Things to Do In Skyrim – Olympics | Rooster Teeth

Things to Do In Skyrim – Olympics | Rooster Teeth

Gavin: Hello planet internet, this is Gavin,
Michael: Hi. Gavin: And Michael and Ray.
Michael: Hello.
Ray: Hi. Ray: That’s me.
Gavin: This Things to Do, Gavin: Guess what we’re doing lads? Michael: What are we doing?
Gavin: Skyrim Olympics. Michael: I knew cause we already filmed it.
Ray: Yeah, I watched. Gavin: Yeah? It’s very topical.
Ray: I partook.
Michael: I was there. Gavin: We- we’re gonna start off with archery, this is our scoring system.
Michael: Woo. Gavin: So we got 1, 2, 3, 4 and 10.
Michael: Look at that. A scoring system designed by Gavin. Gavin: Yeah, well a bullseye is very small,
Michael: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 10. Gavin: So I think you should get 10 points.
Ray: Now- *laughs* Michael: Gavin pointed out the bullseye’s the smallest part on-
Ray: Oddly enough. Michael: On the target. Gavin: So this is, uh, USA. This is you Michael, cause you’re from the USA.
Michael: This is me, USA. Michael: That’s pretty good, I’ll take it.
Gavin: Not bad, that’s 10 points.
Ray: That’s- Ray: Fucking Robin Hood over here.
Michael: It’s- that is 10 points.
Gavin: Yeah. Gavin: I want to see if I can beat you. What do you reckon? Gavin: My archery skills are, top notch.
Michael: I- I reckon I know what score you got.
Ray: Hey Gavin, that’s your flag. Gavin: That is, that’s, uh, that’s uh,
Ray: That’s like Scotland or something, right?
Michael: Right? Gavin: Union Jack, that’s what it is.
Ray: Oh, ok.
Michael: Is it? Gavin: Yeah, it’s all- it’s like England, Scotland and, uh, oh 11.
Michael: Well look at this prick.
Ray: Oh, 11. Michael: Oh, look at me, I’m-
Ray: Hey that’s me, I’m Puerto Rican. Ray: That’s me, I’m representing my country.
Gavin: I had no idea that’s what the Puerto Rican flag looked like. Michael: Yeah, we were all shocked and surprised.
Gavin: It’s- it’s pretty funny looking. Ray: Check out my archery skills. Prepare to be impressed.
Michael: This is fucking- it’s coming- Ray: BOOM!
*Michael and Gavin laugh* Gavin: Nice shot Ray.
Michael: You fucking suck. Ray: I, uh, I got one point.
Gavin: There’s victory for the UK. Woohoo!
Michael: I’ll take it. Gavin: Ok, this is the shot put, next Olympic event.
Michael: Yup. Gavin: This is- that was you Michael. We’re doing, uh, cabbage shot put.
Michael: Yeah, I drop- I dropped my ball. Gavin: You-
Michael: Dude, look at all the cabbages I set up. Gavin: I like the fact that you-
Ray: This- this guy’s in the way. Gavin: You dropped your first cabbage, and then, uh, Gavin: So what you have to do is just spin around, you’re not allowed to let go while you’re stopped.
Michael: Oop. Gavin: Erm…
Ray: That’s a bouncer
Michael: That’s a bounce…bounce counts Gavin: I like the fact that the cabbage you dropped first went further– Michael: Yes! It’s bullshit! Gavin: But you made it to the woodblocks, so…it’s pretty…pretty impressive.
Ray and Michael: It’s not bad. Ray: It’s a good starting point Gavin: Let me just find the street with the longest…
Ray: Oh, you went counter-clockwise, Gavin. Gavin: Yeah, I…I’m English, aren’t I? Because that’s the other way. Ray: Yeah…
Michael: …Is it? No, it’s not. Gavin: We uh…
Michael: That’s Australia, Gavin Gavin: What are you talking about? Ray: No…Australia is *upside down* Michael: No…does your toilet, like, spin the other way…the water? Gavin: Uhh….no. It’s fine. Ray: Hey, it’s me! Michael: Sorry
Gavin: Sorry, Ray! Michael: *laughs*
Ray: Alright… Ray: Kinda got it wedged in the corner…
Gavin: …so it looks like I’m winning at the moment. Gavin: …because mine went in the bush
Michael: Yep Gavin: That’s a terri–….that’s probably the worst throw you could have possibly done. Ray: I think…everybody saw that, thanks.
Gavin: Other than that throw, throwing it backwards would’ve been worse Michael: Woo!
Gavin: Aww, that’s unlucky Michael, you hit the little wall there. Michael: Dude, it would have got–
Gavin: So, that was better than your first one, but not as good as my first one. Michael: It was good; it was past the blocks… Ray: So, Gavin is still winning as of right now… Gavin: Ah…what a throw that is…
Michael: He’s launched it. Gavin: Was that good?…straight down the road. Gavin: We had a rule where if you lost your cabbage, it was disqualified. Michael: Yeah.
Gavin: And the world seemed to absorb my cabbages *laughs* Gavin: Where the hell did that cabbage go?
Michael: Yeah, Gavin and I were discussing whether it went in the door or not
Gavin: So I was disqualified. Gavin:..what you didn’t see is the 20 minutes of me walking around… Ray: Trying to find it and not finding it.
Gavin: …the whole of Solitude, and then that was my… Ray: …you sliced it a little bit. Gavin: Oh, Ray! Michael: Here comes Ray…
Gavin: When’d you…you pulled that out of the… Ray: Fuckin’ LAUNCHED IT Michael: Fuckin’ Puerto Rican thunder…
Ray: Put some English on it, huh? Ray: You’re English, but you didn’t put an English on it. Go Puerto Rico! Gavin: Yay, victory…that’s one for Great Britain, and one for Puerto Rico Gavin: This is the shoo-in… Michael: What is this? Gavin: Shootin’ stuff…so, it was uh…what we did was 3 points for the head, 1 point for the body. Gavin: And…that was me missing completely and Michael missing completely. Michael: And what we’re doing is launching this dude-
Ray: Yeah, we’re launching him off the bridge and shooting
Michael: -and shooting him. Michael: You, you’re allowed to
Gavin: …look at that height…
Ray: And I think I still missed anyway. *laughs*
Gavin: That was good positioning
Ray: That was…
Gavin: You’re allowed to reposition the dude Michael: Check it…check it.
All: Ohhhhhhh Michael: …did he hit it?
Ray: I dunno Gavin: Straight in the bridge again.
Michael: Nope. Ray: Here’s Gavin again
Gavin: Nobody’s hit this guy yet… ohhhhh…
Ray: Terrible…What the ffff…
Michael: You should be going for his ‘nads. Gavin: Even with the bow slowed down, I still suck…
Ray: Whoosh aaaaand….
Gavin: Oh Ray…Oh! Gavin: Is that a hit?
Ray: I hit him…I did.
Michael: He hit; I saw the blood spurt Gavin: That’s 1 point!
Ray: …right, I’m on the board. Gavin: Here’s Michael…
Ray: Suck it, one
All: awwwwwww Michael: Right in his fuckin…
Ray: God, Jesus Christ…oh…because you’re the slo-mo guy, so it puts slo-mo in the video Ray: kinda like cross-promotion Michael: Look at that
Gavin:That’s 3 points for Michael…
Ray: You domed him! Well done.
Michael: He is out cold. Ray: Alright, here comes Gavin again…can he get on the board this time? Gavin: Ohhhh, maybe not… Ray: You’re annihilating that castle though…here I go, time to fucking get him… Gavin: Ray got him again.
Ray: I *did* get him, but I got him in the shoulder, not in the head… Gavin: Then that’s 2 for Ray, 3 for Michael…USA Victory Ray: Sooooo…
Gavin: That’s 3 apiece! Gavin: The Olympics were a draw! Ray: It…it’s a tie
Michael: You suck, Gavin…you ended it in a draw! You suck! Ray: So…
Michael: Blame Gavin; he edited this.
Ray: Go Puerto Rico! Gavin: Tune in in 2016.

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  1. Shoulda done a Fus-Ro-Dah competition, seeing who can Fus-Ro-Dah someone the furthest haha that woulda been funny as hell

  2. okay, so this Fat Tire beer commercial has people in the beginning hitting drums….

    but it sounds like people fapping

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