This Hand Signal Can Save a Wrestler From Being Seriously Injured! WWE Secrets You Didn’t Know

This Hand Signal Can Save a Wrestler From Being Seriously Injured! WWE Secrets You Didn’t Know

What is going on guys it is WrestleLamia here back with another video pro wrestling is scripted. It’s a production It’s entertainment we know that but the greatest thing about pro wrestling is kayfabe We know that wrestlers aren’t actually buried alive during matches or have magic powers But it’s these carefully planned moments that have kept wrestling fans guessing and questioning. Well. How did they do that? Unfortunately the art of kayfabe has long been dead as the WWE cares more about reality these days however There are still some secrets that WWE like to keep a tight lid on and hidden away from the audience being Careful not to reveal them in this video We’re looking at 10 secrets the WB doesn’t want you to know number one the Iggy and X signals during matches wrestlers can perform dangerous moves and spots some may go right and Some can easily go wrong Since all attention is on the wrestlers performing the spot referees or his opponent normally Don’t blatantly ask the wrestler if they’re okay well sometimes they do but in most cases Wrestlers squeeze the hand of the wrestler or referee to know that they’re okay the term is known as giving the Iggy and it’s shown during an episode of Raw in 2000 when Bubba ray Dudley powerbomb the 76 year old Mae Young through a table off the stage You can see that when they’ve gone through the table may lightly squeeze his Bubba’s hand to signal that she’s okay Consequently if a dangerous spot goes wrong and a wrestler doesn’t signal with the hand squeeze or tells the referee he’s legitimately injured the referee will throw their arms into an X a Fan managed to catch this on an episode of Raw where Wade Barrett was injured and partially dislocated his elbow Both referees checking on Wade immediately throw up their arms to the medic signaling help even though the X signal is considered breaking kayfabe it has been used in storylines at WrestleMania 22 Matt Hardy suplex Ric Flair from the top of the ladder it looked like Flair had hurt his back so referees threw up the X signal Even though Flair was not legitimately hurt Number two hot tag signals ever wondered how hot tags are so perfectly timed You got a wrestler down and beaten ready to tag in his fresh partner But he’s in the other corner the heal opponent is ready to tag his partner Well since the wrestler who’s making the tag can’t turn around and thus Perfectly time his tag his partner in the corner helps out by giving a hand signal on when to tag Simply if you look closely when the partners hand is palm side down. He’s not ready when the palm side is up He is ready to tag him and run wild number three wrestlers under the ring There have been a number of times where wrestlers most famously the Undertaker have either come from underneath the ring or instantly appearing in it Surprising his opponent are the wrestlers under the ring from the start of the event Waiting under the ring for two hours are there trapdoors the spot certainly adds mystique to the character and has to be perfectly timed The mystique however is spoiled when you’re in the audience at a live show and during a commercial break You notice a number of ring crew dressed completely in black? Amongst them is the wrestler who needs to appear such as in this vlog filmed in 2015 showing the Undertaker being accompanied by ring crew he will hide under the ring until the lights Momentarily dim and appear in the ring when ready it’s also said that a monitor is placed under the ring to get the spot perfect Number four blading slash blood capsule blading. I’m sure. You know is where a wrestler intensionally cuts himself during a match Traditionally it’s done in two ways the first way is by a razor blade Which is normally concealed in the wrestlers attire in their wristband? And at times the referee can also hand it to them and conceal it away once used The second is the hard way ie hit or shot with a weapon that is legitimately caused a cut such as Brock Lesnar bleeding at WrestleMania 31 Bleeding the hard way is the preferred method now as WB has phased out blood in matches and bleeding has more or less been banned purely for safety reasons however more recently the idea of a blood capsule has been caught on camera on an episode of Raw in 2016 fans have argued that Roman reigns is handed a blood capsule from Byron Saxton to create the effect of internal bleeding Many argue however that Saxton gave reigns a blade? WB wrestlers such as Tazz have refuted the idea of a blood capsule ever being used in professional wrestling number 5 referee involvement like wrestlers referees in a match are also responsible for maintaining kayfabe and thus play a massive part within a match Referees are able to direct the match pace by letting the wrestlers know how much time they have left And when they’re on a commercial break normally leading to our rest hold number 6 Buried alive match the buried alive match was most famously made by the Undertaker Challenging his opponents literally to the grave the first match took place in 1996 at an in your house pay-per-view with the Undertaker against mankind The match finished with the Undertaker being buried alive covered from head to toe Finally The Undertaker’s hand emerges from the dirt to signify He’s still well alive the stunt works very similar to a magic trick creating the illusion that someone has actually been buried alive The grave you’ll notice is on a high platform And is deep enough so that the wrestlers hidden at the bottom for the most part once the wrestler is being buried he slips into a compartment on the side of the platform Normally the wrestler will be slipped away into the safe compartment until the show is over number 7 WB scripts Promos were handled much differently in the 80s and 90s and it was normal for wrestlers to improvise their promos with little direction the improvisation of promos led to many WB wrestlers showing off their charisma in present day WB Promos are highly scripted with WB writers planning everything in advance in 2014 a complete broadcast script for the 14th April episode of Raw was leaked online for all eyes to See the document shows a fully scripted promo between John Cena and Bray Wyatt down to every single word number 8 commentary leaked The commentary team have a lot of work to do during shows They have to put over the wrestlers put over the storylines and follow strict guidelines during shows avoiding terms that have been banned by Vince Sometimes during commercials or during promos they switch their headset microphone off to talk with those in gorilla position to give them further guidance a pre-production episode of SmackDown in 2014 was leaked online the clip includes Michael Cole talking to Vince saying Okay, I’ve got a sir, I just dunno if you want me hit it every time, but I’ll do that from now on Okay, you got it. Thank you Yeah, I will one can only imagine Vince screaming down the headset damn it you do as I say or you’re fired I think I think we layer you’re going live in the hole You know I think we just let it bake unless he tells us to say something You should do that? That should be you but other than that yep? No no no no we were just talking we’re not going to talk to Punk’s entrance keV, just you know Good how are you? Can you see me good enough the cameras pointed nobody, but me that’s what I need a knife. I’ve yeah number nine rehearsing a match Depending on the wrestler some like Randy Savage and DDP like to rehearse and plan matches from bell-to-bell Whereas people like CM Punk blowed those who plan out matches meticulously? It’s not a case of one is right and one is wrong But it stems from good chemistry between workers that produce good matches of Course big spots in wrestling should be rehearsed in advance to make sure it can be performed well and without injury Such as Kofi Kingston who practiced the Royal Rumble chair hop before Performing it making sure it was actually possible to do one other example is leaked footage of both the Undertaker and Paul Bearer Rehearsing the cement segment that was supposed to kill off Paul Bearer at the great American bash Since the stunt was never done. It was imperative. They rehearsed the segment before doing it. I have no other choice and Number 10 piping in crowd noise One thing that david obie has been guilty over the years is blatantly piping in crowd noises for it shows normally the crowd edits have been dentists smaller shows like Smackdown 2 Hype story lines or promos the edited pop is known as the hairdryer pop and has been used for years and has only recently been changed Seven feet tall Well guys that about wraps up this video here I hope you enjoyed it drop a like if you did subscribe if you haven’t already turn Notifications on and I’ll see you next time with some more wrestling content

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  1. Like I said before and I'll say it again. I don't even care at all that's it's fake, because this video is making me learn a lot more about wrestling today and about there skills of what they do in matches. ?

  2. You seriously got issues one of them is just loving the fake drama and trying to pretend to explain and narroate things people always know but course being a narcissistic parasite.
    one must always seek ways to find attention by any means deemed by a no body with no life.

  3. 6:42 “Words to avoid “Belt” “strap” – we don’t have belts or straps”.

    Also 6:42 “The BELT represents something. Talk about what it represents”

    Talk about contradictions OMG ??

  4. Owen threw up the X when he botched the Tombstone and made it a Spike and a Texas injuring Stone Cold. When the X goes up that means man down call medics.

  5. Something that most people don't understand is that many wrestlers don't actually reherse. Some like Randy Savage, and Hulk Hogan liked to write out entire matches move by move, but most wrestlers improvise the entire match, except for the ending.

    They will use hand signals and body language to call move by move, and some will use rest holds like headlocks to give themselves time to discuss the match.

  6. wait, so your saying all those crowd cheers was just a blow dryer? Genius, and slightly disappointing

  7. I have a question about the night Jerry Lawler suffered a heart attack on Raw. Did Michael Cole switch off his headset and let Vince know or did Vince see it happen on his monitor? (yes I know it's a dumb question, I am a dumb person!)

  8. It takes guts to blade yourself!! ? that’s gotta hurt like hell!!! Not as bad as the ”hard way” tho.

  9. I was thinking that let suppose a wrestler has great body strongs okkk but the of a wrestler and a weak person are same.mean body of wrestler is very strong but heads of all humans beings are same.wrestler throw one another on concreat floor and still their heads dont broken.astonished

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  11. Not a big wrestling fan, but you get a like for not burying the lead. Thanks for not being an asshole!!!

  12. Well obviously a lot of it can’t be real other wise there be serious injury or death … in the end fake or not it’s for enjoyment

  13. “Power bombed a 76 year old May Young…” This statement made me spit out my water. I don’t even know why I’m watching this but holy fuck is it hilarious and entertaining.

  14. Umm it could’ve been because they actually did that and if they don’t squeeze they need help and if they squeeze they are fine, it’s just to tell them

  15. But also of the part that bully ray put may young throw a table she farted on bully ray's balls that's what bully ray on tmz.

  16. Still waiting to watch local news and see kane come out to from under stage and body slam someone during his mayoral duties!!

  17. i have two facts you didnt bring in to the video.

    ↓ ↓ ↓

    1. When the wrestlers fight and an other super star mixes him self to the fight, the one who mixes him self always win.

    2. So when the wrestlers fight they talk to each other without microphone or anything, you cant hear them. But when they get punched and beaten up, you hear them shout, so i think they use shouting voices because you cant hear them talk but you can hear them shout,

    so aren't theese facts true?

    then you should heart my comment 🙂

  18. I would rather watch the scooby doo episode based on wwe and voiced by the actual characters and wrestlers with michael cole then this shit

  19. It's sad that everything is scripted. It explains a lot. I bet it feels much better to create a character that is purely you. Who better to act the part that you yourself created? This is why we had such great characters like The Rock and Austin back in the day. They got to do what they felt was good, and it was. It sounds soul crushing to have someone dictate every single word you say.

  20. My theory is that Vince and Shane McMahon are just actors pretending to be the owners. WWE is probably owned by the Shuin Wenghi Entertainment Company of Shanghai.

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