This Is What a “Second-Person” Video Game Would Look Like

This Is What a “Second-Person” Video Game Would Look Like

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  2. I found that undertale/deltarune seems to play as you as the player guiding/controlling the connection to the game

  3. I thought it was just some in-between perspective with the camera above and behind the shoulder of your character – Resident Evil 4. That's it^^ but I may be wrong

  4. What most games/gamers actually say is third person is actually second person. (splinter cell, tomb raider, just cause)
    The industry is just using the term wrongly.

    Camera perspective is third person. (silent hill, metal gear solid)

    And there are many intermediate variations on that, like the one in Driver.

  5. i never played that game but in my understanding, it is still a 3rd person view you're just switching character and at some point
    you've meet one of the character that you switched in using another character.

    example HALO, you play as jhon 117 there's alot of time he was trying to kill the arbiter and then
    there's part that you play as arbiter along with jhon 117. so if you get my point it's basically the same as your example on this video.
    but it was never called a 2nd person view it was still call as 1st person.

    i am verry open please correct me if my understanding is wrong, thank you

  6. i always thought games like civ are 2nd person in a way because you tell others what to do. "you go kill that" "you go collect that".

  7. Me- Watching interesting Nick Robinson video

    Nick- Driver San Fransisco

    Me- ah shit, here we go again!

  8. Technically speaking, being a GM in a tabletop game is you playing a 2nd person game, to some extent dictating the actions of the "you" in the shape of the individual characters of other people. "You see.." "You hear.." etc.

    But to translate that into a videogame context is difficult – there is a complex argument to be made that the developer experiences the game from a 2nd person perspective, as they dictate the actions of the individuals, effectively telling the player a story through their programming and design – the visual and technological equivalency of dictating their actions directly. But otherwise, you would effectively need a game where you in some way control the narrative. The 2nd person perspective is not something one can have – it's a position outside of the situation. The "2nd person" is, in effect, the narrator.

    Obviously it's impossible for me to experience anything from your perspective – I am not you, and if I were, you wouldn't be you, and thus I would just be me. So the only way I can approach it is to take on a narration role. To step outside the narrative and effectively become part of it, if not it outright it.

    Imagine playing The Stanely Parable, but from the perspective of the narrator, dictating the player's actions. "You walk toward the door. You open the door. You leave the room and walk down the hallway." etc. But this is where it gets tricky – because you're can't decide their actions. You can only narrate them. Otherwise, it'd really just be a third person experience. So the player playing Stanley would still have to be able to defy you, and you would have to accept their defiance and adapt the narrative – but playing a third person game is effectively to play a game from the perspective of the narrative rather than any agent within it.

    It is a sort of pseudo-"God perspective".

  9. I think a 2nd person game would be where you are watching something, let's say a parkourer, and you are controlling the parkourer,

  10. Wait is this mean undertale is a second person game because the narrator is acctualy the spirit of the first fallen kid

  11. Is a top down game considered second person or third? It's a fixed camera but you aren't exactly a character but you could call it one since it is technically you looking down at them.

  12. 2 things I've learned from this video. 1:This guy likes Driver San Fransico 2:This guy seriously, SERIOUSLY need a haircut.

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  14. Wasn’t Resident Evil 2 (not the remake) in second person? It wasn’t really in third person, as it was from the perspective of the security cams

  15. Used to do similar with an 80s arcade machine called Stunt Driver. Slamming into reverse on green and spinning 180 not only revealed a hidden test track but allowed head to head drive through of the other vehicles because the had a one way collision mesh that only registered if hit from behind. Driving tbe wrong way and launching deliberately off the loop to gain as much air as possible just had to be done.

  16. i once, while playing gta san Andreas, shifted the camera into cinematic while an cop car was chasing me, and of of the many camera angles is exactly placed on the cop car, i dont remind now if its on the car's bumper or on this third person of the police, but you actually control your car while watching everything from the police perspective, sadly this perspective goes off if you go out of its frontal 90 degree field of view

  17. There's a really cool unity webplayer game called "second person shooter: zato", but it doesn't work any more, because unity webplayer isn't supported.
    You're a man being attacked by square monsters, and the screen is split between the perspectives of the different monsters, and you have to use the movements of the field of vision and what the other monsters can see to work out where to shoot.

  18. That’s not a second person game. It’s a fourth person shooter. Because it’s a first and third person 3+1=4 so what is a second person game…

  19. Me: that was easy, i played Minecraft and i have been playing it with second person shooter, lol… immediately answered it

  20. There's a second person part in Jak 2! A giant metal head centipede thing is chasing you and you run away while seeing you run away wow this is weird to type out

  21. You driving your own car into the second person driver, was legitimately unsettling. I honestly don't care too much for the glitching that came afterwards, seeing yourself driving a car into the car that you are looking out of legitimately felt really surreal, and I wasn't even the one playing.

  22. Huh, I would have said that a second person shooter is a game that uses the mounted swivel camera that follows your character around the area.

  23. I had this same thought while playing Metal Gear Solid. It's a third person game, but you can hit triangle to get a first person view. There's a fight with someone called Psycho Mantis, who uses stealth camouflage as some point, and you can't see him, but you push triangle, and instead of getting a first person view, you get a second person view, through Psycho Mantis' eyes, in order to get an idea of where in the room he is located.

  24. So, basically a 2nd person perspective is a perspective from another character in the game that can view YOUR character that you're controlling. Ok thats all I can get about this video. Correct me if i'm wrong

  25. Wouldn't Moss (psvr) and AstroBot be 2nd person as you're in 1st person view controlling a 3rd person view character? Similar to Driver you've discussed.

  26. This was supposed to be about second person games wasn't it? It just turned into a Driver San Francisco review. I thought that was just one example, and that you were gonna explain how that idea could be extrapolated into a full game, or how it could work in other genres.

  27. aren't games like Pokemon or Digimon games 2nd person? you are the trainer but you command the 'mons to attack, guard, etc!

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