62 Replies to “They Are Billions – Gameplay Trailer | PS4”

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  4. Do not buy this game on PS4 or Xbox One….the controller controls are bad and the keyboard support for Xbox is still not fleshed out

  5. I find it weird I was a beast at games like this (WC2/C&C) until was was 14 or so then they became too fast for me so I lost interest.

  6. Not sure how this will play on console, but if it's manageble with a controller, I recommend this game 100%

  7. Does this have co-op? It didn't at launch but that was 2 years ago wasn't it. I heard rumors that they considered it.

  8. Unfortunately, my monitor was destroyed about a minute and a half of viewing this trailer. With that said, I saw enough to know this game will be added to my library.

  9. I just bought it and regretted it instantly. The port job is the laziest I've seen in years. There is no ability to look at the controls or change them, the game assume you're using keyboard and mouse to the point that none of the tooltips were changed from the PC version. Expect to spend ten minutes clicking random buttons to see what they do in each context.

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  11. El juego en ps4 es un desastre, me siento estafado.Espero que lo arreglen con actualizaciones o algo.

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