These Olympic Athletes Are Sister Goals

These Olympic Athletes Are Sister Goals

(upbeat music) (hockey sticks hitting) – [Marissa] When we were younger, I never thought I looked
any different than her. – [Hannah] And we didn’t understand why people would be like,
“Are you actually sisters?” We were like, “Yeah, obviously.” (upbeat music) (sticks hitting puck) – My name’s Hannah Brandt,
and I play for Team USA. – My name’s Marissa Brandt, and
I play for Team South Korea. – And we’re sisters. – [Marissa] I was born
in Seoul, South Korea, and I was adopted when
I was four months old. I flew on a plane to the States and that’s where I met my parents. I started playing hockey when I was eight. And you started… – I started when I was
about five years old. – [Marissa] We did everything
together growing up, so really I chose hockey just
to be able to be with her, but as I got older, I really
learned to love this sport. – [Hannah] We’ve played
together through high school and then we went our
separate ways for college. When we’re on opposite ends of the world. – [Marissa] Everyday we
talk and text and ask about how each other’s days
went and games and whatnot so yeah, I mean being so far
away we stay connected somehow. (crowd cheers) – [Hannah] I think it’s a super cool thing that we’re both going to the Olympics, playing for different teams and in the same sport I don’t
know how common that is so I think it makes it that
much more special for us but I think for our family and friends, that they have two teams to root for. Just so happy to be able to
continue to play the sport I love and be able to go to
the Olympics with this one. (happy music) – [Marissa] Hockey has
shaped and influenced both of our lives growing up so I
can’t imagine a better reason to be able to go back to my
home country, through hockey. – [Hannah] For me going to
the Olympics has kinda always been a dream of mine and then to be able to watch my sister do the same thing and to be able to go
through this experience with her is just a dream come true. (happy music)

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  1. I didn’t know that adoptees can keep their original nationalities. Doesn’t she have to run for the US team? Not that I have a problem, just being curious.

  2. I love this channel. Thank you for putting out the videos you do. I haven't been watching much Youtube lately, but wholesome stuff like this just makes me happy. So I appreciate it. Best of luck to everyone involved!

  3. I know Hannah! We worked together at the same place for several years and she's very sweet! I never got to know her sister but I'm so happy and excited for them both!

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  5. Just saw this story a few days ago and the comment section here is much more civilized. Also, these sisters are amazing to both be headed to the Olympics. I'll be watching them both.

  6. 미국 보면 인성좋고 사람 좋은 사람들은 우리나라에 비해 극단적으로 좋고 반면에 쓰레기들도 많고 … 극과극이네

  7. WTF This chick is a traitor why would you play for South Korea especially when they have North Koreans on their team!!! she should lose citizenship for this, freaken ungrateful to the Country and Family that adopted her, as an Asian American combat vet this is disgusting and insulting!

  8. 우리는 모두 ,
    지구에 ,
    잠시 초대 된 손님 ..

    우리 함께 ..
    멋지고 ,
    즐겁고 ,
    그리고 ,
    행복 하고 , 이쁘게 살아요 !

    언젠가 ,
    지구를 떠나는 날 , 있으리 니 ..

  9. This is so cool. I'm from Minnesota and I play hockey. I also have an adopted sister from china who plays as well. She's 8 and I'm14. This is my dream.

  10. I was in SEOL January to play for Ireland and saw her train i think ( all look tje same to me

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