Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales | Official Gameplay Trailer

Graces! Nilfgaard has crossed the Yaruga! Black–clad hordes! Villages burn! Nilfgaard shall regret this. I swear on all that is sacred and blessed. In Thronebreaker, you play as the strong-willed and wise Queen Meve of Lyria and Rivia, and face the mighty Empire of Nilfgaard, which has invaded and ravaged your beloved country. To defeat the empire, you will need a great army. You’ll forge new alliances across the Northern Realms, from the misty swamps of Angren to Mahakam’s mountain peaks. But beware, for Nilfgaard’s spies may have infiltrated your ranks and will work hard to foil your plans. You’ll need to judge who’s your true ally and who’s out to stab you in the back. The war camp will be your command center. Here, you’ll train your troops and upgrade their weapons to boost their strength in battle. Throughout, you’ll need to gather supplies and resources. These you will find in the world lying open before you, and some will be well worth fighting for, even when guarded by horrid beasts. Throughout your campaign, you’ll fight dozens of epic battles – all handcrafted to provide an experience both challenging and entertaining. As your army’s commander, you will devise your strategy – decide to attack your foes head on or employ underhanded tactics and ambushes. You’re in the world of The Witcher, so your choices will have meaningful consequences, affecting your army’s morale. A wise queen knows how to empower her force, but make one bad decision, and all you will have built could end up a shambles. No matter the path you choose, you’ll experience an epic story that will take you on a great adventure through parts of The Witcher world you’ve never seen before, alongside heroes and heroines entirely unknown… and altogether familiar. So rally your forces, choose the strategy that will serve you best, and take back what’s rightfully yours!

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