This Model Literally Kicks Ass

This Model Literally Kicks Ass

There is a difference between a model and a role model. And we need more role models. This is Mia Kang for Uproxx. I am a model and a Muay Thai fighter. Some of the biggest things that I learned from Muay Thai was a distinction between ego and self-confidence. So, I have a job that’s extremely egocentric, extremely narcissistic. I get my photograph taken for a living. When you do martial arts, you have to leave your ego at the door. When you step in the ring in front of an opponent, you have to be 100% self-confident in your abilities and in yourself. If you’re 99%, you’re gonna lose that fight. In early 2016 I was living in New York, I was a very successful model, I was in Sports Illustrated, I was in Guess campaigns. From the outside it seemed like I kinda had it all. I know what it feels like to be that 14-year-old girl that’s looking through magazines wondering – why don’t I look like that? Oh my gosh, my thighs should be skinnier and my collarbone should, you know. And I was the girl in the magazine! It was always – my arms are too big, my eyes are too small when I smile. There was always something. So, imagine what the rest of the women out there feel. It blows my mind. It’s unbearable. I was being asked to go on like 10-day liquid-only diets before shoots. I reached a very low point and then I asked for a vacation. A 10-day vacation turned into nine months of me moving into a Thai Camp, falling in love with Muay Thai, devoting my whole every waking breath to it, and becoming a fighter. My whole body just changed and I watched it change and I loved it because I was seeing strength in myself that I never ever thought I could possibly have. Even doing a push-up. I’ve never done a push-up in my whole life. Or, I had a six-pack at one point. Never in my life would I ever think that I’d have a six-pack. I felt like a lethal weapon, you know? And I was loving these changes that were happening and I was embracing it. I remember the day when I looked in the mirror and I was happy with what I saw because I felt secure with myself and confident for the first time in my life. All I can do is try to be the role model that I wish that I had.

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  1. Can this girl actually fight? Form I saw on the pads was not encouraging

  2. she doesn't have any muscle definition. she may get away with photo modelling (actual modelling not for her), but fighting is definitely not her best choice.

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