Tim Tebow’s playoff overtime miracle deserves a deep rewind | 2011 AFC Wild Card Broncos vs Steelers

Tim Tebow’s playoff overtime miracle deserves a deep rewind | 2011 AFC Wild Card Broncos vs Steelers

– [Michael] It’s January 8th, 2012. The Broncos and Steelers are facing off in the Wild Card round of the playoffs at Sports Authority field in Denver. The Broncos offense is lining up for the first play of overtime. But Denver’s journey to
this point wasn’t easy, so we would be remiss if we didn’t take a few minutes to rewind. (dramatic music) People are torn on this
man, quarterback Tim Tebow. He has been fighting an uphill battle against his doubters since
he entered the league, despite his very accomplished
time with the Florida Gators. The Gators won the national
championship in 2006, Tebow’s freshman year,
although Tebow at the time was used primarily as a rusher. He took over the starting
quarterback job in 2007, and became the first sophomore
to win the Heisman Trophy, throwing for over 3,000
yards, 32 touchdowns, and only six interceptions. In 2008, the Gators won
another national championship, this time with Tebow at the helm, and heading into the off-season, most people expected Tebow
to declare for the NFL Draft. He instead elected to return
for his senior season. Tebow led the 13 and one Gators
to a win at the Sugar Bowl and broke Herschel Walker’s
SCC rushing touchdown record in the process. He was the kind of talent
that’s difficult to pass on come draft time, but not
everyone was sold on his ability to translate his skills to the NFL level. The Broncos, however,
believed in him enough to select him in the first
round of the 2010 draft. Though it would be hard to imagine that even they expected to be here, in only his second season, tied, with a chance to move
on the Divisional round. The previous season was
disappointing from all angles. They went four and 12 with rookie Tebow backing up the starting
quarterback, Kyle Orton, and the season ended mired in controversy. It was discovered that
Broncos video coordinator Steve Scarnecchia
recorded a 49ers practice. Scarnecchia, who worked for
the Patriots during Spygate, then brought the footage to
head coach Josh McDaniels, who refused to view it. But following an investigation, both Scarnecchia and McDaniels were fired, McDaniels both for failing
to report the incident and for overall poor performance. In the off-season, the Broncos hired their former Super Bowl-winning
quarterback, John Elway, as the executive VP of
football operations, who then in turn hired this
guy, head coach John Fox. In Fox’s first season as head coach, the Broncos won the division. He was just the second
Broncos coach to do so in his first season, and
the first since 1977. But that title didn’t come easy. Denver lost their last three
games of the 2011 season, and finished with an
eight and eight record, as did the Chargers and the Raiders. Denver ended up taking the division based on their record
against common opponents, so the Broncos snuck into the playoffs, and then they find themselves here, in overtime, a familiar spot. During the regular season, the Broncos had three
games decided in overtime, and they won each one, all with Tebow starting at quarterback, having replaced Kyle Orton
at halftime in week five. Tebow’s first start was on the road against the Dolphins in week seven. They entered the game with
a one and four record, and it appeared to be another lost season. But with just under six minutes
remaining in the fourth, down 15-nothing, Denver
got a little bit of hope after a touchdown, an
onside kick recovery, and another quick touchdown. Tebow rushed for a two-point conversion to tie the game with 17 seconds remaining. A Matt Prater field goal in overtime sealed the win for Denver. – [Announcer] He got it! – [Michael] In week 12,
the Broncos were facing the division rival Chargers, and a Matt Prater field goal with under two minutes to play tied the game to send it to overtime. With 33 seconds remaining in OT, Prater did it again to end the game. It was a divisional win
that proved to be vital to Denver’s playoff hopes, but they weren’t done with the
late-game heroics just yet. In week 14, the Broncos
faced a 10-nothing deficit with under three minutes to go, and again, Tebow threw
a late-game touchdown, and Prater kicked a game-tying field goal with only seconds remaining. One last overtime field goal from Prater saw the Broncos take their third
overtime win of the season. So, we find ourselves in overtime again, but how did we get here? Another late-game surge
by the Broncos’ offense? Actually, this time, the late-game heroics came from Pittsburgh. The 12 and four Steelers, 11 months removed from
losing Super Bowl 45, entered this game with their sights set on another Super Bowl appearance, but injuries on both sides of the ball have made them vulnerable, including Rashard Mendenhall,
the team leader in touchdowns, who tore his ACL in week 17, Ben Roethlisberger, who was
playing through an ankle injury, and a slew of absent defensive players, one of whom is safety Ryan Clark, whose sickle cell trait poses health risks in Denver’s high altitude. At the start of the second quarter, the Broncos had an injury
of their own to deal with. Eric Decker, the team’s leading receiver, went down with an MCL
injury following a low hit. This spelled disaster for the Broncos, who needed every bit of offensive firepower at their disposal. It also moved Demaryius Thomas, who has had injury issues himself, into the number-one receiver role. In February of 2011, Thomas
tore his Achilles tendon. There were worries that he
would miss the entire year, but prior to the start of the season, to everyone’s surprise,
he was ready to go, and then in his first practice back, Thomas broke his pinky finger and was sidelined for the
first five games of the season. But here he is, ready to pick up the slack for the injured Decker, and in the first play
following Decker’s injury, Thomas torched Steelers
cornerback Ike Taylor for a 51-yard gain. That reception set up this beautiful 30-yard touchdown pass to Eddie Royal. – [Announcer] Caught by Eddie Royal! Is he in, yes! Touchdown, Broncos! – [Michael] And on the
following Broncos drive, Thomas, again covered by Taylor, hauled in a season-long 58-yard reception. Thomas had 109 yards on two catches in one quarter against a Steelers defense that hadn’t allowed a
100-yard receiver all season. The Steelers had a
chance to put some points on the board before halftime, but a bad snap by center Doug Legursky, who’s playing in place of injured Pro Bowl center Maurkice Pouncey, forced the Steelers to punt. The Broncos entered the half up 20 to six after putting up all 20 of their points in the second quarter. The second half, however,
was all Steelers. An integral part of their success was running back Isaac Redman, who after only starting one
game during the regular season, took the place of the injured Mendenhall. Redman had a 32-yard run in the third that set up this one-yard
touchdown to Mike Wallace. Then in the fourth, Redman
again came up with a long run that eventually led to a field goal. The Steelers were now
only down a touchdown with 10 minutes to play. The following drive, the
Broncos handed it off to running back Willis McGahee. McGahee took over the starting job when last season’s
starter, Knowshon Moreno, went down with an injury. He took advantage of the opportunity and rushed for over 1,000 yards and was named team captain
after the release of Kyle Orton. His number was called yet again
with a fourth-quarter lead, but this time, he lost the football. The fumble was forced by Ryan Clark’s replacement, Ryan Mundy. The fumble led to a 31-yard touchdown pass to Jerricho Cotchery to tie the game with just under four minutes remaining. The Steelers got the ball back with a minute and a half left, but this time the Broncos
defense stepped up. Three of the Broncos’ five sacks came on the final drive, including this one to force a fumble that Pittsburgh recovered, and this one on the
final play of regulation to send it to overtime. – [Announcer] And we’re going to overtime! – [Michael] The Steelers
called tails on the coin toss, and heads gave Denver the
ball to start overtime, but this is the first playoff game to head to overtime since
a recent rule change. Prior to the 2010 season, the Broncos would be able to
end the game with a field goal, but the Steelers, who have not given up a touchdown since the second quarter, will have a chance as long
as they can keep the Broncos out of the end zone on this drive. So, here we are, a team that barely
squeaked into the playoffs, with a quarterback many didn’t
believe to be NFL caliber, has a chance to knock
out a wounded juggernaut one year removed from a
Super Bowl appearance. Demaryius Thomas is lined up
against Ike Taylor once again, and with the safety showing blitz, Taylor will have no help behind him. Welcome to a moment in history. – [Announcer] The Broncos have been in three overtime games this year. They won them all. Got him at the 40! It’s Thomas at the 50! Stiff arm got him free to the 30! To the 20! Thomas to the 10! Denver’s going on to New England! They win it on the first play of overtime!

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  1. Nah… he didn’t prove the doubters right because he already proved them wrong. So what if he isn’t your conventional QB, he won games and brought a team together. He did his job, and his reward was getting traded and thrown out the league. In all honest, Tebow just needed someone to believe and no one wanted to. The little trust he got from Denver was blown back into his face when they traded him. After that, no one believed in him… in the right system, and with the right players, I’m positive Tebow would still be in the league.

  2. Tim Tebow getting career getting touched will always be the reason why i will not get at what happened to Collin Kappernick

  3. This is the first video I think where the recap wasn't enough and that you had to have lived through that time and watched the play unfold to truly feel the magic of it all

  4. If Tebow had just gone to Jacksonville when Dever traded him after that season, he'd still be an NFL QB. He may not be a starter, but he'd definitely be 2nd string on a squad somewhere.

  5. This steeler team was no where close to the level of the prior superbowl teams they had. Steelers where on rhe decline. To steeler fans this just wasnt surprising at all. Everbody else goes crazy over it but I was like, ph well. Just what I expected.

  6. 2009 game 7 Stanley cup final rewind please, the save at the end to secure the championship after the drama with Marian Hossa and history looking to repeat itself for the second straight year

  7. Tebow was listed as the Jets #2 QB on the depth chart, yet when Mark Schanez went down with an injury the Jets surpassed Tebow for 3rd string Greg McElroy. Tebow never got a fair shake after Denver (or really while in Denver).

  8. The Tebow miracle was only going to last that one year. He was a quarterback that couldn't read defenses and had a terrible arm. Yeah, he was off the chart in intangibles and was a running threat but the makeshift offense they had to create to even make him viable wasn't going to last in the next season. All you have to do is watch the next game against the Patriots to see what his future was going to be in the next year. A lot of QBs are one hit wonders because they find success until the rest of the league gets enough film to break them down. And of course, Belichick provided the blue print for that. He was done. Even Jesus couldn't save him

  9. Was one of the greatest moments in Denver Broncos history! Will never forget that OT of 1 play!!! Go BRONCOS 👍

  10. This f**** guy everybody already knows what happened in the 2011 season I think we need to hear your ugly bearded ass tell it to us again

  11. I don't understand why Tebow never got a chance to show himself. I know he got chances but not like he should of gotten

  12. But if manning is available you don't pass on him the colts should of never gotten ride of him that was stupid

  13. I think that Tebow's LACK of success on the Jets was less to do with "proving doubters right" and more about having a mediocre but capable QB that is NOT "exceptional" having NO SUPPORT AT ALL and failing to be the all-star single-man savior of one of the worst teams in the NFL.

  14. Think he got blackballed by the NFL especially the Jets. He beat the Jets on a nice run that year that they forgot on this vid. He Made a career ending decsion to go there instead of the Jaguars. His hometown was Jacksonville and they where horrible previous year and needed a QB. That was the only team that he woulda made it work I think. Remember Skip saying that too.

  15. The failure of Tim Tebow as an NFL QB lies firmly with John Fox. Fox came onto the scene when Tebow was Josh McDaniels pick. Fox also wanted Tebow to play QB the way John Fox wanted him to play. You can't do that, you have to align your team to play to your QB's strengths. Imagine if MVS kept jumping everytime Aaron Rodgers did the hard count. Who would be gone? Rodgers of MVS? For those of you who don't know MVS is Marquez Valdes-Scantling the Packers #2 receiver (at least until the season starts and Geronimo Allison takes the spot back!)

  16. “Tebow needed a chance!” Sorry, but you don’t get a starting spot chance averaging 120 yards passing a game. You can’t win in the the NFL with a passing stat like that. Yeah he was an option QB, but those literally never pan out in the nfl, unless you’re a crazy athlete like mike Vick. You either take too many hits and get a horrible injury like RG3, or Defenses study film like hell and take away the most important part of their game. Cam Newton only can do that because he’s a solid passer and is big enough to shrug off hits.

  17. Tim Tebow has some similarities with Colin Kapernick. Unorthodox, but talented QB who had some early NFL success but ultimately a short career. Needed an offense designed around them. Controversial, polarizing figure because of their very open personal views. Could have had more NFL success if they weren't stubbornly determined to be a starting NFL QB (Kap refusing to sign for anything except a starting role, Tebow refusing to try other positions).

    I'm not a Tebow hater, but the fact that Belichick – he who squeezes fresh orange juice out of lemons – had Tebow for an entire preseason and didn't keep him around for the regular season says something about Tebow's limitations as a player.

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