This Indoor Mini Golf Course Creatively Connects the Arts and Players

– I would describe Can
Can as almost walking into a living fantasy. – Before you walk through the doors, take a deep breath, and let it out, and be ready. – It’s an indoor golf course, but it’s a lot more than that. – A sugar high, like you’ve had way too much cotton candy, you’ve been on the tilt-a-whirl, you’re about to go on a rollercoaster, you walk in, and it’s just
an explosion of color. – It’s just insane, it’s crazy. There’s so much you get to see. – So it’s really, it’s
almost too much to describe. – I think it’s magical. – Did that answer your question? (retro electronic music) – We’re Minnesota’s first art space public benefit corporation,
and we’re an arts immersive community gathering place
with all kinds of activities. We have eighteen holes of
indoor artist design mini golf, a boardwalk of amusements with
over 75 retro arcade games, we have two stages of
different performing arts that happen, different art activities, we have a full restaurant and bar, so that all kinda came together
into Can Can Wonderland. Our social purpose is to be an
economic engine for the arts, so that shows up in different ways, how many artists we employ, how much money do we pay
out to artists every year, are we growing new audiences for the arts, attracting new people to the arts, engaging people in the arts. We’ve worked with hundreds
and hundreds of artists. There were over 54 artists involved just with the mini golf course alone. All different ages, all
different abilities, and so we were kind of inspired to create a business that could provide ongoing funding for the
arts and pay artists and also engage people in the arts who might not be normally seeking it out. – It’s important to have
places like Can Can Wonderland, because it allows artists to stretch their legs
and also their minds, and allows them to dream in a way that’s not gonna be held in by
a studio or a small gallery. This is a walkthrough public
fun entertainment facility. – Can Can is a great place because they’ll really
take a chance on artists, to do what they do best, they’ll give them the opportunity, they’ll give them the funding, they’ll give them the
audience and they’ll say, “Do your art.” – I think it’s important
to have places like Can Can because it’s really a home
for all types of artists and really fosters a sense
of community and diversity. Not trying to cater to any specific group but really everyone who
loves art in general. – We’re ushering in a new
era of how to do business and to really think about the community and to think about how
everything’s connected and there’s no reason why you
can’t do good and do well. There’s no reason to profit over people. In our first year of operations, we were in the black and we paid out 570
thousand dollars to artists. The public benefit structure helps to institutionalize those values, makes it really plain
that this has equal weight with our profit making purpose. So that’s why we decided
to reincorporate as a PBC. I think there’s so many
benefits to the arts, they help us to connect with each other, they help give our lives meaning, they help develop
critical thinking skills, and communication skills. I think the arts are really needed to help us learn more about each other and to really connect with each other. Having these shared experiences together, it’s just a fun way to build a community, and if we’re not connecting in a fun way, how are we ever gonna come together and solve grand challenges. I feel like what we’re doing
is really meaningful work and that is primarily what drives me.

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