The World Cup 2018 Best Goals Challenge – CR7, Coutinho, Kroos & Pavard

The World Cup 2018 Best Goals Challenge – CR7, Coutinho, Kroos & Pavard

Hi guys and welcome to a new video! We are the freekickerz My name is Konzi And i am Michi We will recreate the 4 best World Cup goals 2018 in a challenge You should vote/comment who had the better goal recreation! If we score more than 1 goal or if we don’t score – just write down, who had the better performance Exactly, thumbs up for this video & let’s start? Let’s start with Toni Kroos (Germany) 80 millions are watching this.. Keeper is on fire! Can you go 1 step back? I don’t want to save this one 😉 I noticed it .. Now you’re on fire! Keeper just saves every shot! 90 + 4 .. Our 2nd position is from the game Spain v Portugal! The jersey is perfect.. Each player has 5 shots .. You decide, who had the best goal or recreation! I will start! CR7 is in da house! Through the wall .. This was the only hole in the net .. Now i’m unlucky.. What if both score a good goal? Then the viewers have to decide, who scored the best one! smooth one! I wanted to put it there.. more power .. way MORE POWER.. it has to fly over the net This was the perfect CR7 free kick .. I will save every shot from you, Michi .. Konzi shots are more powerful.. If Neymar wouldn’t be in the goal, Michi wouldn’t score goals.. oh, my .. something is wrong with the follow-through I don’t have enough time .. just score goals, guys! This would be the perfect one! This is the real YAN SOMMER.. The perfect goal.. by the way Maybe the most difficult goal by Pavard (France) Dropkick from 20-22m – upper corner Here is where we should put it.. Hard to recreate – but nothing is impossible! You start, Konzi! This is the height.. Pavard is in da building! This one is good! Wrong corner! Timing is important! This one goes in! Where is Pavard? Ready? Yes! Wrong corner… The last chance to score! Keeper isn’t ready.. Pavard was already here.. just knocked at the door.. no one was at home.. No the right rechnique.. Michi .. i think you won this round (Pavard) We are missing some of the balls.. i think

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  1. Who had the best goals/recreation?
    Wer hatte die besseren Tore bzw hat die Tore besser nachgestellt?
    Michi oder Konzi?
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  2. なんで日本のユニフォームきているんですか?!??
    I'm japanese. I'm glad to see you wear japanese uniform!!.

  3. Ich erinnere mich nicht mehr an die einzelnen Tore. So geht's bestimmt einigen hier. Wäre wohl besser, wenn ihr kurz gezeigt hättet, wie das Tor im Spiel aussah.

  4. Ils sont trop nulle va jamais marqué sont de la merde ils ont même pas marqué en guerre What the Fuck

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