Tipos De Papás En Partido De Fútbol

Tipos De Papás En Partido De Fútbol

The soccer field can be a space
of fellowship and learning for the offspring of the human species. But, for these adults, it can be a moment
full of competitiveness and teasing. These are the parents. Break his leg! What’s wrong with you!?
That’s my son! Then break both his legs! There you go! Catch the ball!
But don’t lose it! Some parents get so involved in the game, that they think their experience will make their kids win. Score! Dammit! Score! Don’t lose the ball! How the hell could you lose it? Sir, could you not scream at the children?
You’re scaring them. Dad… we’re playing on the field over there. I know, but this match is more exciting. Run, son! Run! That’s my son!
He’s focused like his father! There you go, champ!
You’re going to win no matter what! There’s the father
whose son’s achievements are remarkable. It’s your turn. Go! No matter if his son
didn’t do a single thing. That’s my son! That’s my son! Meanwhile, other parents
are a little bit more demanding. Fuck! Learn how to kick! Learn how to play! My first marriage’s child
would’ve already scored. But dad, I’m your
first marriage’s child! – I meant the adopted one!
– Am I adopted? Of course you are! Someone told me Chinese
people were good at soccer! Or did I get it wrong? Are the Chinese those
who are good at soccer and basket? Dad, please! Stop being so racist! Sorry, I’m from another generation. No! Don’t worry son, I’m here,
I’m here, I’m here… Some parents only care about
their children being safe. But sometimes,
this care can get out of control. But I only headed the ball… It’s ok, I’m taking you to the hospital
for an MRI, for a tomography and for a dialysis,
just in case. And get ready cause
the ambulance is coming. Look, dad!
He’s such a baby! You rock, son! Great score! On the other hand, there are the millennial parents.
And they don’t tend to be attentive. – Could someone bring a stretcher?
– The kid’s dying! – Yes, son, you’re doing great.
– Please! A stretcher! There’s also the parents
that are a bit old school. Kick harder!
You play like a girl! Dad! I am a girl! And also,
I’m the best player of the team! Yes, I’m just describing
what you’re doing. The grass is green!
The sky is blue! – That kid is ugly!
– Hey! I say what I see. I finally got to do the keepie uppie! Sadly, because they went out to buy cigarettes
or something else, not everyone has a father figure by their side. That’s my boy! But there’ll always be a mother
who will be a father, a mother, a teacher, a coach and a manager
at the same time. Thanks, mom! We lost… – I know and I’m really disappointed.
– Sorry. No, little boy, no. I’m disappointed because
this beer tastes like water. Dad, it´s water. I should have known. Son, you’ll never disappoint me. I know that sometimes I act like an asshole and I’m too tough, but it’s because I know you can do more
than what you think you can. Thanks, dad. I’m really proud of you, my boy. No matter what happens. And I´m proud of Miguel too,
who definitely plays better than you… It’s time to go.
The next match is about to begin. Great, now my child will play! And my children as well! That’s it for today. Here’s Eriquilla. Don’t forget to like, subscribe and download our new app. Right, Michael? I had a problem, ok? Subtitulado por:
DLE Departamento de Lenguas Extranjeras de la USFQ
Traductor: Andrea Guerra

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  1. Like si te diste cuenta que el padre del chino traia una casaca de los Lakers de New York y no de futbol en el minuto 3:04 de ve mejor

  2. Si comparamos ah badabun con enchufe tv es como con parar ah
    Mierda con el oro se la rifan. O mo me hacen reir

  3. Hey la muchacha que tiene la ropa como de entrenadora no es la de la serie " La Casa De Papel " ?

  4. Mis padres nunca fueron a ningún partido :'( de echo, tengo 14 años y me eligieron como arquero titular de mi colegio, ellos me compran lo que necesito pero no van a los partidos :v

  5. por favor ni mi papá es tan competitivo con los partidos de mi hermano la verdad ANTES ERAN CHEVERES!!!!!!! like si piensas lo mismo

  6. Minuto 0:49 no se si sentir orgullo de que pongan la camiseta de mi país o sentirme enojado de que digan que nuestros partidos no son emocionantes

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