The Untold Truth Of The Pawn Stars

The Untold Truth Of The Pawn Stars

Pawn Stars fans were caught by surprise in
early 2016 when series star Austin Lee Russell, better known as “Chumlee,” was arrested for
drug and weapon possession as part of an ongoing sexual assault investigation. The truth is,
we never really know the people we like seeing on TV. Time to put the hawking on hold as
we look at the untold truth about the cast of Pawn Stars. HUMAN SKULLS AND JAPANESE PORN According to Rick Harrison, co-owner of the
World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, his business has seen all kinds of weird items
come and go. Surprisingly, human skulls and bizarre types of Japanese pornography are
the oddest items anyone has ever brought into his shop to sell—which, if you think about
it, means he’s kind of gotten off easy over the years. UNREAL REALITY What you see on TV isn’t quite what you get.
Given that attempting to film the actual day-to-day life at a pawn shop would result in some pretty
boring television, it should come as no surprise that the items you see brought into the Gold
& Silver Pawn Shop on the show have been vetted beforehand. This allows the guys to bring
in all kinds of experts who help them decide a fair price for the items. Additionally,
due partly to Nevada privacy laws, the Pawn Stars crew is prevented from working at the
actual Gold & Silver counter while the cameras roll. Instead, they film their scenes on a
set that’s been designed to look like the store. It’s no surprise that not all the gold
and silver you see on your screen is the real deal. RICK MARRIED INTO A MESS After Harrison wed legal worker Deanna Burditt
in 2013, tabloids reported that the lovebirds were embroiled in a legal battle involving
Burditt’s ex-husband, who was free on bail while awaiting trial for a variety of sex-related
charges. Deanna’s ex was ultimately sentenced up to 15 years in prison for his offenses. FIRED FOR BEING NAKED (SORTA) Pawn Stars cast member Olivia Black lost her
gig on the show after nude photos of her surfaced, exposing her previous career as a model for
SuicideGirls. She later revealed that she was still an employee of the store, as she
was really only “fired” in front of the cameras. Black resumed her modeling career and sued
to get back on the show, ultimately leaving her job at the store several months later. SUED FOR MELTING STOLEN COINS When you deal with the public for a living,
you really never know what’s going to happen. Harrison got a harsh reminder of this in 2014,
when his store was sued for melting down a collection of gold coins that their former
owner alleged had been stolen and sold off by his niece. Although pawn shops in Nevada
are required to hold onto items for 30 to 90 days in case the owners want them back,
gold coins aren’t subject to that law—meaning the lawsuit might have been an embarrassing
hassle, but it didn’t pose much of a legal threat to the store. COREY HARRISON: STUNT CYCLIST In 2014, Harrison was riding his bike while
collecting supplies for his birthday party when a piece of his fender came off, sending
him into a high-speed tailspin. Thinking fast, he avoided sailing into traffic by jumping
off his bike—and he still went to the party before heading to the hospital, where he learned
he had a broken hand. Harrison’s no stranger to wrecks, either; in 2011, he was in the
news for wiping out in the rain during a ride between Vegas and San Diego. Maybe it’s time
to start pawning the bikes. PAWN STARS’ BIG EXPANSION Reality TV can be fickle, so credit is due
to Harrison for striking while the iron is hot and using his fame as the foundation for
a business empire that now includes “Pawn Plaza,” a shopping center made out of old
shipping containers that sits next door to the shop. Among the tenants: Rick’s Rollin’
Smoke Barbecue & Tavern, where Harrison intends to sit in as a part-time bartender. INTERNET DEATH HOAX In the spring of 2013, word circulated that
Chumlee died of a heart attack. These rumors were quickly debunked with a tweet from the
Pawn Stars cast member, who told followers, “May we live long, Rich forever.” Time to
start spending those riches on a good lawyer. NOT CHUMLEE’S FIRST RODEO In 2012, cameras captured Chumlee in a brawl
with an unidentified man who approached him and a group of friends while they were hanging
out on Hollywood Boulevard. He later insisted he was fighting in self-defense, and that
the man was a stranger who was trying to climb into his car. “Self-defense” isn’t a bad way
to talk your way out of a scuffle. But good luck explaining the meth, the gun, and everything
else, Chumlee. Thanks for watching! Subscribe to our YouTube
channel to see more videos like the one you just saw. And leave us a comment to let us
know what surprised you the most about the Pawn Stars!

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  1. women in a nutshell
    preist: you may now kiss the bride
    women: okay i want a divorce so ill take the house, your car, your money and the kids are mine

  2. they all look like sexual predator's. like rapists especially chum lee would you trust a guy that looks like that and acts like a child?! i sure wouldn't

  3. what makes me sick is net works di shows like this with people that already have money now making tons more from the stupid show! y not more shows with everyday struggling Americans???

  4. as per the intro: "Pawn Stars fans were caught by surprise when series star Austin Lee "Chumlee" Russell was arrested for drug and weapon possession as part of an ongoing sexual assault investigation."

    – r u kidding?! what part of fat stupid druggie fool was not communicated on that show? surprise to the same level of white trash that admired him?!

    with a BA in HISTORY i'm APPALLED at what happened to the so called HISTORY CHANNEL, it was better when the H stood for HITLER!

  5. The entire show is fake my family owned a pawn shop for 35 years and you go weeks same old boring people dragging their junk modular stereo into our shop only get really mad when we didn't want it. I remember one time some guy showed up in a cab he had the entire cab full of some stereo system from the 70's 5' tall speakers amp record player cd player. He halls it all in and tries to set it up on the counter plugging it all in I stop him after 20 seconds say we don't want it too big and old this was 1990's. He gets really upset then I see him just run out the door and down the street what he did was told the cab driver he would get money and pay from pawning that stereo system. We never saw him again the cab driver called in friends who drove all over looking for the guy but they never found him he was high on meth skinny guy run really fast.

  6. Chum and Rick are cool, but the old man and Darlin Corey need to get laid, maybe that inked up chick could handle a tag team.

  7. I have a book which is 117 years old. i want to sold it, is there anyone who can purchase it. please there is anyone who can help me

  8. I'm Chum Lee's best friend and I'm taking a poll… Chum thinks it's super cool that his new set of teeth are made from Donald Trumps old Porcelain toilet. Do you agree??

  9. I watch Pawn Stars enough to know that if anything happened to him or the old man those two lame lazy ass just boys will squander that business somebody else will own it in no time

  10. They actually do film there when I was 6 we were there they put everybody in the back and they started filming right in the store so get your facts right

  11. I was most surprised to learn it is filmed on a TV set and not in the shop. That explains how they get experts in so quickly. It’s almost like Antiques Roadshow but with the chance to sell your item.

  12. Retarted fat guy…famous for being mentally challenged,would like to smack him a few times across the face…cant stand his stupid anwers..

  13. pawn stars have hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank
    person: Hey man I wanna sell this gucci wallet for $300.
    Rick: Best I can do is $45.

    boi if you don't get-

  14. The untold truth of pawn star's!!! They are human just like everyone else on Earth. I know it's hard to believe but it's true

  15. Wow… I never knew it was a set. It feels really real. Of course, the outside "sun" light is just giant studio lights!

  16. Fair price my ass Rick and all the others are a thief and liars karma will get Rick and all the others just like the old man karma is a bitch the old man got it who is next

  17. Designer : "your wedding suit will cost 2000 dollars sir."
    Rick : "The best i can do is 50 and you can take off the buttons for compensation. my stomach just doesn't allow them."

  18. Man: This is the very cross that Jesus Christ was crucified on.

    Rick: Look you've gotta understand this thing is in rough shape.. It's got blood all over it I've gotta pay someone to clean it up and then I've gotta pay auction fee it's probably gonna take me 5 years to sell this thing.
    Rick : Not to mention you don't have any paperwork certifying this to be real and it's gonna take up A LOT of room in my shop. I've gotta get this restored and that's gonna cost a ton of cash to do as well.

    Man: *silence

    Rick : Bottom line is the absolute best I can do is $100 and I'm taking all the risk here.

  19. Your voice is hard to understand. It seems too thick, for lack of a better word, and fast. It would help if you'd lose the music and maybe slow down a tad.

  20. Actually, nothing surprised me about the chump Chumley. He wasn't the brightest spark, and I was amazed he actually worked with customers. Sorry Chummers, but gotta be honest. ?

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