THOR: GAGNAROK – Viking’s Daughter Gameplay

THOR: GAGNAROK – Viking’s Daughter Gameplay

All right put you around put your name in there. What are we doing? So we’re doing dating simulators, but hold on oh, but what are we playing? It’s a it’s a this is a dating simulator in Viking time. Oh Oh, OH Vikings they had a date, too, I guess it seemed like there was a lot of rape *slide whistle* Is that thorny or tea horny like Todd horny? Like Thor, but horny. He’s thorny, thorny. Yeah, I like Todd horny You know what women love more than anything else. Swords. No not swords and not penis either. A sense of humor Oh, they do right yeah, and Vikings are known for their great sense of humor and the rape Look, see look Hold on a minute So hold on she said move and lose your head moving you lose your head, so she’s upset all right. Yeah, yeah Hit her across the face you just called her a bitch. You don’t like this sort of man. Wait hold on a second Well I had one choice, all right. She’s questioning your ability to pleasure a Viking woman, Adam What are you just clicking. If you have one choice, I’m gonna click the one choice I know, but we gotta read the dialogue to find out you’re doing it right. It doesn’t matter It does matter. There are two choices It doesn’t matter. Okay, which choice you want me to pick. Well you can’t stop on the one that’s one choice and say that Do choice option right before it? Okay? I think father knocked me out last thing. I remember is talking about okay good Something hit me in the back of the head when I came to again It’s hidden the stables underneath piles of hay it was already over when I woke up I’ve been burying the dead. Her pussy gonna smell like a corpse that it already does. It already does. You’re not doing the one thing you should be doing which is trying to get laid in the Viking She said walk around While you’re doing that. Yeah, she said walking around turns her on. Now you’re out in the wilderness. Oh, Oh It’s a steer What? A steer What? A steer He’s smiling isn’t it No you can not. Can I date this thing? I know you’re trying. The answer is no You single have I told you about my father Yeah, why would you want to date that Vikings daughter if you could just fuck this elk? Exactly. I don’t know I didn’t pay the extra five dollars for the sexy patreon version for you to be looking at elk. That’s right. Elyse spent money on this Save that receipt. Okay, I did help. There we go What she spent linen wrong That’s how it’s spelled back then oh you’re right. That’s the old English spelling Father got chests in the forest maybe you get those chests in the forest you’ll get some chest in the forest Hey Oh Like pube? I like how she keeps calling me big guy. Yeah. Do you think you could call me big guy from now on? No Oh look at this. That’s extending the map when I do that oh, yeah. It’s either small or big small. Yes, so walk around like this Check her out as she walks away Hell yeah, we don’t really I need to have sex with her. What why not you are too far away Ah, there’s a chest. We got one To your left. There’s one to your left, ah that’s a rock. You can see it on the map. You look for a blue circle. Extend map. I mean why are you looking at the map so small there? Just play the game like this The way the game was meant to be played To your right there’s a blue circle. Did you okay. Good call Bruce? We don’t even watch the animation. The sex animation. No-no you just see the triangle Doing this the whole time Look at him climb this money. She is going to be really impressed with you Look at this virgin, climbing his mountain Can’t even find the fuck chests Don’t jump, you’ll kill yourself. There can’t be fall damage There’s no way there’s fall damage in this game. No damage only pleasure. Found it yes All right, let’s get back to her this one’s pretty heavy They’ve hurting my back. And we’re gonna get a way heavier chest in just a second you know What I’m saying is this How to Train Your Dragon in 3d. No, it’s a Viking dating sim. That’s what that was Do you think there is a How to Train your Dragon porno, How to Train Your Dragon in Double D? I’m sure there is. Well the good thing about that is they didn’t need to have to change the Dragons name from toothless Not so reserved another man. Oh, she promised a reward here we go That’s all you do yeah, it’s dating in Viking times wow, that’s a nice mattress. Is that memory foam? We’re gonna fuck, I take it? Good boy. None of that weak shit. Do not compromise her integrity. Okay. Don’t fuck me like a blacksmith career. I never would Boom. She slammed us. Oh, woh. I did not expect this What is she doing, holding her butthole open? This isn’t a dating sim. Yeah, you guys haven’t even been on a date yet He just went out and found three boxes that he came back you see he just he said you’re so wet slut is there no audio for this It’s all the way up I mean, that’s about right Her saying nothing I mean she daughters Worried she’s gonna set her hair on fire She’s a rapper it comes inside of my womb. I like haha literal she is. Oh we’re done I can find more chest or whatever I still expect you to be useful. What the fuck bitch. I you shut up That’s beside the point. I, just go asleep What she said can I go to sleep without you groping me? I said on my honor So somebody came and stole the stuff you delivered Oh no, Ah fuck Shit, so all of our stuff is gone? That doesn’t sound like a Viking at all. He dropped a few things, and by we you mean me right. Before you were like, I shall find the chests m’lady And I shall bring them back to you henceforth and she’s like we’ve been robbed And he is like, ug There it is I found it the thief came stole all their stuff and dropped his sword right outside the house. Come on How hard is this? It’s not hard. It’s just stupid oh There obviously it’s behind the rock that one is probably by the docks. Oh there it is, right there on the beach Yeah, what a shitty thief seriously. So he dropped two shields and a sword And he took three empty boxes. It’s just running circles. Alright Alvilda I got all your shit again alright cold Let’s go to bed, so just to be clear. They were robbed mm Huh and then so then but the thief like some sort of cartoon character dropped a bunch of things as he ran away Look at romantic it is. His body is not that great his dick always points north. Whoa you switch. I’m ready for my blow job Should I give it a kiss? What a stupid question That’s not a kiss! She dislocated her jaw like an alien We can’t show any of this. This is how the Vikings were invaded, busy getting BJs Aren’t you the Chief’s daughters, is that all you can do shouldn’t the chief have taught you anything? Your father gives better blow jobs than this Grab her head. No let her do it Ah no. There we go You’ve got to respect her, this is the Chief’s daughter Does she have, dandruff? l if I was just gonna say you pull your hand out it’s covered in lice that doesn’t matter because if your crabs hopped off of you Yeah, she’s got crabs in her eyebrows now This is a good date. We are in love. We are in love Look at her face. Alvida said everything was fine. It was not fine. Oh select animation What does that mean? Oh you oh, you get to move on to bigger and better things now there you go No, I don’t want to outside. Thank you. Let’s just keep it this view just keep it there. Yeah, it’s like He’s like. I wonder what Alvidas up to. Oh, hello She’s staring. Oh fuuuuck F-F-F-Father says don’t fuck me because of my impediment *SLAP* shut up Alright she’s gonna wring it all Cumming cumming cumming cumming cumming processing cum And we’re back. What else did you lose? Alright, looks like you enjoyed that one. Yeah Meh, i’ve had better. Oh hell yes OH Hell Yeah That was very nice of you. I have to search seven bushes for berries or mushrooms all right well get your hand in her. Pretty soon we’re gonna get a bush of our own. You know what I’m saying. You already did Was Geena Davis in that? Right there, a berry bush. You walked right over it Chill out. Jesus Look Adam, Bruce has a lot riding on riding her We gotta find out what the next position is There’s mushrooms everywhere, but no berry bushes ain’t it always the way #Vikinglife. Oh yeah I was gonna say, I hate Viking time You’re looking for tip and bush Like this chicken got sex on the brain. She was doing sexual innuendo, and I’m just too dumb to figure it out She’s like look for the mushroom tip and the bush And you’re like, alright I’m gonna go out into the forest She’s unbuttoning her top. What where’s he going? Oh, no, I lost my sword and shield. I’ll find it for you. I’ll get them what you to fill me with cum, okay? I’ll leave Oh Hands! Why do you have pirate sleeves? We have a riff shirt on? Why do you even have a shirt on? So this is this is a dating simulator, huh? This is something John found. Yeah this isn’t mine This is this is John Smith’s. We gonna blame John for this one. I just paid the extra five bucks so you could fucker with the mouse Is that an option? Yeah, I wasn’t doing that. Before it was like so there the space model is that you just watch the animation Ugh lame But you’re living it buddy. Ow Go back to her see if you see if you made good on those berries. I think you may of I think you did I think you got seven out of seven. Let me ask my new elk friend? Oh there elk. You come in her? We got them I got all seven berry bushes here you go, all right, hey shall we eat all right Reward first maybe you can maybe you can eat her. Oh wow that’d be cool. What a great reward just rubbing my slit Oh, did you play with your ass? My slit. Did you play with your ass? No, oh here, we go. Better start practicing slut Jesus Christ Do you want to? Be a gentlemen Oh, yeah, you got reverse valkyrie First person to come loses. She’s turning it into a game. Shut up you bitch. Tracy, I wanna just fuck me. That’s it. We’re making love Ah man. Mommy. Daddy When two people love each other what happens Hold on, I have a game actually, that spells it out pretty well There’s a third person Look at your eyes. Help me. Help me That’s a good view Alright. Nice work I found a reddit post for this yeah with suggestions for one-handed play This is important as erotic games are for jacking it primarily And that’s hard to do with both hands were tied up in control And you really shouldn’t go from digs back to mouse or keyboard is. That’s just unsanitary I was worried that he was a savage. She spelled God’s wrong. Yeah. Oh good Can you click or no all right? That’s it? He’s making love to her what else do you want? I guess I could do that oh? Woh. There we go Come on Adam look at him. I like that he shaved his head too And done Back to dancing all right time to sleep now good night. What a life they lead This is what you would do in Viking times. You just fuck and eat and sleep, and then fuck and eat and sleep. Elina and I mmm woh The plot thickens just like my semen come see this uh-oh something’s happening is it a dragon Oh? Who’s the beauty over there? All right, this is the endgame content we paid for she’s gonna have the exact same model As this girl just with different hair no she’s got a different face. Oh hey, see a different face. Wow she’s beautiful And she’s stammering too – oh yes. I am thorny. How many boxes do I need to bang you? You’re cute when you’re wound up That’s not condescending Ah she loves it. She’s into that. Of course she is. She loves it Oh, play it cool We’re just friends Come on Avilda. You know you’re my first love What do we need to grab to bang her? Hey? What do I need to grab to bang her? Huh? Did you get a mission or no. No just keep clicking? Yeah, Yeah. got it Hot springs all right see you there. I should go talk to Hilde. Where’d she go? Hilde! We got to catch her. I got like this narrative There she goes. Do I have to beat her there? I love the hot springs and the mechanical bull I caught her. That was not fucking hard. How did she think that was gonna play out. She think she fucking Usain Bolt? She’s pulling her panties off while she’s running I’m sorry. You won’t believe this. I found and island full of women that can’t talk all they wanna Do is fuck and stammer they get fucked so hard it broke their speech? You stinking the hot spring Man, you need a fucking bath. Stinky pussy. Yeah, you’re dick is out She doesn’t realize I think I may get hot dogs for lunch oh My gosh shut up. Do you want to have sex or not? I gotta be honest Elide, I’m not used to this much talking Takes your sister a long time to talk this good takes her a minute to get one word out Yeah, Avilda already gave me. They’re leaving Wow well I guess that’s kind of like sex the water touched her vagina and touched your penis That’s like getting laid. all right, look hold on you got to get this This we got to knock this out before we end this gameplay. Your sister’s a real prude Yeah, I took my dick out got hardened everything oh Yeah, only if we have more fun. Only if we have more fun! Yeah, you keep at it keep it away in Aww. Wait That’s not what I. Adam blew it In the hot tub yeah, no he didn’t blow it that’s the problem. We did support your patreon. Yeah, we already paired you money Damn it. For your smut. cancel. I can’t jerk off to the text your hands are so gross That’s cause he’s been fucking. You talking to Adam? Hilde, she won’t bang me bang me, your sister is kind of a dumb bitch. Any rewards Like, get any rewards. I’m ready for rewards. Damn it We’re getting cock blocked by patreon curse you Odin. Oh he’s calling you. He’s calling right now. Hey Chris He just hung up on me Okay, so Chris we need to know the work How do you get that secret blackjack guide that that like gets you get you wins every time?

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  2. Is there an option to play as the lady? It's kinda getting tiring to watch porn games (or porn in general) from the guy's perspective when you're a straight woman.

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