Time Waits For No One | Fast Life with Loïc Bruni S1E1

Time Waits For No One | Fast Life with Loïc Bruni S1E1

time you can’t stop it you can’t make it in reality you can you lose it I guess that’s exactly what makes a race against the clock so interesting one course I’m right fastest down the mountain ones winning the overall title when you win it you’re the bitch and look let’s get one run to do your best top line as quickly in photographers everywhere Silver’s everywhere thousands of thousands and they’re watching it’s a special thing makes me feel alive and it makes me feel like I want to do this book yelling yes stop I think we may be getting ahead of ourselves before we can talk about years and years we need to talk about now [Music] you are very bad time on the UCI downhill world kind come springtime confidence blues attack [Music] riders boast of offseason preparation races become gobsmacked over that shiny to wield weapons we come here trying to do good walnut braids if everything is going well you’ve just done a big block of testing so we want to see where the bikes wrap or we’re at the confidence can be like a fragile little flower if it doesn’t get the right amount of nourishment it was like yes here we go Rudy right now Aaron this one out Rudy with a fastest time of the day Brody with the crack being about two minutes twice mins you’ve been twice on it so please be agreeable to be well again this year okay we’re even more ready and I can’t wait to race it quick because he looks quick on the car we got annoyed enough study hard nearly a tenth of a second we’re doing my shit back with the closest finish on last year down to well typically in that amount of time a lightning bolt has completed its journey from the cloud to the ground everybody close race going to a wall curve it’s a unique thing there’s only 70 year if you mess up one you mr. Coomer serious building you get limited practice second day you have to do qualifying try to build up your speed and your bikes it up trying to learn and adapt to the track it’s too late for me also come Sunday done everything you can to go as quickly as you can that’s probably the final run is that you leave and nestled edges across the gate it’s over you know if you do a mistake done you have to deal with it [Music] I’m probably not gonna be dumped in the pool today it’s pretty slippery down there and stuff just real wrestling movie I don’t to myself the announcers call in a danger man not just because you write stuff but because with alarming regularity he rides fast enough being contention for the win the eternal privateer our Canadian female protagonist is finally getting a shot at the World Cup right I was way too slow does that if I so if I go militated so it’s kind of read good language to myself and I live in the water we can borrow Isles is the current World Cup junior men’s overall champion and additionally a young man capable of whipping it harder than the devil’s own oh yeah we’re in Rotorua and we’re here for Crankworx it’s a fun event but it’s also a really good practice meant for most of the guys on the world cup I’m going to be like happy whatever happened we got Lloyd Bruni he’s one year two years running he’s looking for the three pieces he’s the man to watch boy oh that’s a new line something must’ve happened he’s not taking that step up you can tell right there trouble for Lloyd Rudi and ends up of 304 7 18:15 place no no it’s only like one section that I was going to take a lot of risk and I miss it but today I think we ready now for loading of the bike style I was running well the rest it’s good for me naturally calculated risk is a necessity low contender for a World Cup can hope to win without some but when calculations become miscalculated downhill can be a brutal game there’s many contenders for us maybe 15 guys we can win the race there’s going to be the usual suspects that are updating up Troy Danny Quinn Minar after a couple more trips around the Sun Greg Miller will be inducted into the mountain bike field of Fame but for now the three-time world champion is still too busy winning races Greg is always fast and when you think that is done and his resources are not there the next race he’ll turn everything backwards and win the race this is break it off come on it’s gonna be incredible oh look at the time if beating the clock is a puzzle last season England’s Danny Hart was a rider who finally figured out how to put the pieces together danny has been really good last year it was consistent and he was able to do really good runs one two three the best one ever lastly one thing that need men are north heart were able to capture was the World Cup overall title for the women that overall actually went to Rachel a person behind the charming smile disarming British accent the lady who simply knows how to win as we race in life I mean the thought is it going to be this race where something goes wrong and then it hasn’t and I’ve what every race after the 7 to 4 PI meters playing damn it let’s you won again but then you’re like walk what doesn’t mean that action is for the men the World Cup overall last season of the long-term Americas that trophy would be added for three other World Cup titles something solely to be done at home in country Aaron one of the guy who I think of when I trained when I wanted to be someone you know it’s our understand women fired upon machine there are many many things out that I can do differently it’s loic bruni had a time machine we might decide to roll back the copper year for the first rank of the last season the first race of the year is always the most difficult for me you go there and you have a lot of pressure especially little differently and all the times all spent all day and waiting for you to use because 20 might be food what can we do Bernie did catch me up he’s always great and try my processes this is a believable add some close call all the way down to instead of coming myself I just take mission and I ended up on the ground my gosh down where he goes down opponent looks like a big risk for any type of right is that what we do no I don’t want to win a race or the chicken because they didn’t take all the risk I needed to think like that import a fly so close to type in the wind that last year a little bit too much of commitment but I think this year we’re going to get in there on everyone the time for talking as officially drones were closed the time for the first race of the season is upon us as the cliche go again some ways to normal

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  1. Hi guys! Hope you enjoy this vid and if your as cool like me u can sub and like to my friend! His channel is (supercoolgamer75) so leave a like if u checked his channel! Thx

  2. essa goopro é um sonho d todos q gosta d registrar todos seus eventos maz pena q no Brasil não é barata a esperança eq um dia ganhos uma pr devugar a marca

  3. I love this. I have loved mountain biking since forever. I am finally getting back into it. Love it. This is pure inspiration. I will never get half as good as these people but on a wet, rainy, cold nold night its awesome viewing for the ever learning newby 🙂 you guys rock….

  4. you have to fucking pedal? Screw that shit, I'm a lazy ass, only pedal when you push off. Still, this sport should be in the Olympics. Hell, cross country is!

  5. Def one of the best videos on downhill, the editing really captures how extreme and awesome this beautiful sport really is

  6. Exceptional production as always, and some great riding footage. Making me so jealous with those REDs!

  7. Why the hell is the Thug ASs Rap music being played. That type of music does not influence young people to be better and push themselves to achieve great goals but instead you got this this thug rapping about running the streets causing mayhem. Pull your head out of your ass Redbull have some common sense.

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