This is Vigor – Official Gameplay Trailer ??

This is Vigor – Official Gameplay Trailer ??

Pegi 16 Welcome to post-war Norway, Outlander. Humanity has fallen. This land is our last hope. Will you be able to endure? Rugged terrain, biting cold, harsh
weather, and deadly radiation awaits… Someone can feel lost and desperate, but I will guide you. Outlander, a radioactive dust storm is incoming. Follow my instructions. With some courage, you will rise once again. Build your Shelter. Loot resources. Gather powerful weapons. But first, you must know the rules… Each time you enter an encounter, beware of other Outlanders – you can never be sure of how many remain in the area. Their needs are the same as yours – find loot, gather resources, and get out alive. But you can gain an advantage – discover hidden stashes, breach barred houses. Or take a shot at claiming the best loot by taking your chances with the Airdrop. But be warned: these are hotspots for gunfights. And if you die… you’ll lose all the equipment you have on you. These Outlands offer many resources for those bold enough to claim them. And how you do so is entirely up to you… Will you shoot your way out, become a real threat, and risk it all? Or will you avoid firefights, loot abandoned areas, and keep yourself safe? Go it alone, or team up with a partner? No time for uncertainty, Outlander. Shoot… Loot… Claim rewards… Take risks… Escape to your Shelter… You made it out alive? Good! Loot helps you to Build and progress Upgrade your Shelter… Craft weapons, ammo, and healing items… Your progression and vital equipment make you stronger and can help you during future encounters. Express yourself with a variety of styles. Become a post-war saviour and help others by donating food and resources. Sharpen your aim and prepare for future engagements. Use boosters in the lobby to improve the quality and quantity of loot… for everybody. Post-war Norway awaits, Outlander! Shoot… Loot… Build… Become… This is Vigor!

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  1. The idea of this game is sooo good. I like it a lot. However, i'd like some changes in the shooting mechanics, guns are way too innaccurate while spraying, and in first person the character's breathing annoys a lot. Also, the hitscan is pretty bad. That's everything that need to be changed IMO

  2. Only Xbone? Seems like a strange marketing move but it looks decent. Might be the only good exclusive they have lol

  3. this is the type of game i wanted to pplay with my buddies for years but we don't have a xbox one so fuk

  4. Right, so a free to play Escape From Tarkov clone, Fortnite'ified.

    Don't get me wrong, it looks like it has some good elements, but I can already see what direction they want to take it in. F2P is cancer.

  5. I know You guys Probally haven't had that much popularity as expected, but I'm quite sure if you bring this game on PS4 and make it free, you will get ALOT of players, cuz alot of games are losing popularity, you make a big change, and I can tell that alot of ps4 players want new games GOOD games, and this will make Ps4 survival games great again.

  6. wtf is this shit. Bohemia you literally are able to make this game because you made money from PC games. and now you make a xbox exclusive? Even though Microsoft announced a few years ago that all xbox exclusives would come on PC aswell from then on. You are all fucking liars.

  7. the third person perspective looks so sh*t in this game, the rest looks incredible, except that and ehat seems like a lobby system for a game that should be open world, that's really bad

  8. not even finished Dayz and have already been creating another game that is why Scum is advancing and gaining huge space and confidence from survival players.

  9. so… I just finished my second run… basic stuff, sum shit here, sum shit there, go into a house for more shit and then found a dude inside, dude has no weapon so Im being like "sry my dude" I shot at him and holy fk god, recoil is fkn awful, anyway… land sum hits, a chase ensues benny hill style in and around the fkn house, both of us end inside a room, second floor and I'm like "got u bitch!"…. then, my fkn gun dont shot, the fker is in front of me, try to shot but a red square meaning sight is blocked appears, no shit, is blocked with the fkers body, keep trying, keep failing, check amo, clip loaded, dude jump a window, finally can shot, but recoils fucked up, dude escape and start wavin or sumshit from far away… I mean, game is not bad but isnt good either… the shootin mechanics are AWFUL… game need a loooot of work

  10. Do we really need another Survival game in an apocalyptic game. I rather play rust. And the fucking loot box just pisses me off. I can tell the microtransactions are coming.

  11. I would love to play this but this still isn't enough to get me to turn on my Xbox. No friends on Xbox. I wish they would've released this on PC

  12. Here are 2 promotional codes I have found in the trailers so far!
    Your welcome

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