That’s right, FIFA 17 is out and we are play… No we’re not. We’re too early. OK, no. EA Access I have less than 7 hours left on this game So you know what we’re going to do today? “Come on Alex” “Last minute” “Go on Alex. Take ’em on” “Terrible!” “Are you serious, Harold?” “He needs some milk” “If you’re gonna talk like that about our boy then you should leave” “Leave, I want him to be a proper player” “Just get out of here” “Alright… penalties it is then” *Scream* “You played well toady, Gareth” “Really?” “Yeah” “Thanks Mr. Hunter” “Come on” “What’re you thinkin'” “I have to say that if you want to comment in the comment section” “If you want to meet up with me, one day. If you want to make a meet up with me” “It’s time, Alex” “Charged with 2 counts of abrogated, indecent exposure” “He didn’t want to talk to us but his lawyer did” “Never thought we’d be showing up for one of these” “What are you lookin’ at? Look at you” *Unaudible* “And you, why are you dressed like a strawberry ice cream?” “Come on lads. Over here. We’ll try a fitness test” “I am so proud of you” “You should be Mrs. Hunter” “‘Specially when it runs in the family” “Michael Taylor… Rising Stars Football Agency” “We are absolutely the guys for nurturing young potential and you boys” “You got it coming out of your ears” “20 minutes later” “It stays in the family, hey” “Who says romance is dead” “I’ll get the cogs turning my end and finalise the paperwork” “WHEN I CATCH YOU, I’LL DESTROY YOU!!!” “Seems you and your pal, Gareth, have similar tastes when it comes to…” “Men” “No way” *Laughing* “This is just brilliant” “Training starts in 15 minutes” “And I’m not having a pair of you looking like a couple of boy band rejects on my pitch” “You wanna know the one direction you need to go in is that way” “One direction. One Direction. One Direction” “One Direction” *Bad Singing*

100 Replies to “THE WEIRDEST JOURNEY…(FIFA 17)”

  1. I know I'm late, but I couldn't not comment.

    This was the weirdest video I've ever seen by miniminter. We need more of these

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