The World Championships beckons the Tokyo hopeful Gymnasts | All Around

The World Championships beckons the Tokyo hopeful Gymnasts | All Around

It’s like this – one, two,
three, step back. -Haven’t you learnt it?
-Yes I have. Looks like a frog. I have been living with
Tingting since 2017. She’s two years older than me. I met Ting in the
National Competition in 2015. When I first came here, she
was like a big sister to me. She took care of me at
competitions. So difficult. I don’t think
I can dance well. Follow the music, practice
more. It’s too hard! I remember dreaming about
a spider at the World Championships
last year. I was sleeping. Suddenly Lele jumped
onto my bed and was screaming. I told her that there was no
spider at all. But she opened my duvet and
insisted on getting in. Try to control your pace. The last time I competed at an
international event was at the World Championships
in 2018. Now I’m back in full training,
but I’m still far from my best. It’s easy to fail when
you’re hurt. When I’m in a group, if I fail I feel that I’m
holding others back which makes me feel so bad. Chen Yile, run 200 meters more.
You went slowly there. You have to run the
fastest pace. If they do not achieve
their target, I have to add more practice. Go! Come on! Our coach is very strict
all the time. Run back. Every athlete has their limit, but their job is to challenge
themselves. That’s the only way to improve. If I go to the World
Championships maybe I can recover mentally, but I have to work hard to
make physical progress. This training will make me
feel proud. The coach will be proud too. Why is it all in German? Let’s learn German now! “Hello.” The World Championships will be
my hardest challenge this year because it will be the last one
before the Olympic Games. “What a beautiful city.” “What a beaut…” We need something complicated. “My favorite apparatus is
uneven bars.” ‘Apparatus’ doesn’t translate! Imagine us out there in
the streets! We were team runner-up at
last year’s World Championships and we are hoping to perform even better than
last year. The hardest things for me
are injuries. There’s a time when you can
bare it and deal with it, but sometimes you can’t
because it’s too painful. My leg is still painful
and I can’t do much. But I went for an MRI scan and
it looks good, nothing serious. A good result would be a
team medal, as well as an individual medal. You’re doing it well. I always need to improve. My main problem has been
my landings. Those little mistakes
accumulate and it leads to big point
deductions. That was not a good jump. So now I have to train it
endlessly? Endlessly. I train and train, but it
always turns out the same. Okay. Stretch. It’s very important to
find time in-between training sessions
to do something else. Especially before a big
competition such as the World
Championships. I’m going to do a photoshoot
with my friend Anna. How long does your training
last? On average around eight hours. And when do you retire in
gymnastics now? The average age for retirement
is 22. It was the same for us.
Many of us retired at 18. Smile. Move your arms. Look over there. Becoming a World Champion
is very important and very honorable. It’s not that difficult
when you are in good form. This is a selection test for the World Championships
in Stuttgart. The selection also serves as
the start to her run up to the
Tokyo Olympics. Lele has to show herself to
all of the judges and coaches to take a look at her recovery. It’s your turn. Come on Chen Yile! Come on Lele! In today’s test, she did well in some
areas, and not well in others. Her four elements are basically
restored, but the injury is still acting
up occasionally. The trials are over. Thank you! I think she is in good
condition today, although she failed part of
the test. I’m not ready for the World
Championships. Being ready means I must be in perfect physical condition. I want to know where I am
in the All-Around rankings. Why do you worry about your
All-Around ranking? I am worried. How else am I to get
into the World Championships? I don’t think you should worry
about your All-Around ranking. You should focus on the
recovery of your wrist now. My goal for this year’s World
Championships is to be the champion! Even if I can’t recover fully, my goal is still to be

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  1. Angelina is getting more consistent now. Hope she's not the mess she was in Rio. But I'm still rooting for my queen Musty to win AA bronze

  2. I think Simone Biles will win her 5th All-around gold medal in Stuttgart, Germany World Artistic Gymnastics Champions 2019.

  3. I miss her in world's maybe she feels pressure she says it herself she's nervous pls Morgan ur really ,good just believe believe we love u hope u read this ❤❤❤❤?????✊✊✊✊?????

  4. not related to gymnastics but i really hope she lets her hair rest and not have it always be up because at 10:02 you can really see her losing a lot of hair

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