Thomas Müller vs. Joshua Kimmich | FIFA 18 Exhibition Match

Thomas Müller vs. Joshua Kimmich | FIFA 18 Exhibition Match

Here comes Mueller, here comes Mueller. Is that … NO! My god, stay calm. Come on, that’s what I call effort! Good tackle! That’s evil, that was evil. Yeah, yeah, that was a little dirty, slightly dirty. Loser takes Argentina, winner gets Germany. Yeah, all good. We’re Argentina. Now, time for the formation. Time for the formation. I’m unsure if I should start Mueller right away. I wouldn’t want you to, in this case I’m for Argentina. Today Mueller doesn’t need to score. So, we’re arranged really offensively, I mean … Hope it goes well! Yeah, it’s simple. We’ll just have to score one more than the opponent. Are you playing for the others? There’s Mueller, there’s Mueller! Into the middle! Wow, great cross. Great cross! Yes, boy! What are you gonna do? I’ll show you this one. Mueller, he’s worth gold. Noooo! Again, get in. You had to clear that one. I’ll put that one away myself. Yeah, com’on, com’on. Mueller with the follow-up. Mueller with the follow-up. And now the classic Mueller celebration. He’s definitely the key player. I don’t know, if I should be happy or angry. Now through, yeah. Nice one. Put it away! Oh! Yeah. And where did you run off to? Did you want to get some ice cream? Leroy’s moving like a moped down there in the bottom right. And bam, and again… Ooohhhhh. A real treat! Yes, there I am with the goalkeeper. That required no skill from you whatsoever. Cross, yes, finish it! YEAH! GOAL! Here comes Mueller, here comes Mueller, is that … oh, man! I came out with the goalkeeper already. Yes, that’s what I do best. Just bring out the goalkeeper. Shoot now, man! PENALTY! That’s a penalty for Argentina. Yes! YES! Yes! Com’on, cross. Ohhh! Foul! That wasn’t a bad move from you. We better not concede one now because of your pretty tricks, they don’t match my style of play for this game at all. Now hopefully I get to shoot. Oh what, it’s over? We’ve won! Aiaiaiaiai. I felt it! We turned it around, boys! How could we give that away…Good game! What’s wrong, Philipp? Directors – when are the real opponents coming?

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  1. That is why you lost to Mexico. I hope we sign Lozano as Ribery's replacement. He has the same character and quality

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