This is why we Adventure on DUAL SPORT MOTORCYCLES o#o

This is why we Adventure on DUAL SPORT MOTORCYCLES o#o

You know that feeling in your gut that you
get when all your bags are packed… ready to go. Wherever your journey takes you– maybe a
few days or a few years– there’s excitement, anxiety, anticipation, fear. Fear is the key. It’s the difference between a vacation and
an adventure. A fear of setting out under imperfect circumstances with equipment that
is far from ideal. Fear that is at the same time decimated and compounded the minute you
embark. The coward in you burns to turn around and
give up, and just return to the norm, while courage and curiosity pushes you forward. It happens every time. I set out on a 1000 mile, three day journey
to meet some friends aboard a DRZ 400 dirtbike with a bald back tire. On the road the DRZ
is slow, loud, and bone-rattling uncomfortable. Why do it on a dirt bike? Because sometimes
we choose to handicap ourselves to push us a little harder. My route was designed to go no faster than
60, and see every vacant, forgotten back road south of Richfield. You roll the dice when you choose backroads
over familiar freeways and tourist routes. You could see nothing but sage brush and tumbleweeds
spread between random dilapidated gas stations, or you might see what few ever dare to. No car. No trailer. It’s just you, and a bike
that can take you anywhere. This is why we ride the dual sport motorcycle.

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  1. Awesome visuals. Would mind sharing how you stabilize? public or PM it would be much appreciated. I use steady hands and 3X gimbals but looking into other people set-up and yours looks effective

  2. Incredible. BTW what armor jacket was that?
    I guess, what gear do you use? Do you wear Jeans or armor pants?

  3. Keep watching it again and again…. One day this dream will become a reality… Much love from northern Canada

  4. This video makes me hate living in the midwest and it also really makes me want to go buy a KLR650 and go explore the west and see all of these places on a 6month trip.

  5. Beautiful scenery, I love to ride in Colorado and Utah. Every June I trailer my motorcycle from Wisconsin to Denver and then spend a week or two riding in the mountains and desert. This year My ride will start June 1. I have always had road bikes but my next bike will have some off road capabilities. After watching your videos I would like a dual sport but I may be too old for that, 72, so I will probably get a V Strom 650. Keep the great videos coming.

  6. Not sure how I missed this one, but you posted this on FB today and i came over to watch.. I do not think you could have done a better job of capturing the essence of the journey!! GREAT VIDEO!!!!

  7. I went to college for 4 years. Got my degree in radio and television production and performance. Worked in the industry for 15 years….And I have never come close to making a video that was that moving. You have a gift sir, thank you for sharing it.

  8. if I ever run away and never come back…..this is where I'll be. never seen anything like this place in person  love it

  9. Dual Sport inspiration at it's finest! No matter what you ride, this makes you just want to go hop on 2 wheels and GO!

  10. I'm just trying to figure out a way to get both of my bikes out there… I would Love to ride to there on my Ducati Multistrada and be able to ride my Honda 450x on the trails with you… Yeah, I know real problems right…:)?

  11. I think I'd cry going on this route! Live in TN, all we have are hilly landscapes in my area, this is phenomenally beautiful. Decided to get a dual sport for my first bike since insurance will be so cheap (two wrecks in '14 and I'm 20). Will definitely go here one day. Do you perhaps have a route/directions on what this specific ride was?

  12. Ty, you know the amazing thing about this vid? It sticks in your head in such a good way! I keep coming back to this vid to inspire me just like we did with board vids back in the day! Amazing job sneth! I can't wait to get down there…

  13. No matter how many times I watch this video it always fuels my desire for ADV. Now that I have a XR650L and V-Strom 650XT I will be living those adventures! Thank you, Tyler, for the inspiration!

  14. This video is just extremely incredible and inspirational. Thanks for sharing it with us. It could not have been done better.

  15. on 2016 i embarked on a 16000 km adventure from Austria to Mongolia… on a 125cc bike ! (video in my channel)
    i cannot express in words, but the opening lines is exactly what i felt ! spot on !
    well done brother for the ability to convey the feeling that few really understand.
    the fear of not having a place to sleep, not knowing what you´ll eat and where you will gas up. not knowing the local languages and guessing where the road will take you… i had the luck of having this experience. and i hope more people will go out and have their own adventure, on 2 wheels.

  16. Such videos make me want a motorcycle license so bad, but I´m a poor poor Student. Sadly I must wait at least 2 years until I have finished my Study. But fortunately I have an old Honda MT-5 that make fun too and look like a dual sport. But great video though! I love it!

  17. I currently live in Texas but the wife and I are probably going to move to AZ in about a year and a half. I'm purchasing a hawk 250 dual sport and would love to hit the trails in Arizona and Utah.

  18. I'm blown away at this video wow
    The freedom of just you & the bike makes me cherish how god has blessed to be able to leave the big city of Chicago & ride the highways & back ways
    Thx you Tyler

  19. Thank you Everide! This is a cherry on top of the great sundae of videos you have put out. Encompasses everything I love about exploring backroads and great terrain, getting your heart pumping and your breathing rate notched up with exhilaration, and trying something new and challenging……. Just a superb job with the images, the music, the message. You have another subscriber.

  20. Tyler this video is awesome! The scenery, the music, the production….Perfecto!! More like this please! Being new to dual sport I hope to one day put a video together that's half as good as this! Living in Pa. maybe I'll have to take a trip one day to Pa.'s Grand Canyon and make my vlog on that. Keep up what you're doing tho! I often share your stuff but especially this one! God bless!

  21. good video, Tyler. it always feel great to watch your video. if you need some recommendation of the mandarin words sticker, i can help. for some reason i'm not quite understand the mandarin on your front fork (can read but don't know the meaning…)

  22. Hi I'm from Portugal anda after watching your channel I must congratulate you for your work. it's inspiring. You have a beautiful country I wish you all the best for you and your family.

  23. I've watched this video 50 times and will watch it another 50 times. I wouldn't have understood this a year ago but I've sold the Harleysville and bought a dual sport. Now there's no limits!!!

  24. I just keep watching over and over again.. Dreaming, planning, hoping. This is the most inspiring video EVER! Keep up the amazing work EveRide! The whole reason I'm living the dual sport life style is because of you. Thank YOU!!

  25. Amazing video – Let me guess Zion, Schafer trail etc…

    Just amazing – I hope to get out and ride that area someday.

  26. watching in 2017 just cuz it makes me feel like my entire life is worth something. this is how i want to live my life. completely, irrevocably, undoubtedly, nothing but this.

  27. Heading down next week with the wife to go ride these same trails. The motovlogs will be grand indeed!

  28. I fully blame you and this video for forcing me to buy my Africa Twin (well, part of the blame goes to honda for making such a great bike). In all seriousness, this video pushed me over the edge and made me change teams from Cruisers to ADV and it gets better and better every ride. Thanks.

  29. 95% of that trip is on sealed roads, dual sport like you said is loud, slow, uncomfortable, wouldn't your experience be more comfortable on a more road biased bike, like a cruiser or even like a bmwgs650. I guess that with a wider than stock seat and some wind protection, earplugs its not too bad. I own a drz

  30. Love your videos! I just decided to get a yamaha xtz125 because of your videos, its cheap and just barely in my budget but I think it'll be worth it.

  31. I have to rewatch this every couple of weeks or so, just to remind myself why I ride, and the desire and answers always flood back. You did an astonishing job capturing the pure essence and raw yearning for adventure and is the reason why I bought my DRZ. Thank you everide.

  32. This is an amazing video. I’m going to visit your website next! I just started making videos myself with similar content!

  33. This was incredible. Getting a dual sport this summer. These roads looked incredible. Does anyone know of a website that posts GPS coordinates, or map locations of these roads? I plan on heading out to Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, Death Valley, then end on Pacific Coast Highway in California.

  34. Of all the videos I've watched, I have to put this one at the top, just because of the scenery. The colors, the wide open spaces and the views; stunning! Well done sir!

  35. Re. "Fear of setting out with gear that is far from perfect" I dunno dude, that gear looks pretty high-end. You're didn't exactly go out with your everyday ride and a duffel bungeed on the back, did you? 😉

  36. Iv been on a few of these roads but not on a dual sport yet! This summer I’m going to be riding from Mohave Valley, AZ up to Fort Collins, CO and I’m going up through Powell! I love your channel and thank you for producing such motivating content!

  37. Glad I found your channel…..Its good to know that I am not alone in my thinking. I just started a Facebook page for the South East called South East Moto Adventures to help meet new people and to get out and adventure on two wheels.

  38. I watched a video of yours about how riding helps your relationship with your wife. Do you recall this video and if so what was the title.

  39. Last October/November I took a trip from Los Angeles to Mesa Verde on my Multistrada, though I primarily stuck to the pavement. On the way back I spent a day riding west in Utah from Blanding (overnighted there) to Bryce Canyon via the 95 to Hanksville, and then the 24 to the 12 to Bryce. I posted at the end of that day it was the greatest day of riding in my life. I also said I didn't have a photo or video that did the day justice, but it looks like there are many examples of overlap between my trip and your video and you certainly did capture it…and had a similar experience. Well done. (Now a subscriber; you made me think of Bruce Brown.)

  40. I haven't watched this one in a while. Felt compelled to come back to it. Wow! Still takes me far away from the office and deep into adventure dreamland. Thank you for always making such amazing content. True inspiration, brother.

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