These Sold-Out Nikes Rep Every Sports Team In NYC | #MTVFreshOut

These Sold-Out Nikes Rep Every Sports Team In NYC | #MTVFreshOut

– We got ourselves a big week
in the world of sneakers. But then again, I feel
like, on every episode of Fresh Out Fridays, I always say that. There’s a lot goin’ on,
though, truth be told. And so, to help guide us through this wild terrain of sneakers, we’ve brought in a sneakerhead, a supreme collector
extraordinaire, and my good friend. Sole Street, dude, what’s goin’ on? – Hey, what up, brother, how are you, man? – [Kevan] Thanks for taking the
time, dude, this is awesome. – Yo, my pleasure, man, my pleasure, I enjoy it, I love it. – The expert of all experts
and before we even– – I try, I try. – This man is true to this, check out those shoes
he’s rockin’ right now. If you watched last week’s
show, we talked about this. One of the hottest sneakers out, tell us about the Travis
Jordan’s you’re rockin’. – Yeah, these are the
Travis Scott Jordan 6, probably the hottest sneaker that’s come out in the past recent history. Got the Nike Air on the back on one side. On the right side, they
got the Cactus Jack cross. Each pair comes with a little
pouch compartment here, like a little holster,
keep your little goodies. – [Kevan] Right, put your SD cards in. – [Sole] Exactly, exactly,
all that cool little stuff. The soles are glow in the
dark, all that translucent. – [Kevan] Oh, that’s dope. – You get that at night, it glows. Yeah, it’s the hottest thing on the street right now, by far. – You know what’s funny? Travis just havin’ a massive
week in the world of music, number one song in the country,
with, “HIGHEST IN THE ROOM.” Biggest debut open,
streaming-wise, of the year. A headline rolling loud
over in Queens last week. Well, there’s so much
going on on the table, let’s start with these
loud guys right here, and this is actually
kind of a cool backstory, what do you know about these? – So, these are the Nike Air Force 1, City of Athletes, aka the, “What The NY.” What Nike has done here
with these guys is, they’ve put in colors of
every different New York team. You got some Knicks aesthetics, you got some Mets aesthetics, you got the Yankee
pinstripe on that bad boy. You got the orange from the Knicks again. – J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets– – You got the blue from
the Mets, the Jets, green across the front, the
Jets’ green on the back tab. You got the basketball sort of tumbled leather back there as well– – [Kevan] That’s cool. – [Sole] Yeah, they’re
really cool, they mix it up, they put ’em all together,
put it into one silhouette. – Now we’re gonna do
our first ever unboxing, can we have a round of applause? This is a big moment on Fresh Out Fridays. Now this is just not any unboxing, this is actually out of
this world, pun intended. This comes courtesy of Area 51. Now, I understand you went
out there for the storming of Area 51, you grabbed these? – I did, there weren’t a lot of people there with me, though, it was sad. I got some coffee, though, it worked out. So, this sneaker here, this is presented by Feature,
it’s a shop in Las Vegas. This is more for the runner
crowd, this is the Shadow 5000. We gon’ pull that bad boy out– – [Kevan] Let’s get a shot of that, man. – [Sole] Yeah. – [Kevan] Look at that. – The Shadow 5000, Dreamland,
and it’s inspired by Area 51. It’s a nice shoe to do the unboxing with, I’ll tell you that, just because
there’s so much going on. Between the packaging, the
box, the translucent plastic. – Totally. – Sleeve that they give you here, that you first gotta take off. Yeah, they put a lot of effort into this. And then, bow, there you go. – [Kevan] Oh, wow, that is
not what I was expecting. – Yeah, again, these are
big on the runner crowd. This all glows in the dark here, you got a splatter effect
that glows in the dark. I’m pretty sure the translucent part of the sole glows in the dark. They got the Dreamland
branding right there, with Feature Las Vegas’
emblem, logo, on the tongue. – [Kevan] Damn. – I mean, yeah, they’re really cool. They got the little caution
tape on the back tab. This is it right here. – I like those, man, this is really cool– – Yeah, yeah, no, it’s
a great collab, man. Great materials, the
suede is nice and plush. The leather, you could
tell, it’s just like it’s an upgrade from
normal sneaker leather. This is something–
– Yeah. – That you could almost find
on a jacket or a (mumbles). – Very strong. All right, so, Sole Street, this is what’s hot and
what’s out right now, what are you looking forward to, though, in the world of sneakers and to the future drops we can anticipate? – And, if I’m just thinking in this next month, month and a half, or
so, there’s the Jordan 1s are taking over for this next month. There’s the Shattered Backboard 3.0, which is a new take on the original Shattered Backboard
Jordan 1 that came out, it has a sort of a weathered-looking sole, it has a bit of vintage
colorwaying on the sole– – [Kevan] Nice. – The whole upper is a
tumbled patent leather, which is a material we haven’t
really seen that often. Those are fire, then after
that, right after that, there’s another pair of Jordan 1s, called the Fearless Jordan 1, that’s a pack with two
different Jordan 1s. One of ’em’s made out of a
sort of a 3m-y kevlar material, and that one’s okay, but
the one that everybody’s really looking forward to is the full patent leather one, that is Chicago. It’s a sort of a blend
between a Chicago and a UNC, so there’s baby blue patent
leather and red patent leather, with white breaking it up,
and those are really hot. – All right, we got the NBA
season kicking off, next week, is there any players we
should keep any eye out for that have hot sneakers right now? – I mean, really, as far as the NBA player sneakers have gone lately, the person that’s really
coming consistently with heat, heat, heat is Kyrie, man. – [Kevan] Totally, man, yeah. – I saw you guys had the
Spongebob pack here last time. There’s another addition
to that Spongebob pack getting ready to release,
the Spongebob House. It’s the pineapple house and, I mean, everything they did with that sneaker, from the colorways matching it, to the way that the Nike font on the back of it looks like the Spongebob font. It’s great, I mean, Kyrie keeps coming out with really sick collabs on his sneakers. I mean, we gotta keep an eye out for what Jordan brand’s gonna do
with Zion Williamson. – [Kevan] Yeah. – What hot sneaker are
they gonna release for him? Are they gonna take any
of the previous retros and give him his own colorway, like what they did with
the Melos, Melohead 2s, and 13s, and Jordan 1s,
all these different models that they sort of retrofitted to him. I’m hopin’ they do all
that kinda stuff with Zion, but those are the two that
I’m watchin’ right now. – All right, this was a total pleasure. Sole Street, thank you so much
for taking the time, dude. – My pleasure, my pleasure, (mumbles). – We hope to see you back real
soon on Fresh Out Fridays. – Yes, yes. (upbeat music)

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  2. My guy sole street is for the people. You fucking killed it bruh. I know it’s your first time in a more formal show but just relax and slow down maybe a little bit and remember the people are really here to see you anyway.

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