking to get back in I’d rather ride bareback on the Texas Longhorn I need
you back in that ain’t a reason I got Bobby and Donnie in the hospital I got
people telling me a thousand different things you just why do you think I’m
different q my father said you were a good man a man that I could trust and
that’s good enough for me I need you man please but I you if our gonna take a driver on
uh he’d have to be something special he got have passion skills style
reflexes like lightning and reactions like a goddamn rattlesnake he could be
the best and it wouldn’t impress me one darn bit if I were to take a driver on he gotta
be more than the best he gotta be the greatest Nick could you tell us your
version of the events that sent Donnie McCain to the hospital
it’s a crazy sport these machines are dangerous and people do get hurt it’s a
shame and the incident would legendary crew chief Bobby Scott well accidents
will happen especially if you run out onto the pit lane without looking both
ways this season marks your return to the track after being disqualified from
the championship yes luckily the wheels of justice turned
swiftly and my appeal was successful do you still intend to drive with this
level of aggression that appears to have gotten you into so much trouble recently
well we’ll just have to wait and see won’t we thank you test drive get you down to burn a clutch
out again it’s not the clutch looks like you 2x could use a real
professional around here hey it’s okay why don’t you tell me Bobby it’s good to
see you man Ryan Hey look this uh there’s something I
gotta tell you soon as Nick Landers hit Donny I knew it was him same stunt same
driver he’s no rookie he’s James Randall they got two killed my father I had that
with him trackside that’s why I try to get rid of me
there’s no way that a living race only if they knew it was in we ought to
report that wheezy little bastard right now no no I want to handle this my way hey Ryan it’s good to be on the track
with you again and you Randall what that is your name isn’t it Bobby regained
consciousness you killed my father there’s no use
crying over spilt milk McCain I spent 15 years of my life
watching the McCain boys hitching a ride on the back of their poor dead dad I
couldn’t even get a ride on a garbage truck you’re history Randall
accidents happen McCain I was cleared of all those charges remember having good
lawyers don’t make you any less guilty I think the press is going to be real
interested in finding out your real name knit first I’m going to burn you up on
that track Ryan enjoy the race James okay hey don’t worry about a kid there’s
always another time maybe we should know that you’re a say I mean your mind
wasn’t on it got to put it behind your kid today just
wasn’t your day so what I reckon next season we’re gonna show mall
Ryan you did good a resounding victory for new world champion Ryan McCain who
has now reached the racing career heights of his father before him let’s
join him as he makes his way to the podium I knew your name your son you did it we
all did it you’re one hell the banks rooms a lot yeah maybe later on you
could take me hey you cut this crap and get the hell up there go Ryan it’s been a tremendous season your
rival with Nick Landers has set the world of motorsport alight do you have
any words of comfort for your biggest rival well yeah just make sure you got a
place ready to scrap this piece of junk right bye-bye Nick enjoy the ride
I reckon you’re about ready to enter what illegally you serious I heard about
that that’s a private League right that’s right run by and for Rush pro
race drivers you need about eight million even enter that’s how you become
the greatest driver I thought I was the greatest driver of you nope not yet
well how do I become the greatest you got to be me you know what this means
that I’m the greatest hmm means got to hang up my race and gloves
for good now I’m the greatest one of kid 1 of I
was the greatest for 11 years you haven’t even made 90 seconds yet but
you’re on your way one of one of

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  1. My cutscenes stopped working after a while and i dont know what to do. im running win 7. please help me

  2. Many people on the internet said it doesn´t work, so I was pretty convinced. But I tried it to install it too from my 10 year old CD and surprisingly it works….

  3. Leave it to the yanks to absolutely destroy what could have been a great English storyline … fucking inbred pricks.

  4. I do not get the bit that starts at 11:46. You can hear someone seeking to talk. Like his mouth has been bound up. And it seems like he is inside the wain. Banging on its inside. What is happening at that bit and why?

  5. if a car like that in the beginning cutscene was going that fast, it's not that easy to flip over and it's not THAT easy for the car to explode like that!

  6. Could have just revealed his real identity, had him discredited from the sport forever, but noooo… you just had to tie him up in the trunk of a touring car…

  7. This game was amazing, i had this on Xbox, it still the best racing game I played.

    This game got me into racing games, better story than most games now.

  8. Wow never knew this racing game got very impactful story and i know how suffering seeing your pop died in the stands while you unable 2 saved him up

  9. If GRID 3 exist. They should remaster this story mode. Like what FIFA's The Journey mode did. Make McKane brothers (Ryan and Nathan) as the main character and make it interesting. I would love to see the origin behind Ravenwest Motorsport team from bottom to top.

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