41 Replies to “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Debut Gameplay Trailer”

  1. It's funny that, even after the downgraded graphics, the game is still one of the most stunning games out right now. There are some shady textures here and there, but for the most part, the game holds up fantastically. And it's pretty damn well optimized, too. Unless, of course, you turn on those hair physics. Then it can get a bit sketchy.

  2. It wasn't a downgrade..i think people need to understand that the game was never meant to look this good! This is just a footage trailer for hyping the game. Only rockstar could achieve this level of graphics and details.. Anyway Cd project did a great job!

  3. People talk about downgrades but never mention how scripted this trailer was. Still the best game I've ever played.

  4. Notice how the trailers show the game in a different camera angle… You can actually play the game exactly like this… Just overburden yourself and the game zooms into an over the shoulder 3rd person RPG… It changes the game immensely. I'd recommend playing overburdened, doesn't effect combat, no more power walking, granted you can't run but that's what Roach is for and any quests that need you to run… Just drop a few armours n collect them again after, moving around is amazing now, no more control issues, I love the walking pace.

    Tracking through a swamp or investigating bodies is so much more immersive, you can actually see the footprints with your naked eye and see all the gruesome detail on the bodies.

    It's a completely different and more personal experience when you are taken right down into the game, rather than overlooking from a distance like the default camera angle.

  5. For anybody saying the game got downgraded, look at the ground textures at 0:47 and try telling me they somehow look better than the final game.

  6. There's a bittersweet feeling knowing one of my favorite games could've looked like this, looked even better. Why CDPR?

  7. Can someone please tell me if the Mermaid at 1:04 made it into the final game? Because I've never seen that before and played the hell out of this game.

  8. It’s funny how cd project red is the opposite from Ubisoft, because their games end up looking better than their trailers

  9. Still cant believe how you got away with the heavily downgraded final product .And retarded fanboys revere you as if you are the saints of gaming industry .In order to redeem for this scamnery you should rework the game and give us a free update of the game looking like that demo . There is no excuse anymore as we have the hardware for these and much better graphics and at 4K not 1080p as this trailer

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